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Monday, October 6, 2008

Town has deep pockets?

Well, here we go again, the political arena at its finest. This Wednesday, the Town Of Buffalo will be approached about the following two agenda items.

Discussion & possible action approving a Jail Service Agreement with the Harper County Sheriff and the Board of County Commissioners of Harper County to establish the terms and conditions under which municipal prisoners will be housed in the Harper County jail during fiscal year 2008-09

Discussion & possible action regarding an agreement with the Harper County Sheriff to establish the terms and conditions for dispatching services during fiscal year 2008-09

Keep in mind that just recently the Town was approached by another entity of the Board of County Commissioners of Harper County the Harper County Community Hospital. They needed help with funding a building on there behalf at the tune of $30,000 of the Town taxpayer's dollars. The Town gleefully accepted the burden of this expenditure knowing it will have an effect on its budget. It was for the good of the community.

Now here comes the County Commissioners themselves in disguise as the Harper County Sheriffs Department wanting an “agreement” that has “terms and conditions” for dispatch and jail service. It will be fascinating to see how much the terms and conditions will cost the taxpayers of Buffalo this go round.

Was the Town of Buffalo premature to, as it has been termed lately, “Bail Out” the Hospital which I remind you is a child of the Board of County Commissioners as is the Sheriff’s Dept. If I scratch your back will you scratch my back? Do the County Commissioners (sheriff’s dept) have the Town of Buffalo over a barrel?

Oh, by the way, there already is an agreement that has been in effect between the Town of Buffalo and Harper County Sheriff and the Board of County Commissioners of Harper County since our county put into service the 911 system almost 10 years ago. (Nov. 1998)
That cost for dispatch and jail…….. ZERO DOLLARS.

This will be interesting.


  1. Just wondering, the County is already funded by tax dollars from the people, so asking the people (of Buffalo)to pay again is that not double dipping. Where would this end, Fire, Ambulance, Severe Weather? Is the money being asked for going to create new jobs or mearly defray the cost of a person that already has to be there doing the same job already? Does the town of Laverne pay for jailing? I realize they have their own dispatch, but they do not have any jail facilities. And maybe its grasping at straws, but I do believe that anyone put in jail must pay jail fees as part of there fine and costs, so where is the county out of pocket? Don't get me wrong I am a supporter of the Sheriff's Office. They do a great job, and I do believe they are underpaid as to what they do. But with all jobs that is a choice of where they work. I believe that maybe we should pay what we used to pay the last time we had a full Police Dept.

  2. I like your comments.I feel like it is double dipping too. Understand, I really like our Sheriff and his crew....however I feel that if he comes demanding money for something that he already is doing - that's extortion.

    HCSO should receive any jail fees. But there is no change in dispatching. Why charge for it? The last time we had a full Police Department there was NO money changing hands. When we brought in the 911 service a contract was put in place by the Sheriff Department for 911 dispatch for Fire/EMS/Police for -0- dollars. They already receive monies to keep it in place. Now they want to charge for dispatch?????

    Seems a little ironic.....