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Late Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson said,
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unified Decision

The Town Board, by a vote of 3 to 0, approved a budget for the Police Department for the remainder of the fiscal year. Forty Thousand was allotted for the period of February 1st through June 30, 2009.

Immediately after the budget was approved, the Board, again unanimously, set a pay scale for a full time police officer. The amount was set at $1800.00 plus benefits.

Lastly, Trent Maggard was subsequently hired as a full time police officer for the Town of Buffalo Police Department. This was also with a resounding collective vote of yes.

Tommy Painter was then commended by Chief Murrell and the members of the Board for his continuous service as volunteer reserve police officer.

Chance Brown’s service on the board will be shortly coming to an end as he has chosen to divest his time in other interests and thus elected not to run for the seat again. However he can rest assured that he had a positive impact on the implementation of the renewed Buffalo Police Department and can be proud of that legacy which he leaves behind.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Mayor says the new Police Chief is not "professional". Those lucky enough to be present at the meeting got to witness a verbal reprimand of the Chief of Police that was presented by the Mayor of Buffalo. This happened in open session.

Oh by the way, there was not an agenda item for the disciplining of employees anywhere on the listed agenda. If it would have been on the agenda for the meeting it would have been done in executive session not in the public forum which it occurred. Apparently the Mayor has deemed the Police Chief demoted to only be the city's ordinance enforcement officer. The Mayor has issues with his authority to investigate crimes and uphold the laws of the state. Obviously the Mayor has a vendetta for the new Police Chief.

All he was trying to do is get more help in way of budget approval. All he wanted was to hire one police officer to assist in the protection of the citizens of this town. He was originally led to believe he was hired to be the Chief of Police for the renewed police department. He says he can’t provide the police protection that the town needs without the additional assistance of hiring one additional police officer. He has presented budget proposals that are thousands of dollars less than the previous Sheriff’s contract. Furthermore, the budget is even more thousands of dollars less than the former city police department’s budget prior to when it was relinquished to the county.

The Police Chief tried on several occasions to bring the discussion back on topic of the agenda, only to find himself defending his employed position as the Chief while standing in front of the public body.

“Discussion and possible action to establish the amount for salary and benefits for a police officer” was the agenda item.

How does this agenda rationalize the public ridicule he went through is beyond reason.

Mayor was your conduct “professional”?

Is the silence by the rest of the board members acceptance of the Mayor's stance?