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Sunday, September 23, 2012



They changed their mind and will not be relocating City Hall to the Duckwalls building. No guarantees though.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One Million One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Four Dollars and Fifteen Cents

TofBRptSept5(click here to view)

$1,148,234.15 and counting

Over a million bucks sitting in the bank and they are thinking about raising our rates to fund police protection?  Our doomsday trustees are too worried about earthquakes, election outcomes, and stock market fluctuations to tell the city manager to simply adjust the town's budget so the town can hire a cop.

Or maybe they are just yes men and only do what they are told to do by the town's manager, developer, or lawyer. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Looks Like Our Economic Developer is Geppetto The Puppeteer


January (click here to read)

What we have here is a different way of looking at the same thing.  More smoking gun documentation of their his someone's plan. This obviously came out before the special meeting that was held January 24th.  And it speaks of previous discussion at a board meeting of which there absolutely had been no listed agenda items regarding selling the Duckwalls building.  All of these dishonest movements apparently were made in order to help High Plains steal get their hands on another $100,000 of grant money.  And as you can see above, apparently a letter from the Town that indicates the amount for which to sell the property was the catalyst for their conduct.  And low and behold the amount of $5000 was again thrown around. 

As stated in the document above
"we have to be willing to sell the property at a VERY low price." (Emphasis added by James Leonard the economic developer.)

This is more evidence that representatives of the Town of Buffalo knew all along that they were going to sell Duckwalls.  This documentation came before the scheduled meeting on January 24th and within it also mentions that very meeting on January 24th at noon. And it is all the more reason that the agenda should have said sell instead of leasing the Duckwalls building. There is no doubt that a willingness existed.  Very deceptive tactics indeed.

 And regarding moving City Hall afterwards. 
"but there again, little intricacies of those details can be settled later."
The intricate details such as putting things on the agenda correctly.  The intricate details of declaring Duckwalls surplus property before selling it. The intricate details of conducting an appropriate public hearing. Are those some of the things you want to settle later.  This document also kind of dispels any of the oh it's just a rumor comments that you may have heard or will hear.

Is that Pinocchio in that picture?  Mind you these are our city liars leaders.