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Thursday, February 5, 2009


The Mayor says the new Police Chief is not "professional". Those lucky enough to be present at the meeting got to witness a verbal reprimand of the Chief of Police that was presented by the Mayor of Buffalo. This happened in open session.

Oh by the way, there was not an agenda item for the disciplining of employees anywhere on the listed agenda. If it would have been on the agenda for the meeting it would have been done in executive session not in the public forum which it occurred. Apparently the Mayor has deemed the Police Chief demoted to only be the city's ordinance enforcement officer. The Mayor has issues with his authority to investigate crimes and uphold the laws of the state. Obviously the Mayor has a vendetta for the new Police Chief.

All he was trying to do is get more help in way of budget approval. All he wanted was to hire one police officer to assist in the protection of the citizens of this town. He was originally led to believe he was hired to be the Chief of Police for the renewed police department. He says he can’t provide the police protection that the town needs without the additional assistance of hiring one additional police officer. He has presented budget proposals that are thousands of dollars less than the previous Sheriff’s contract. Furthermore, the budget is even more thousands of dollars less than the former city police department’s budget prior to when it was relinquished to the county.

The Police Chief tried on several occasions to bring the discussion back on topic of the agenda, only to find himself defending his employed position as the Chief while standing in front of the public body.

“Discussion and possible action to establish the amount for salary and benefits for a police officer” was the agenda item.

How does this agenda rationalize the public ridicule he went through is beyond reason.

Mayor was your conduct “professional”?

Is the silence by the rest of the board members acceptance of the Mayor's stance?



  1. Chief Murrell of the Town of Buffalo:
    I believe that the thing's that were stated by the Mayor of the Town Buffalo were intended to be respectful. I feel that the words stated by Mayor Bus were again intended to tell the Town of Buffalo that she felt that she needed more time to professionally make her decision on hiring another police officer for the Town of Buffalo,and I stand by our mayor's and our town decision to either hire or not to hire another police officer for our police department. I was hired by the Town Board and I respect and stand by each and every one of their decisions. My door is always open.

  2. P.S If anyone would like to be a reserve please call City Hall at 1-580-735-2030
    Sincerly Chief Murrell

  3. Sneaky call for reserves, Hee Hee. Like it!

    I think it is awesome that you support the Board, no matter what. That is a stamp of true character.

    I too was at the meeting. I respect Madame G's right to her opinions, however, I have to admit i was concerned and a little embarrassed by some of the "personal comments" that she used. Some things that she said would have been more appropriately handled behind closed doors. Specific concerns between and employee/employer should be handled in the right arena, this just wasn't it.

    Young Mayor, learning experience... no true harm just a little awkardness for some in attendance.

    Please, please, please... no repeat of the "herd protecting the calf" at the next meeting. Madame G is tough and can handle it.

  4. Chief Murrell,

    You could have at least offered every new reserve a free police shirt if they mention they saw your "ad" on this blog "ONSIDEBUFFALO".

  5. Reserves get full uniform and whatever they need to do the job if you want a free shirt you might want to be a fireman

  6. kuddos to Cheif Murrell!!! he's doing a great job as far as i can tell. but, realy. who's suprised that he might have hit a nerve in a town so consumed with "who you are" and could not care less about the potential you have and what you can do with it?

  7. hear, hear!

    I feel he is doing a geat job too. We had a public meeting where we told the Town we wanted our police department back. So they gave it to us. I don't understand why they won't support it completely and bring on a second officer.

    we used to have 3 full-time. GIve him the tools to do his job of protecting o ur town. If we can give him all of the eleectronic tools and vehicles why can't we give him the manpower? Code enforcement is great but wasn't not the only reason he is here. It is necessary, however the safety our people must be of a higher concern.

    I just cannot figure out what is wrong with the board. They heard us, they acted on it, now they are acting as if our voices were distorted or unclear. They are hallucinating about a different scenario.Maybe there are more drugs in our community than we thought!

  8. Could one reason for not giving the chief the necessary money for additional manpower is that maybe the cities money tree is shedding it's money leaves too quickly and there is starting to be not enough?

  9. The Town, according to what they have presented each month, is working within the budget just fine.

    Last year there was actually a carryover of funds. The money saved on the trash and the sheriff contract.

    The money is there, the commitment is not, even after making a promise to the community.