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Saturday, February 21, 2009



  1. When people talk about the hazards at Doby Springs I always though they were referring to the golf course.

    If your kids wonder away for to long while you are at "Doby" you may need to take a look into the "Springs".

  2. "A picture paints a thousand words."

    This is difficult, it seems like we have a million things falling apart at the same time.

    These at Doby are safety issues that cannot be ignored. Hasn't anybody ever seen this before, was no one aware that there was a mess out there? There is a grant project going on out there to fix it up and work on the nature trail. Did no one see that this was visible?

    Yes the golfers who owned those carts should have to clean them up, anyone who tossed out batteries or other stuff, pick up after yourself, but what about the Town workers who have worked in and out of the park for years? Is someone going to honestly say that this mysteriously appeared overnight?

    Unfortunately, it is that they have been left to fester for years without anyone doing anything. So yes, everything is coming up now. One right after another, rolling one on top of the other. It is almost like a huge tidal wave which is picking up other items and throwing them all into one big hellacious pile of yuck.

    How about those new "potential" board members, what are you going to do about the wave?

  3. YES!!

    Thanks to this blog and InsideBuffalo.com these things are coming out!

    Everybody always hates the messenger!
    Why? Take the messages to heart people!

    They're doing us a favor by getting this "junk" out in the open.

  4. Clearly a lot of the debris has been there for many years. Regarding the bridge with the skull and cross-bones... I used to go out there a lot as a child and honestly it has never been pristine and the "bridge" or walk ways were hazardous even then. Everyone can own some responsibility for this one, or are you saying that you haven't been there, for say, the past 35-40 years? Doesn't the people in this part of the world pride themselves on being self-sufficient and independent of caregivers? Why not just say it is what it is, own it and clean it. I dare say I have never seen a letter to the editor regarding this matter in the paper. (That would have brought some attention to it.) However, now those who are merely pointing out the problems are being praised. What about everyone who has known of the problems, yet ignored them all of these years. I am not talking about the public officials or the employees, rather those of us who have noticed issues and have ignored them.... Start taking action instead of wanting someone else to do it and stop making people scapegoats for our collective shortcomings. We are all responsible and reap what we sow. Much like the infrastructure within our entire country, Buffalo is finding itself in a tough spot. This can be seen as an opportunity, one to come together to get the tough jobs done. This can only happen though after the animosity subsides.

  5. I can honestly say that I do not ever recall the Spring houses that you see in the slide show. The times I spent at Doby were with a fishing line in the pond trying to catch a bass or some perch.

    As to the spring houses, I find them interesting and I feel like that they should be showcased. I would like to see all of the metal/wood removed and replaced with an expanded metal screen. This would serve two purposes, allow observation of the spring and prevent debris/junk from going into it. Tell the story of the structures whatever that may be. There is a lot of history there and it should be showcased. Surely people would be interested to know the ties of Doby and the Great Western Cattle Trail. Is that where they retrieved their water before they continued on their journey? The current remodeling of the park benches and pavilion is tied to the modern day Great Plains Trail. Isn’t it fitting to highlight the historical significance of Doby Springs? It is a hidden jewel. Right now it is a bit tarnished.