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Monday, February 16, 2009

Doby Springs Nature Trail


  1. What can the community do to help solve these things? I know that you were contacted by an "outsider" on this. I know that they respectfully requested to remain anonymous.

    How about getting a bunch of Towns people - Activists? for our Town and go do a cleanup?

    Town Board members, yes I know you read this!!!! Will the Town allow us to bring this to the Town dump for handling, after all it is on Town property to begin with????

    Let's not allow this to become another big unresolved issue, let's just fix it now with community help. Not leave it alone as fodder for another unattractive story about Buffalo.

    Ostrich (now peeking slightly out of the sand)

  2. Would appreciate a point of reference. Where is this to the pond at Doby? It looks like much of the debris has been there for years.

  3. Copy and paste this link to your browser address window to read more on this from a new article on the Inside Buffalo website.


  4. "How about getting a bunch of Towns people - Activists? for our Town and go do a cleanup?"

    Why?? Looking at the pictures I see a lot of golf carts, old tires, old/new water pipe. This is part of the troubles Buffalo is having now. NO ONE is being held accountable for all the mis-haps that are going on. Someone gave the people who golf, the golf course manager or city employees permission to dump that junk there. Hold that person or people responisble for cleaning it up on their own time. I would guess if I or you or anyone else was caught dumping trash somewhere we weren't suppose to, there would probably be a big fine and an order to get it cleaned up. Anywhere else other than around Buffalo, that is.
    Doby Springs and the golf course belong to Buffalo. What is the budget for the golf course? Does the course make enough money to support itself and a full time manager? What is the budget for maintaining Doby Springs? Does it even have a budget?
    I agree with getting a bunch of town's people...the golfers & the city manager and anyone else guilty of dumping the trash there. Let them clean it up, on their own time!
    I'm sure the EPA would have a field day with all the golf cart batteries lying around.

  5. Wow! I'm having a flash of deja vu!!! Maybe if someone else talks about accountability some folks will take heed. The problem at Doby Springs is not YET a huge problem, so let's get the mess cleaned up or are we again going to be told "we don't know we have a problem, DEQ hasn't told us we have a problem..." and get a fine levied on us that we can ill afford? I would hope the area citizenry would have the sense to go ahead and take care of the problem PROPERLY and avoid unnecessary fines and hard feelings. People see junk dumped in places and automatically think it's ok to dump their junk there too, after all it's a City property and evidently the City dumps there! I can only see the problem getting worse as time goes on unless it is taken care of now!! Preferably now, before weeds begin to grow and snakes start coming out, etc. Let's don't let this become another major disaster. We already have enough on our plate to fix as it is. It wouldn't take much. Let's make this a non-issue, please.

  6. Would still appreciate a point of reference. Where is this from the pond? North and west? Ditto to the Amen Sister!

  7. Yes, North and West of the pond. Go stand on the east side of the big water tank and look north and west. That is the golf cart graveyard. Before you get to the big tank, follow the road to the left. There is a "nature trail" sign on the left that points to access to the spring house. Hope this helps you locate it.


    Joe and his henchmen (lovingly named) have begun the clean up! This is soooo cool! This site only put up pictures and never even made a comment. Just let the pictures speak. Sneaky Mr H.

    Some one must have passed along the info and the cleanup began. This is WAY POSITIVE and I want to say "atta boy" to Joe and his crew for jumping up and taking care of this rather than letting it blow up into something yucky.

    Our community has become its own watchdog. They see something that needs changed, contact those who will put it OUT THERE and things get done. Crazy random process but if it works, it works.

    Thanks to everyone for making this a quick fix! I'm proud of us.

  9. Where are they taking the junk? Are they bringing it to town and dumping it at the city dump? Are they hauling it to the landfill at Woodward? It's great that they are cleaning it up but keep in mind that the city manager costs the town almost $7000 to have some other junk cleaned up and hauled away. Hopefully this time they are doing it the right way.

    Take notice of the concentrated efforts to remove the batteries and check out how many are in the trailer.
    (Copy and Paste to Browser)http://insidebuffalo.net/index-50.php

  11. What has happened to the old-fashioned common courtesy of meeting with/or calling someone to get things changed. I personally don't see why I would need to contact "those who will put it OUT THERE" in order to get results. Most everyone in this part of the country is as accomodating as they can possibly be.

    Possibly those who have to "put it OUT THERE" need to work on their communication skills with others.

    You catch more flies with honey than you do with a lemon. Author - Mom

  12. Jo ellen,
    have you ever had any real results from calling city hall and asking for something to get done?
    I've read all the minutes on the insidebuffalo wesbsite and I see over and over where the town is not getting things done when things are presented to the board. Over and over again I see the words; "no action taken". or I see where things are put off til another day but the subject doesn't get brought up again. Time and again! It's there in black and white. Read them for yourself.
    Do you actually believe that you could have called city hall and asked Joe to clean up the Doby nature trail and the clean up would have been started in just a week? C-mon!
    I've called City hall many times. I've asked Joe to do things needing done and I've been laughed at, snickered at, and cursed at just like insidebuffalo was.
    I called 4 weeks before homecoming one year and asked that the city edge the sidewalk in front of city hall for homecoming week. I was told they'd do it but it never was done. I know who did edge it and clean it up but it wasn't the city workers.
    I have only one time called city hall and had a positive result from my requests. I don't bother calling anymore.
    This blog and www.insidebuffalo.net got them working on cleaning Doby up. You and I both know it wouldn't have been done without them.

  13. I will tell you with absolute certainty that I have called Joe on many occasions and not only did Joe take care of the problem, but he took care of it right away. He is dedicated and genuinely cares and does his best to rectify problems as quickly as possible. Personally, I pay little attention to cranky old sour pusses whom bang their little fists on their chests. Keep up the good work Joe. You are doing a great job and we appreciate it!!!

  14. Jo ellens best bud is now her apologist? you can comment with half truths and lies but we know what joe does and doesn't do and how long it takes him to get it done if and when it gets done. What a bunch of hooey you're putting out here. kiss kiss kiss
    Joe knows whos kissing his backside.

  15. People that hide behind "Anonymous" don't have enough back-bone to stand up to for their own convictions. It's much easier to continually stir the pot and sling mud when you are sitting in your home hiding behind a computer screen.

    I remember the story of weed-eating before Homecoming at City Hall. You've told me that story before - in person! You aren't quite as "Anonymous" as you think. Once again, possibly you need to brush-up on your communication skills.

    In the almost 50 years that I have lived here in Buffalo, I cannot recall a single time that I have called City Hall or spoke to the City Manager about a concern and had it ignored, or was treated any other way than respectfull. They might not have dropped what they were doing right then to take care of the situation, but it was addressed in a timely manner. I guess I'm not as self-centered and think that the world has to revolve around me and what I want.

    In the words of Benjamin Franklin...."Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest."

  16. Mr. I can't get elected sheriff, has had Joe take care of some problem here or there.
    Then why can't Joe get the light bulbs at the library replaced when he's been asked on many occasions and in public meetings to do so?
    Joe was asked in a public town board meeting to repair some of the pot holes in the streets in July 2007.
    They were finally fixed in January 2009. So that's what you call taking care of a problem as quickly as possible?
    Joe was advised about a bunch of limbs in the street on the West side of town in August. They are still there. I guess as quickly as possible is next year and is also the definition of doing his best to rectify the problem.
    Joe told a town board attendee in early 2004 that some manhole cover extensions were ordered and in stock ready to be installed where the pavement had been placed down and the manholes were too low in comparison to the height of the road. In November of 2008, Joe told him he didn't know where they were. I understand that's the best he could do to rectify the problem and it shows his dedication and shows that he genuinely cares.
    Joe was advised by the DEQ to get the pump fixed at the sewer lagoons in February 2005. If I'm correct, it's now four years later and the pumps are just getting fixed only because the town got fined by the DEQ. Does that fit your definition of rectifying the problem as quickly as possible?
    In May 2006 Joe was told by DEQ to keep vegetation and especially the trees out of the dikes in a DEQ report about the sewer ponds. Joe was ordered in a consent order in January 2009 to remove the very large tree from the dike which had been ignored since 2006. Almost 3 years is getting it done quickly as possible?

  17. Jo Ellen
    I don't know who told you about me calling Joe about the sidewalks but I never spoke to you about anything our group did or didn't do about making Buffalo a better place to live. You've never been a part of our discussions on beautifying Buffalo and you have never been apprised on what I or any of us have done. You may think you know who you're responding to but you don't and I'll let you know personally next time I'm in town. Maybe someone told you about the run in with Joe because I brought it up at a chamber of commerce meeting, one of the few I have ever attended, because we were appealing to the chamber to assist us with a project for a rodeo. Whoever was at that meeting would have known about it but I NEVER spoke to you about it and I rarely run into you when I'm in town. I would be careful who I called self-centered and who I think should brush up on communication skills because there might be about 20 or so people who know this story.

  18. Wow...talk about alot of discussion.

    Can we pull it back in a little. Everbody has their personal feelings regarding this and is emotional about it. Let's not let the pot boil over.

  19. How very sad that one must wake up every morning full of bitterness and anger.

  20. Not sure if you can really call it bitterness or anger. "Bitterness" maybe, anger?? that would require action.

    Maybe more like disappointment and despondency. Those are more personal.

  21. Mr. or Ms. Sidewalk person and Jo-ellen,

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe more than one person called City Hall and talked to Joe about the sidewalks?
    I happen to know for certain that more than one person did because I called about them and I thought when I called that I was the only one.
    It's obvious to anyone that there are at least 2 people who called about the sidewalks. I don't want to have the wrath of blog commenters coming after me!

  22. I am glad to see the clean up taking place at Doby. I know that Joe has only a few hands working for him and I would be glad to volunteer to help with the cleanup. I bet there are others that will help too. How bout you anonymous, want to lend a hand???

  23. Apparently there was more than one person that called about weedeating around the sidewalks and I stand corrected on that. I sincerely regret that I falsly accused someone that was not the person that told me of their request, and stated that she personally took her weedeater and did the job herself. When I am wrong, I will admit it, which is more than some of the posters on this blog is willing to do.

    It is rather difficult to distinguish which "Anonymous" is being responded to on this blog. There have been at least 103 "Anonymous" postings on this blog alone (I might have missed a few).

    There have been 7 posters that at least gave an anonymous name, ie: Buffalo Dreamer, Faceless in the crowd, undercoverlover, freespeaker, besidebuffalo, concerned and buffalonian. They are still anonymous, but have at least given a moniker to stand by their postings.

    There have been only 6 people that have used their names and take full responsibility for their opinions and words, ie: YeahitsShawn, Tommy, Karen crouch, Robin Daley, onsidebuffalo (moniker yes, but has publicly stated his identity) and myself. (I hope that I haven't left anyone else off the list inadvertantly). My hats off to the other 5 of you for being honest enough to sign your name and stand behind what you stated, whether you encounter the "wrath" of the other posters or not.

    The "Anonymous" posters remind me of a time when people wore white sheets and snuck around in the cloak of darkness comitting their crimes as an "Anonymous" person.

  24. Yes, Jo Ellen, the anonymous are quick to dump their wrath on someone. Please allow me to introduce myself.... "Mr. I can't get elected sheriff." I know they meant it as an insult, but honestly, it made me laugh!!! I guess my response to anonymous on that one, would be,
    "You speakum truth Kemosabi!"

  25. Tommy and JoEllen.

    Do not be so quick to slam the "anonymous". They are the silent majority here. Most will NEVER post here. Some occasionally toss out a comment or question hoping for answers without having to be visible.

    Our community is EXTREMELY unforgiving. If they were to raise their voice in public they would be ostracised or boycotted by the loud minority.

    Yes you may call it cowardly, you may make fun of them or speak down about them, go for it.

    But when the dust settles they will still be here voting on what they want or need for our town. The silent majority has learned from voices like yours that it is sometimes better to question anonymously, with a true concern, than to slam with your name posted and be ridiculed.

    This blog has opened alot of areas for discussion and questioning. It has not been slanderous or drum beating but posted facts. There are alot of us out here who have been burned by the current system. We are looking for answers for our future.

    We should all agree to make a new slate. Wipe off anything before the Wastewater stuff and see if our Town and Board can be responsible with what is currently on their plate. It is definitely full and should be a fresh starting place.

    Now the report can be started without the Junior High stuff being carried over.

    Ostrich (Still afraid to pull my head out,, , , okay maybe not a good analogy!)

  26. Mistyped:
    That's what I'm Sayin'


  27. I think anonymous posts are okay until they become vindictive. It it so much easier to simply state your point and move on. (in my opinion). I would much prefer to talk possible solutions as opposed to launching personal attacks. Just makes sense to me.....

  28. Has anyone ever considered how your personal ravings about who said what to who and when in what manner makes the whole city of Buffalo sound? Does the term "Beverly Hillbillies" give you a clue??? Why don't you elect some new officials, retire the ones who won't do anything and get this city back on the map??? I always wanted to return to Buffalo and start a couple of businesses...kind of a working retirement sort of thing...but the more I see the internal workings of the city government, listen to the inane bickering of the citizens and see what little actually gets accomplished--I'm not so sure that investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in this city is the wisest thing to do after all. And if I feel this way, I wonder how many others have felt the same and chosen to start their businesses in a city that has something going for it besides run-down abandonded properties, asbestos laden water pipes and apathetic citizens???

  29. I understand your feelings. We are trying to get rid of those problems so that those in the future who want to move here or start a business will see a bright shiny new penny.

    Change is painful and people will be unhappy for awhile. However, once it is all fixed everyone can claim they did it and feel good about themselves.

    Whomever you are, please give us time. The foundation of our town is still strong, the people really do want what is best for our future and our childrens future. We just need to dig in and get it fixed.

    The problems just feel overwhelming right now because everything has hit at once. Our Town crew cannot possibly keep up with, let alone stay ahead of the game. They are trying. The populace needs to reach out and help.

    Again, don't give up on us. Maybe we won't be the mythical "Phoenix" but a Proud Bison can overcome anything.


  30. I really appreciate your comments Ostrich! More like that would be helpful.


  31. Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
    A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed,
    Then one day he was shootin’ at some food
    When up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude.
    Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea…
    Kinfolk said Jed, move away from here!
    They said Oklahoma is the place you ought to go
    So he loaded up his truck and moved to Buffalo.

  32. Doby Trails That Is.
    Leaky Lagoons
    Gloomy Carts

  33. Come and listen to a story about a man named Joe
    A good city manager, as most of us know,
    Then one day he was shootin' for some food,
    When up thru the ground popped a nasty rude dude
    Liable that is, Slander too, Florida style....
    Local folk said Joe, don't move away from here!They said Doby is the place you ought to be
    So he loaded up his truck and moved the debris

    Doby Trails that is
    Fishin holes
    Camping spots

    No offense intended....just for laughs!!!!

  34. Gee whiz Tommy.
    I thought you were smarter than this.

    The truth can't be liable.
    The truth can't be slander.
    Why so intent on defending that which is indefensible?

    Keep making yourselves out to be hillbillies as the commenter said.

    Your continuing to defend joe only shows his weaknesses even more.
    Keep joe in the spotlight and the light gets brighter and brighter.
    Keep florida in the spotlight and there will be more for him to write about.

  35. Holy “Q-tips” Batman...

    DEQ got a tip of Acidic Proportions!!!

    check it out @ http://insidebuffalo.net/DEQdoby.php

  36. Silent Minority,
    You take things far too seriously. Please read the last three words of the post...ie... "just for laughs" Nothing more!!!

  37. Here are some easier links to the articles that were previously referred to in the earlier comments.

    DEQ Doby Trails Article


  38. The dump site at Doby Springs does need to be cleaned up, as does many other dump sites just like it all over our County, State, and our Nation. IN MY OPINION, it isn't any more Joe's fault than it is Governor Henry or President Obama's fault either. Why is no one blaming them?

    We could also start blaming the oil companies for producing the petroleum products, the companies that manufacture anything except eco-friendly biodegradable products, etc.

    We can sit back and play the blame game until eternity ends, and blaming everyone else will still not get these sites cleaned up.

  39. Jo Ellen,,

    You are more than welcome to contact your legislators to get the State cleaned up. It is your RIGHT to do that. The Country, the county again your right. EVEN THE TOWN.

    Those of us on this site are concerned about our town. That is it at the moment. I truly like Joe, he is a guy with a wierd since of humor and a quick laugh. I think we ALL agree with that. We are not talking of Joe the Man. We are talking of Joe the Town Manager.

    So from this point on, EVERYONE PLEASE, refer to the position that is the culprit so that the position can be held accountable since so many take exception to using Joe's name.

    Jo Ellen, trash is trash is trash. If it is DUMPED where it doesn't belong the HEAD is the one responsible. If it is broke and isn't fixed it is wrong, if it is ignored numerous times, it is wrong. Common sense, straight up standing business policy no matter what city, county, state or country you live in.

    Talk about a futile debate. Wait a minute, I'VE GOT IT!!

    When there are things that obviously wrong, things obviously overlooked - ignored - I know some of you may have a hard time with this... BUT IT IS SOMEONE'S FAULT....

    MANAGER - THE BUCK STOPS HERE.... (please understand that I am speaking of the job position as the man and th posistion in this town obviously do not have a connection.)

  40. Looks like once again the lethargy of the city manager to make sure things are done properly is going to result in a fine or fines from the DEQ. Now just how many of these fines are the citizens willing to be a part of paying before they finally wise up and hire a new city manager??? Trust me folks, the man is not irreplaceable! There is someone, somewhere who can actually do the job...my suggestion is to get out of the hillbilly mode and FIND HIM (or her)and hire them and get this city back in shape. It can be done! I've seen the same situation in other small towns and all it took to turn them around was getting the right people in the right place who had the skills and leadership abilities to get things done right the first time. Don't just hang on to the same old same old inefficiency because you've known the city manager since you were kids...that and $1.29 will by you a cup of coffee almost anywhere. It all hinges on leadership and it sounds like Buffalo is sorely lacking...

  41. Tommy said...
    I think anonymous posts are okay until they become vindictive. It so much easier to simply state your point and move on. (in my opinion). I would much prefer to talk possible solutions as opposed to launching personal attacks. Just makes sense to me.....

    So what was that attempt at comedy? A possible solution? No offense intended?
    I shoot somebody and then tell them - No offense intended...just for laughs.
    I know what comes next - you'll say: "lighten up anonymous!" It's just for laughs.
    So when you pull someone over on your volunteer cop job and they've been speeding, is it okay if they just say: "No offense, Mr Policeman Sir, it was just for laughs" and you'll let them off the hook?
    I'll be speeding down main street tonight and see how it works.

  42. To be honest, I found the post above mine to be quite humerous. I just re-worded it a little and made my own version. Frankly, most everyone I have heard from, except you, found it to be humerous. Sorry if you took it personal, but it wasn't meant that way!!! Really!

  43. Well isn't it nice that your circle of friends found your version was humorous. There is another circle that doesn’t. Just like there is a circle that gets it and the circle that doesn’t. We all just keep going in circles with the same banter over and over again. Let’s stop this merry-go-round so we can all get off before someone gets sick and vomits on everybody.

  44. To everyone on the blog, reading a book, listening to a song, etc.... You have the right to be offended. Political correctness would lead us to think otherwise, however we all have that right. Are you now the political correctness police as well as the whistle blower on issues that have been occurring for many years without movement on anyones part, including the citizens? Good for you, it is easier to jump on a bandwagon when you're not having to stick your neck out too far. Regarding anonymous posts... They offer several different protections for the person posting. One obviously is that people can say what they're thinking without ramifications. Secondly, and a bit more obscure, is that protection of having their words be judged for what they say instead of who is saying them; without the prejudice of others thinking why one would be saying them. Anonymous has a place here, however it does not when writing an op-ed piece, which the "Hot News" on InsideBuffalo is. If you're going to write it, then own it - definition would dictate it.


  45. Regarding anonymous posts... the points you make are valid and understood. But even you, posting as "Anonymous" identify your post as being from "m.e.". You can still be anonymous by posting with a user-name and possibly, not get offended whenever someone posts a comment in response to "Anonymous"'s post.

    I am mearly trying to suggest that some of the "Anonymous" posters, while still remaining "Anonymous", use an "Anonymous" user-name when posting. It seems to be working well for m.e., ostrich, Silent Minority, and several others. You could even change your "Anonymous user-name" with each post, and still remain "Anonymous".

    It really isn't difficult to pick out an "Anonymous" user-name. For example, you could start with the letter "A" and go thru the end of the alphabet, ie: Astro, Banana, Carrot, Daydreamer, etc. You could even use famous names or characters - Ann Landers, Buffy, Cocoa Puff, or Zorro.

    It's just a suggestion, but it might help to prevent some of the confusion.

    BHS Grad. (see, it took all of about 2 seconds to add a small "Anonymous" identifier to this post!) ;)

  46. Want to know what the coolest thing about this particular blog post is?

    Mr H did not post a single comment when he placed the photos on the page.

    He let us draw our own conclusions. That is the type of opportunity that we in the community appreciate. The opportunity to to look at and determine our own stance.

    Thanks Harper, not bad.

    Buffalo 73834

  47. So what are your conclusions anony-mouse?
    You know you went to the other site and read the comments there or you wouldn't have put here what you did.
    Thanks Mr H for linking to the sight with the comments and editors notes sop we can read whats going on instead of forming our own opinions without understanding what the hell the pics are about. Without the articles what would the Oklahoman do? Publish only pictures? Can you imahine reading the Woodward Newspaper withput any articles? Any little kid can see a picture and formate an opinion but is that opinion actually about the picture? Only the person taking the picture knows.

  48. So what are your conclusions anony-mouse?
    You know you went to the other site and read the comments there or you wouldn't have put here what you did.
    Thanks Mr H for linking to the sight with the comments and editors notes sop we can read whats going on instead of forming our own opinions without understanding what the hell the pics are about. Without the articles what would the Oklahoman do? Publish only pictures? Can you imahine reading the Woodward Newspaper withput any articles? Any little kid can see a picture and formate an opinion but is that opinion actually about the picture? Only the person taking the picture knows.