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Late Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson said,
"It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error."

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Monday, January 26, 2009





  1. ...... Instead of gossip, or an account by one person or group of individuals on a subject, why not simply put local meetings such as the Town Board, School Board, Hospital Board, County Commissioners on the community television channel. Far more people will likely get informed and there will not be bias. IF your agenda is as you state it is, to have people be informed, then your purpose is met.

  2. To anonymous,
    I like your idea. But like my daughter says when I am watching a televised game, "Dad why are you talking to the TV, no one can hear you!!" At least here, just as you have done, you can respond to what you read.

  3. Sure I can post a comment to what I read here, just I can send a letter to the editor after reading the accounting of an event in the paper. Although both serve a purpose, one of venting and offering opinion, both are flawed in serving the purpose of informing people. Both forums are at risk of bias where as making public a meeting, which of course all of the above referenced are, there is not opportunity of bias, when un-edited. Each individual has the opportunity, and in small communities I would say responsibility, to be informed and involved. However, the reality is everyone is busy, tired, afraid of conflict, don't want to go out on a cold night, don't want to leave the deck on a warm night, and a host of other excuses.... I'm suggesting using a medium that is currently available to the majority of citizens, including those elderly that are possibly shut in or unable to get online, and letting them get the whole story. I'm not saying that this forum is not serving a purpose, it just doesn't fully meet the purpose of informing. Rather it is a platform for opinion. Yes, we all have our right to our opinion and to voice said opinion, however one has to be informed before one can form their own opinion instead of accepting anothers as their own. I don't know who would need to check on the opportunity of televising the meetings. I do know this medium is used in small towns and large cities all across the nation to keep their citizens informed.

  4. I agree with anonymous. The meetings should be broadcast for all to see. Go ahead and buy 10,000.00 or more worth of camera and broadcast equipment, negotiate with Pioneer Cable, get a show on the local community channel, line up advertisers to compensate you for your exceedingly high expenses and time. Of course then you'll have to take the time to attend all the meetings suggested, film them, digitally edit and make sure they fit into the time slot allotted, add in the commercials if you are able to get advertisers. That'll provide the Town with an unbiased look at our government agencies in action. Or post for free on a blog site which is also free and do so anonymously. It's a great idea to have all those meetings on local community access channels but in Buffalo it is a daunting task.
    Maybe we can get the Town to pay for broadcast of their board meetings since they are in the habit of handing out money lately like its burnin a hole in their pocket.

  5. As I said above, the point is to inform, of which all citizens have the right to be without bias, and this would provide a means. The expense and time issues you mention seem exaggerated and they only inflame the conversation. The Methodist church is able to televise their services twice a week without breaking their budget. Because this is not a network or major market the allotted time slot is pretty well wide open. If all public meetings were televised they would likely only compete with themselves and the above referenced service. As I have witnessed in other communities in which this is done the camera is merely mounted on a tripod without an attendant, however I believe the Methodist church does have someone sitting by the one they use. How about instead of saying why all of the time, say why not? Instead of pointing out the problems, offer solutions. Instead of promoting negativity, offer positives. (Three positives for every negative , or three solutions for every problem). Wow, wonder where we would be if that could happen?

  6. m.e.,

    I like this idea. Do you have a contact with the Methodist church who would be willing to set up this kind of endeavour? Would there be a fee involved? I think that filming the actual meetings would be a great idea. Get the true comments from the Board members as well as the audience.

    If there were a cost do you think the Town would pay to insure accurate information is put out to the public?

    Obviously an "anon" person was being facetious about the costs and what-have-you. However, if we could actually do this, it would be pretty cool.

    Mr H. - What is your opinion? Would this fit within your scope of what you hope can be accomplished within in town? Maybe a step in the right direction?

  7. Can we just get YOUTUBE to come and video it for us?
    YOUTUBE is free isn't it!

  8. hey m.e.

    Why don't you just do it - like Nike,
    just do it!
    Do it yourself!
    Why don't you bear the expense and take the time?
    Great suggestion but somebody has to step up and actually do it.
    The newer Methodist Church cameras are probably about $15-20,000.00 each. Even a silly little entry level professional video camera is around $5,000.00 and you'd need at least that quality for broadcast. I would think a used one could be found for around $2,000.00.

    Theres still the problem of time and effort.
    No attendant at the meetings?
    To video tape the meetings you don't have to be in attendance thats true.
    m.e. can go and set up the camera and tripod and leave, later come back and get the camera.
    Set it up to get a great shot of a single space, maybe a space where the town board trustees are seated, then when it comes time for public comment who turns the camera towards them if the camera is unattended?
    What about setting the town board meetings up so that the public has to go to a microphone within the initial "shot space" for public comment? That'd work. But so would just attending the meetings and operating the camera.
    That'd work even better!
    Set up the camera, attend the meeting and take it down and home with you and do it all over again for the next meeting.
    The towns and cities who have video broadcast are set up in their city or town chamber or room where the camera is always set up and never removed.
    Buffalo doesn't have that anymore remember? They gave that space up for the doctor clinic.
    Also, the towns and cities which do this are paying for it themselves.
    m.e. can, at anytime attend the meetings, video tape them and place them on 'you tube' for anyone who wants to see them to view the videos for free.

  9. In reference to "Gossip Game"

    I thinks is is a good article.

    A word from the MAN:
    Fire goes out for lack of fuel, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops. Proverbs 26: 20


  10. Wow, where's the love JD? Merely offering a suggestion. Trust me, I would love to be able to do this for you, however I cannot. Several points of contention: 1. The communities of which I have seen this done do not keep the camera up at all times ~ I would think possible theft risk as well as potential damage risk would be the reasons. 2. What about those voting citizens that are physically unable to attend the meetings? Do they not matter? This offers them a solution in addition to those who choose not to attend. Regarding public comments, the strategy I have seen used is to have those citizens wishing to make a comment present to a microphone as you mention. You do not see their face, however the mic does catch their voice and you can hear what is said. Again, only a suggestion and trying to find solutions. No hate involved. I do believe the effort and expense might be well worth it, especially if the point is to get people informed and possibly involved. That is the point.... right?