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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Board Voted to Move the Buffalo Police Headquarters Clear Out to the Municipal Airport

In what may prove to have been a hasty move Wednesday night the board voted to move the Buffalo Police Headquarters clear out to the Municipal Airport. In order to provide a secure work environment at city hall the board passed a motion to move the Buffalo Police Department to the Municipal Airport north of Buffalo. Evidently this action was taken without any involvement or knowledge by its very own Airport Board. So after all of the hard work to get the Town of Buffalo’s police department restarted they immediately cast it out of the city limits. Granted, it is city property and it is a city owned building. So,they do have that right bestowed within themselves to do this if they so choose to, BY GOSH! With no opportunity for input from the Airport Board and little opportunity from citizens concerned about their safety with the police department residing out of the city limits we have been NIKE’d. They “just did it”.

With the new clinic being put in city hall there evidently is no other alternative to provide a separate police wing. The separate area is needed so that the staff at city hall can work comfortable without potential concerns of criminals being brought through their halls for interrogation. There are times when suspects need to be separated during interrogations and placing them in an occupied office poses a risk.

Shortsightedness and selfishness still exists with our City government. When they were making the decision to remodel for the clinic they were also bringing back the Police Department. Why didn’t the staff and board raise these concerns then? Would that have jeopardized the clinic implementation? Is there so much focus on the clinic that they failed to realize their very own needs. So a knee jerk, selfish move is to grab another location that they happen to own and use it without any consultation with those involved. (Airport Board and citizens that may be concerned about a police department that doesn’t reside in the community)

They further distanced themselves from any consideration that citizens may have, (about the police chief and/or officers being stationed out at the airport), by reacting without considering other alternatives. Their predicament is a result of bending over backwards to accommodate the new doctor and the new clinic. Is there a better solution to this problem than to permanently place the Town of Buffalo’s Police Headquarters out at the Municipal Airport? Isn’t there some place within Buffalo that can be used for the police headquarters?

In other news the City Manager brought about an official complaint which was levied against one of the town’s reserve officers. Evidently Joe has visual radar and deemed the reserve officer drives to fast. He formally reported the fast driving allegations to the new police chief causing an official permanent document to be filed against the officer. Coincidentally, this is the same reserve officer that backed into the new city police vehicle with his own personal vehicle thus causing minor damage to the new cop vehicle. It should be noted that the reserve officer made the necessary arrangements to have his personal insurance cover all of the expenses of the needed repairs. Well, at least he is paying for his mistakes.


  1. A couple of Board members have discussed this with 'Airport" people and have stated they would look at other alternatives....IF the costs can be contained....REALLY contained then they would consider other options..... hoever, with the economy and fiscal challenges they would be crazy to stick out lots of money into renting or buying when they have a perfectly good building that sits empty and unused 98% of the time.

    FYI..... visual radar is about as reliable as counting jellybeans in a jar.... everyone has a guess and very few get it right...

  2. The oposition is not that this isn't the cheapest easiest solution.

    With a little effort couldn't a "perfectly good building that sits empty and unused 100% of the time" be found "Inside Buffalo"? In order to comfort the four people that occupy city hall you have put at risk the community as a whole.

    The sheriff deptartment patrolling out at the Beaver county line came up as one of the reasons to bring back the town's police department. If it’s good for the goose then isn't it good for the gander? Anytime an officer is sitting at the Airport their response time has been increased by that amount which it would take to drive back to town. Not to mention putting at risk the officer and those on the highway every time the police would be hauling their tails back into town. When seconds count spending a bit of money to keep the headquarters in the city limits may be a priceless investment. In this case, taking the bargain basement priced and effortless way out may be jeopardizing the quality of police service.

    There are several vacant, although maybe not empty, buildings around. Remember how the fire station used to be an unused run down gas station? But today it makes a fantastic fire department and brings a crisp professional look to Main Street. If the Town of Buffalo is serious about its police department they should find a serious location for its police department. The fiscal plate may be full but this isn’t the situation to take the position of cutting corners to save a buck.

  3. Looks like Inside Buffalo's article on the Hospital Bailout was right on!
    There was plenty of room for a clinic in the back of city hall but there's no room for the Police Department?
    I guess they took the excess space for the clinic and booted the police chief to a tiny office in the main part of city hall. There used to be a private entrance to the police department and it was separate from the main part of city hall so these "criminals" would be separate. Now more money has to be added to the towns budget for the new location for the new chief.
    The hospital should have to pay for this since they schmoozed the town into taking the space away from the police. But then again why blame the hospital? It was our elected trustees who made this mess - now let them deal with it with our tax money. The poor get poorer.

  4. buffalo town board

    lacking in vision. Unable to see anything but what is directly in front of them

    for short term only: done or determined without taking the future into account

    shenanigans by the uninterested and uninformed.

  5. all of you who post anonymous need to step up if your not happy put up or shut up try joining the town board if you think you can do better

  6. The town board voted all ayes to rescind their original motion to move the police department out to the municipal airport. So now they will make do with their current situation and continue to look around for other optional sites.