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Late Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson said,
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I agree, "We need to stick together"

This is a very public place to share information. The fact is that several hundred different individuals are looking in on this blog every week. Never have there ever been that many people at a Town Board meeting. This can prove to be a useful arena to share information about the activities that are going on. If this blog is reaching out to this many people then its purpose can be served.

MLK Jr. Said “The comfortable, the entrenched, the privileged cannot continue to tremble at the prospect of change in the status quo.”
Currently this town seems to be divided between status quo and forward thinking progress. What legacy will the current board members leave behind with their time on the board? Do they want to face the issues head on or ignore them and hope they go away? There has not been a significant amount of investment put into the infrastructure of this town in several decades. The town’s infrastructure continues to fall apart right before our eyes and yet no one wants to address any of it. There is no 1 year plan; no 5 year plan; there is absolutely no plan at all. There is growth going on around us but the lack of the necessary foresight and planning will not allow any spurt of development to occur within our city limits. We need new development in town which will in turn generate new revenue for the city’s coffers. It will take an investment in the city works itself to promote growth. The city cannot rely solely on the sales tax base. The public utilities that they provide need to be considered as a source of revenue also. A lot of people would be surprised to know that the water tower at the city park has not been in use since the 1970’s. Can you judge the character of a town by the condition of its water tower?

Off the soap box!! What are the solutions? Participation is the solution. There are bigger challenges than any 5 board members and city office staff should have to undertake alone. We need committees and subcommittees and sub-subcommittees working together on what can be done and how. Check our hats at the door, forget about any skeletons in the closet, and put our minds together for the common good of this community. Talk to your favorite board members and encourage the rest of them. Give them confidence to undertake the things that few before them have had to address. Ask yourself what your legacy will be regarding your participation in the future of your home town.

This is my Home Town and I am proud of it. I want the children that are growing up here today to have the same chance to be proud of their Home Town, as am I. Maybe as they grow older they will want to spend their whole life in Buffalo, Oklahoma, as have I.


  1. "We need to stick together"? That sure is a strange statement for you to make after the trouble you have stirred up.

  2. A response to besidebuffalo can be found in the comments of the blog post below.

  3. I totally agree with beside..You have opened a can of worms, and it's about to get nasty. Mr. Carpenter is no longer on the board.as im sure makes onside very giddy. Now what's this about sticking together?Oh, you mean if everyone loses their sense of self worth and their minds close to radical, mean , contrite, hateful thinking like a board member who is only out to make her name known? No thank you.I will continue to be free and let my opinions be heard.