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Thursday, October 23, 2008


§11-8-114. Institute - Statewide organization to conduct.
A. Each person elected for the first time to a position of a municipality on or after January 1, 2005, or appointed for the first time on or after July 1, 2006, shall be required within one (1) year after taking the oath of office to attend an institute for municipal officials. The Institute shall be conducted at all times, in cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, by or under the supervision of a statewide organization that is exempt from taxation under federal law and designated pursuant to the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C., Section 170(a). The statewide organization shall demonstrate to the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education that it has represented municipalities, had statutory functions and conducted training programs for municipalities for at least fifteen (15) years prior to November 1, 2005. It shall further demonstrate that its continuous official purpose is to promote the general welfare of cities and towns, to foster or conduct schools, short courses and other training sessions, to provide technical assistance and consultive services and other aids for the improvement and increased efficiency of city and town government, and to serve as the representative of cities and towns in carrying out the duties and prerogatives conferred on it by state law.
B. The Institute shall consist of eight (8) hours of instruction. A certificate of completion shall be awarded to those persons who attend and successfully complete the Institute and a list of those persons shall be filed with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education.
C. The curriculum for the Institute shall include, but not be limited to: municipal budget requirements, the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, the Oklahoma Open Records Act, ethics, procedures for conducting meetings, conflict of interest, and purchasing procedures.
D. The Institute shall be held at a minimum of six regional locations in the state. Every effort shall be made by the Institute to accommodate training through long-distance learning.
E. A person elected or appointed to a municipal position who fails to satisfy the education requirements of this section shall cease to hold the position commencing at the next scheduled meeting of the governing body following the first-year anniversary of the person’s taking the oath of office.
F. At the time of filing, the designated statewide organization shall provide the necessary information to the candidate of the option for attendance at the Institute as provided for in this section. In the case of officials nominated and elected for municipal offices at town meetings, the presiding officer of the town meeting shall notify the candidate of the option.

Was Mr. Carpenter elected for the first time after January 1, 2005? Has Mr. Carpenter attended the institute? Has it been a year since he took the oath of office which he was elected? Has he been re-appointed to the board if his position actually ceased?


  1. Buss, and Harper seem to be the only trustees that have gone to the required institute. Records of attendees are on the OML website.

  2. Section A says he must attend an institute. Does this mean he will be instutionalized???? Wow, poor guy!!!!! BUT,,,RULES ARE RULES!!!!
    Off to be instutionalized Lewis!!!

  3. What I think it means is exactly what the following quote from the OML website says.(Oklahoma Municipal League)

    You have one year from the date you take the oath of office to obtain your 8 hours of mandated training. (11 O.S. Supp. 2006, Section 8-114) Failure to complete the training within one year results in removal from office."

    Looks like he missed the boat on this one.
    This is our Mayor, none-the-less!
    Or should I say WAS.

  4. All of you should take into consideration that Mr. Carpenter is a man of his word. If you have a problem with him or his way in office, then go to him. Dont hide behind this blog.Mr. Carpenter was not obligated to take those classes when he swore in. He has not received any notification of further courses needed.Like I said. Talk to him your self.Ask him face to face.Call him on the phone, or go to a meeting and speak up.I know that one member on the board can't keep her mouth shut and may get the board sued yet.So if there is going to be bashing and bull thrown around, get on her butt.and stop being cowards.

  5. Mr. Carpenter was "ELECTED" for the "FIRST" time after the deadline and therefore my personal opinion is that he falls under the guidelines of the rules for new officials. It looks like he should have taken the training. I think that you will find that there is a simple solution to this issue and it can be resolved. This was not a call for his removal by any means. Just make it right. My question is who failed to notice this or what exempts Mr. Carpenter who was "ELECTED" for the "FIRST" time from taking the institute that others are required by law to take.

    The items in paragraph "C" are deemed to be important by the state legislature and since the Mayor presides over the meetings it is a worthy issue to look at.

    The local issues should be played out in the open. That way there is more accountability for the actions that occur. Where there is accountability dependability will soon follow.

    What is this pending lawsuit? Has it been filed?

  6. I think that every one needs to open their eyes and look around. We are a small town. We need to stick together.There are others who would like nothing better than to talk bad about buffalo, it's board members, and what we do and do not do here.I say if you have a problem and don't have the balls to talk publicly about it. Then go somewhere else to live.

  7. I now know that people in this town are truly vindictive,mean people. Some of them anyway.Buffalo has always had it's own agenda, it's own little pod people following. I just didn't expect it to be as bad as it truly is. I am ashamed to be a resident here sometimes because of things people do to boost their own egos and puff up their own chest.You have lost a true member of the board.I know who is the responsible party behind what I am speaking of.Everyone here will know in a day or two what I am talking about.This was a good man.He didn't do a darn thing to you but get more votes from the town.Now you take it out on him to follow the law?Not that, not you. You take it out on him because you know he is too much of a kind hearted man to tell you where to go.I say freedom of the press.Let the town see the truth.So watch what lies you spread.I will be showing all the HONEST TRUTH behind this members removal.You are the villain in my story.So look in the papers anyone who wants the REAL truth. Not gossip from the round table from a long winded woman with a chip on her shoulder.

  8. Don't shoot the messenger!

    It was not my oversight that created the scenario.
    And I understand that some may disagree with how the process developed.

    Another topic for discussion would be where were the checks and balances that should have prevented this from happening in the first place.

    Non-the-less the do-overs will be minimal and everyone can move on to more important things.

    It will be interesting to see if the gist of going to the institute will be ignored or if indeed the course will be taken as it was intended. I predict that the seat will be returned but I am not sure about the training.

  9. Mr. Carpenter was duly elected by the people of Buffalo. It is only right that the remainder of the Town Board appoint him to fill the remainder of his term. Mr. Carpenter and the Town Board could have a "gentleman's agreement" that the missed training would be completed.

    This is an unfortunate event that is most likely not the fault of Mr. Carpenter, but rather a failure of the designated statewide organization to provide the necessary information to the candidate at the time of filing. However, I believe it is better to catch the problem and correct it now rather than have the Town of Buffalo and the Town Board involved in embarrassing litigation.

  10. Don't shoot the messenger? I think a public lynching would be more appropriate. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. Mrs Troublemaker wants control. Mr Pizza wants control. Da Sheriff wants control. The pizza man's better half wants control. I say boot all their fannies out the door and start over. No pizza for me! No calls to the cops for me! No pizza lady on the town board! And make Mrs Troublemaker do the job she is being paid to do or fire her butt and hire someone that will do the job. Fire her newly hired full timer too because all he does is play cop with the new PD officer when he is on the clock and supposed to be working.
    Enough is enough. Power mongers GO HOME!!!

  11. A little bird told me I made the blog so I thought I'd check it out. Thanks fifteen minutes of my life I'll never get back. Undercover not that its any of your business but, my job involves being on call in Buffalo and being ready to respond at a moments notice. You might not get that as it would mean you'de have to crawl out from under your covers, not hide behind log in names and actually do something. Since this is a place for ideas and opinion here is something to wrap your mind around. Mr. Bishop, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Buss, Mr. Carpenter, and Mrs. Harper; God bless you for getting in office caring about the people and attempting to do something. I do not always agree with the boards decisions, but appreciate there are people willing to make them. I'm not one of them. Mr. Carpender do me a favor please run again it is a muddy situation at best with your appointment before he deadline and your election after the deadline that is horseapples anyway. You have done good work for Buffalo please don't lose your heart oven this. Mr. City Manager remember its easier for people to tell you what you do wrong when they don't have to make any decisions. Dave don't see eye to eye with all your opinions, but good Pizza anyway. To our Hospital Thank you for taking action to bring a new Doctor to town, even if she is a magnet lol. And lets face it anytime you can take something in Buffalo and make it usefull I.E. the back of City Hall that is progress and good for all. The proof is being able once again to spend an enoyable evening at our movie theater!!!! Everyone seems to put interesting time honored quotes into their responces uttered from esteemed people so here is mine, "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all".....Mother. I guess what I'm really trying to say is GROW UP PEOPLE if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Ideas and opinions without action are still inaction, and are very destructive. Get behind the people you have elected, appoint, or have been hired and work twords something that resembles progress. If you do not like them or the job they do then put your name on a ballot and let democracy decide the fate. Buffalo my love and prayers are with you, please stand united. Don't forget to get out and vote Tuesday there are many that paid and are still paying for that freedom.

    God bless

  12. Don't you just love it when people hide behind anonymous user names and spew forth nonsense about other people? Believe me I know how that feels. I hope that Lewis finds a way back onto the town board. He did a very admirable, unbiased job in looking out for Buffalo and our best interests. I also applaude the town board for renovating the City Hall as opposed to spending a quarter million dollars on a new structure. I will agree with undercover lover on one thing though. I do think the name he chose for another publication, "Outhouse Gazette," is very appropriate. I know that wont set well with one of the bussiness's on the south side, but hey, they were so rude to me the last time I was in there, apparently because I dared to run for sheriff, that I will never grace their doorway again anyhow. So no big loss for me or for them!!!