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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are some of the Town Board members in cahoots with INSIDEBUFFALO magazine?

What is the hot topic that is about to come out in Buffalo? Why are there just a few of the Town board members that are in the know? Is it a coincidence that INSIDEBUFFALO has something juicy? If info is being with held from within its members won’t that cause “it” to hit the fan like INSIDEBUFFALO is predicting? Call the board members. Ask them what is going on. Who knows and who doesn’t? Do we have a right to know?


  1. Undercoverlover said

    "Yawn! I am still waiting for "it" to hit the fan as was stated in that "other" online outhouse gazette! Could it be he lost his nerve????"

    Maybe Inside Buffalo is giving the city leaders a chance to come clean and let us all know what this is all about. Two Board members mentioned something about an issue a couple of meetings ago and they still haven't stated what it is. Something about not spending too much money now because they may have to spend a whole lot later. They are keeping it under their hat for some reason. Looks like good ol behind closed doors politics at its best.

  2. Yup. Good ole boy politics at its finest. Who are the two members keeping things from the rest of the board? I think they should be tied to a fence post and fed Ex-Lax till they "come clean." Keeping important issues from the rest of the board should not be tolerated. I would favor voting their moronic butts off the board.

  3. The comments that were made at the previously mentioned board meeting were between Mayor Carpenter and Trustee Brown. Since the comments were made, to my knowledge, no agenda item has appeared on any meetings that would indicate or lean towards anything seriously costly! I am in total agreement that things, no matter how unfavorable, should always be delt with "above board". The Town of Buffalo's method of operation is probably what has put them in the position they are in. So much has been swept under the rug that now everyone will be tripped up by the tall heap underneath it.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I hope the people that need to see these things, DO!

  4. Wow! That article about Dave and Alexis is so sweet. Makes me want to barf!!! They are just plain bad news bears

  5. Does anyone know what the town board's executive session was all about. Is our city manager in trouble because of the article written in the OUTHOUSE GAZETTE ?