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Late Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson said,
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Friday, August 14, 2009


Recently an antique pedestal tub was removed from its original location. It was destined to be taken to the pile of white goods where it would have met its ultimate fate when the car crusher returns to town. During the removal of the antique tub it was discovered that it was manufactured in 1928. It was quickly claimed by one of the three men removing it with the condition that it had to leave the current property. It was strategically placed on a concrete slab on another piece of property the claimant owns.

The purpose of the location that was chosen was, first and foremost, to get it out from under their feet as quickly and easily as possible. An incidental purpose was to camouflage the awful traffic yellow paint color that clashes with the claimants landscaping and building color scheme. Traveling across rural America you might often see an antique tub, such as this, nicely done up with beautiful flowers and plants. What transpired in the short time (6 days) that it sat at its location was nothing short of shameful.

Its location became the topic of the town. Intriguing questions were directed back as to what was going to be done with the tub by numerous people. Some expressed concerns, some declared their unsolicited opinions, and many declared their absolute displeasure. All of the comments because of an empty antique pedestal tub sitting on a concrete slab.

The comments came from various people throughout our community. Co-workers mentioned it. Town trustees were quick to utter their thoughts. The city administrator gave his speculation about it. Acquaintances opined. The coffee shop gossip spread. Spouses spoke. Even the town’s economic developer along with the newly hired policeman stopped what they were doing to move the tub to another location. The consensus was all the same. It was unsightly and something had to be done about it.

The tub garnered a lot of attention. The local people demanded immediate action. All because of an empty antique pedestal tub sitting on a concrete slab

If only the same community outcry would occur regarding the DUNG HOUSE situation on the other side of town.

Rub-a-dub-dub three men and their tub.


  1. The town of buffalo cares little about edging the sidewalk in front of city hall. They care little about overgrown weeds at city hall. They send workers to MOW THE STREET! Yes they do. A town worker, instead of spraying an herbicide MOWED the road in front of my house. The town is overgrown with weeds and grass everywhere especially along main street but they get all uptight over a bathtub that someone wants to use for planting flowers for landscaping? That's why we can't wait to move out of this town!

  2. Thank you Onside for your concerns for our "Dung House" problem.
    It is funny how now the cat-calls are coming out of the mouths of those who visit and urinate outside of the stinky house.
    Things like we are "crazy", "coo-coo", "nuts-o's" and even a hand gesture of a gun going off at us.
    The ony reason for these is that they don't see the City taking affrimative action on the house or its owners. He was told to get an air tight, water tight container for the yard poop. And all he did is throw a tarp over it! The City never came back to check and see if it has been taken care of properly.
    All Mr Poopy and his friends see or hear about is those people are calling the city, writing lettters to Govenor, Senator and News media, or passing around a petition. To them it is crazy. But his friends house is just as bad as the Poopy House. it just dosnt have all the POOP!!
    It has been over a year now and the Hole on the north side of the house still has over 5 years of human poo in it! It is a sad situation!!!
    Makes me want to cry!!!

  3. aren't you proud to be from buffalo, ok?

  4. From Susan:

    I just have to clarify one point. I, ME, asked James and Shawn to help me move the tub off of the slab and move to a less conspicous place. They did not just go and do that. They did graciously, "stopped what they were doing to move the tub to another location.". However, it was by my request, not for any nefaious reason. They were just being nice.

    However, as soon as it is cleaned up, (scraped, primed and painted) it will go right back were it was and be filled with flowers. That was the intent all along.

    I wish that the good people of Buffalo would raise a ruckus over things in town that are chronic problems: dilapidated houses, rusted out vehicles, weeds as tall as houses, underage drivers, reckless/speeding drivers....the list goes on, rather than things that are truly in transition to beautify which were only visible for 6 days.

    Is it a true problem or just spite that made the calls? Sure it was/is an eyesore. But at least we are trying to make something that is old, and that has character, and has value, a positive part of Buffalo. How about you? Are you one of the doers or one that just makes calls?

  5. I found your blog today from the blogoklahoma ring, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm doing research for my new blog and thought I'd check you out! I have several friends from Buffalo and went to college at Alva. You have a nice writing style! Keep up the good work!

  6. It seems as communication within a household may be lacking. Now, regarding the talk within town as to "the tub", I would say what goes around comes around and several other cliches like "Those whom live in glass houses...." and "If you can't stand the heat....". I believe you have brought on some of this yourselves and now you're dealing with some of the same you've dealt, that's all.

  7. The communication within the household was definitely not lacking. It was loud and clear :)

    Nevertheless, the point being is that "the tub" didn't warrant the public outcry that it received. Imagine, if you will, the quality of life the neighbors of the Dung House must have. If that was going on where “the tub” incident occurred, would it have been ignored by the general public? That situation warrants the kind of reaction that "the tub" induced. That is what I personally feel is disturbing about where our priorities lay. Especially regarding when people will get the courage to stand up and say something about a situation they feel is in bad taste.

    I can stand to get a little heat from the kitchen to make a point!

  8. Think we have seen said "tub" sitting on a corner(on a back street) doesnt look to be in such bad shape. Id put it in my yard! A few flowers or a after noon dip, looks fine to us.....

  9. Guess we need to have a contest to decorate the tub. Tub Colors, Flower Types and colors. Best design to be used. Maybe have it ready for Homecoming! Works for me!