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Friday, August 28, 2009

Anonymous says "Sales Tax Collections Dropping Like a Rock"

Anonymous said...
“Easy to be critical isn't it? And if we dubbed you town board member tomorrow, how exactly would you address the water issue and where exactly, would you get the funds? With sales tax collections dropping like a rock, I just don't see where the money is going to come from."

Hey anonymous, Maybe you should be dubbed the town’s treasurer!

The sky is falling in Buffalo again.
The Town had a budget surplus of over 140 thousand bucks this last year.
That is money that could have paved a street or two. Maybe even ran a detailed water test.
Nope let’s put it in a 2% CD.

Tax collects for the last six months in 2009
Jan $28,607 vs $20,958 in 08
Feb $21,888 vs $17,254 in 08
Mar $21,196 vs $16,778 in 08
Apr $17,014 vs $16,106 in 08
May $18,887 vs $20,230 in 08
Jun $27,079 vs $22,509 in 08
July $19,786 vs $20,461 in 08

Please tell us anonymous, what sales tax collections you are basing your theory on!
The “we are going broke” hoax is alive and kicking.

Watch and enjoy while the TOB raises the water meter fees and account deposits. Hang on while the citizens of Buffalo get water boarded by the 300 thousand dollar water sprinkler system for the golf course. Buffalo politics at its finest.


  1. Looks like if the town were to take the $300,000.00 thrown at the golf course for a new sprinkler system and the extra over budget money from the last six years... then being able to pay that million dollar price tag for a new water supply system that isn't made up of asbestos pipe is very much in reach. Maybe anonymous can't do simple mathematics.
    Anonymous must be a town of Buffalo board member then eh?
    2 plus 2 equals five.

  2. I have a great idea on how to pay for the asbestos free water line. Lets add an additional 10 cents to the sales tax on all establishments located on US Highway 183, that sell alcohol or pizza. Lets also raise the same establishment's personal property tax by say...100%. That should pay for the new water line and it certainly would make everyone happy.
    Now one of those Woody Woodpecker....huh de huh huh, haw haw!

  3. They just raised our water rates like 3 months ago and now they are raising deposits?
    You go! TOB! The Town of Buffalo Rocks!