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Friday, July 31, 2009


If you were suffering from any stomach cramps, diarrhea, or nausea around the middle of the month of July up until just recently, and wonder what the heck was going on, it quite possibly could have been the recent positive test of coliform bacteria in the town’s supply of drinking water. Get you a copy of the Town of Buffalo’s administrators report to learn more about it. That is one of the documents that are part of the consent agenda that is rarely discussed but routinely passes each month. What some refer to as the “Secret Documents”.

For those that have a sensitive immune system and need to know immediately when the water fails such test, there will come a day when the internet will be discovered by city hall that could put up a notice on their website. If the community is even luckier, the people at city hall may even discover that you can create an email list for those that desire to be notified immediately when the water becomes contaminated with coliform bacteria .

If only the new clinic had been opened prior to this outbreak they may have gotten off to a very prosperous grand opening.

Enjoy your belated letter of confidence that you will receive from city hall telling you about this occurrence of bacteria in you town’s water supply. That is all they are "required" to do.


  1. I knew I smelled the chlorine, bleach...whatever. Letter of notification usually shows up 2 months after the fact...great for those with weakened immune systems. Ahhh....just the flu as usual.

  2. So all those upset stomachs and nausea the last couple weeks wasn't because of what we ate?

    Why is it that this subject always comes up? Great job Joe!

  3. 1st you told us of this in JULY but finally the city lets the towns people know 4 months later!!!!
    Public Notice in the mail....we have not drank or used the water since Onside told us this Bacteria was in the water....Why did it take Joe so long????