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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Negative Bullspit Some May Not Want to Hear

During the appearances from the audience portion of the August 8th town board meeting it was brought to their attention that it seems they violated the OMA regarding their motion to sell the Duckwalls building. The town’s legal counsel was there and spoke out. That is when I believe a “heaping pile of buffalo chips” fell upon the room. Another citizen at the meeting,advocating transparency; pointed out, that based on what the town’s attorney was saying that the only thing the agenda would need to say is “Town of Buffalo”!

The local paper is currently clued-up also. They have received a link to the FOI Oklahoma Article that recognizes this issue. The editor made a follow up call to learn about the circumstances. The editor mentioned possibly contacting FOI Oklahoma.

The Assistant District Attorney has been aware since last week regarding this matter. It has been clarified that she could not be an investigator and prosecutor both. It was further explained if she investigated then she would become a witness and then wouldn’t be able to be the prosecutor. The Assistant District Attorney pointed out that in order for anything to happen an affidavit would have to be presented to her office. It was recommended that the posted agenda along with the approved minutes be given to the Sheriff. It was also recognized that the copies of the economic developer’s reports, that came several months before the meeting detailing plans to do what they did, could be helpful.

The Harper County Sheriff currently retains copies of the posted agenda, the approved minutes, and the two different pages from the economic developer’s reports from last fall and early winter. A printout of the FOI Oklahoma Article which contains references to some prior cases and attorney generals opinions has also been acquired. The Sheriff pointed out the assistant district attorney would not be back until next week and thus he could not go over these things with her until then.

Brian Wiles the Business & Energy Programs Director of Rural Development with the U.S. Department of Agriculture received information that outlines these state of affairs . They are the entity who awarded the grant that upon being awarded to High Plains RC&D was set to trigger the sale of the Duckwalls building to High Plains RC&D. The Business & Energy Programs Director of Rural Development with the USDA is currently seeking a letter from the Town of Buffalo for clarification on this issue.

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