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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Judas Goat

A REAP resolution was adopted in Nov 2011 to do this project listed underneath.(click on it to read easier)

Well there you have it, in plain sight, right before your very eyes. Someone at City Hall has been planning all along on moving City Hall to the Duckwalls building in order for our long time practicing doctor to have a specialty clinic in the City Hall building. Also so a new medical doctor can be brought in to the City Hall building. And for icing on the cake, provide an office for High Plains RC&D at the Duckwalls building.

Is our economic developer the Judas goat leading it’s Sheeple to a path of certain misfortune? We are letting this Judas goat take away our property without cause. Anyone can see that we, as sheeple, have willingly let our elected officials eagerly participate in this fiasco. How are the Town of Buffalo City Hall offices going to benefit by being cast to the street. Put in the situation that they are a tenant paying rent for their office space.

City Hall is positioning itself to be at the pity of some landlord and will have to pay rent in order to exist. When you own your place of business you do not have to worry about being cast out on the street searching for another place to set up shop. The Town of Buffalo is restricted on entering contracts for more than one year at a time. So based on that, does it make sense to move City Hall and become a renter that has to renegotiate lease terms year after year, forever? Heck Hell loosing the drive up window ought to ruffle enough feathers to put a stop to this bonehead project.

But wait. We are being led by the Judas goat. The Judas goat leads it’s sheeple to slaughter. There is no forward thinking future here. Have faith in whoever the Town of Buffalo’s new landlord is. We can trust the new owner of the newly rented City Hall office space to make all of the right decisions and maintain the property to the standard that would be expected.

For an explanation of what appears to be a conflict of interest you should read this article. Ah bullshit bull hockey, don’t bother. Town of Buffalo Trustee Robin Daley, who works for Harper County Community Hospital the owner of the clinic business that needs more space, voted and made motions for this to happen on several occasions. And Holly Yauk a Harper County Community Hospital board member works for High Plains RC&D which will be getting the new office in the Duckwalls building.

That “Detailed Project Description/Budget:” you see above was copied from the most recent REAP Grant that the Town of Buffalo accepted in February after they voted to sell (not lease) the Duckwalls building in January. That total amount was for more than $34,000 from our state government to the Town of Buffalo. Now get this, 3 months after the Town of Buffalo voted to sell (not lease) the Duckwalls building in January to High Plains RC&D they paid just under $18,000 for roof repairs on the Duckwalls building. 3 months after ! Yes that’s right they went forward and authorized roof repairs on the Duckwalls building after they voted to sell (not lease as stated on the agenda) said building to someone else for only $5,000. Is anybody getting a whiff of it yet?

Is it any wonder that they only listed the agenda back in January as leasing Duckwalls. Recently the Board was enlightened about the concerns of voting to sell the building when the agenda said lease. The town’s attorney pointed out that they haven’t declared Duckwalls surplus property yet. Could it be that they haven’t declared it surplus property because they are still throwing money at it?

I mean think about it. The law says to declare it surplus property first. Hold a public hearing about declaring it surplus property. Then vote with a properly worded agenda on whether to declare it surplus or not. Once those steps have taken place is when they should vote to sell the property. The Town of Buffalo back in January skipped every one of those steps and voted to sell the Duckwalls building for only $5000. Never mind the fact that the agenda for the meeting listed leasing the duckwalls property

Did Town of Buffalo skip those steps because they knew they couldn’t spend the State’s REAP money on property that had been declared surplus (aka junk-no longer needed?) Or maybe they skipped those steps to deny the citizens of this town the opportunity to voice their opinion on this matter. (Caution)To prevent nauseous vomiting from this smell take shallow breaths.

They haven’t spent all of the State’s REAP Grant money on Duckwalls, yet. The REAP Grant window of opportunity to spend all of the money will not expire until February 2013. There is more work to be done to that building according to the REAP application. The Town of Buffalo using the REAP Grant money awarded to them in February (after they voted, in January to sell the Duckwalls building to High Plains RC&D for only $5000), will be used to pay for HVAC repairs on the Duckwalls building. There’s more than $16,000 of REAP Grant money left so why not spend more of it on a building they voted to sell (not lease) to High Plains RC&D for only five grand.

Sheeple do this all of the time. They put multiple tens of thousands of dollars into properties they own and then turn around and sell it for pennies on the dollar. Then after practically giving away their property they ask to rent it back with a lease that can only last one year at a time. It's getting stronger, hold cloth over nose.

But wait, the Judas goat only does what the shepherd allows. The Town of Buffalo is in need of a wise shepherd. Why is the Judas goat leading the herd to its eventual demise? As long as there is no shepherd around to lead this flock of sheeple, they will continue to follow the Judas goat wherever it goes. Remember the Judas goat’s life is always spared every time it leads the flock to slaughter. I wander if any of the shepherds will step up and point this flock in the right direction before it is all too late.

Without the goofy analogy- Why are the citizens of Buffalo in favor of losing city hall as we know in order to allow for expansion of a private enterprise such as the clinic? Why are the citizens of Buffalo in favor of bending over backwards to be put in a position that they become renters of property instead of owners of property. Why are the citizens of Buffalo happy that they are losing the long standing convenience of the drive through window in order to appease the Buffalo Family Clinic’s desire for more professional space? Certainly the citizens are please to know that city hall could be kicked to the curb from one year to the next because they will then be at the mercy of some landlord they have no control over. And the citizens must think highly of selling valuable Real Estate assets for pennies on the dollar only to turn around and rent back what they used to own. Why are the townspeople so gleeful to know that tens and tens of thousands of dollars of money is being put into the Duckwalls building followed by only getting five grand back out of it after the sale.

Why do some board members say that this is just a rumor?

The sheeple are following the Judas goat all the way. That overwhelming aroma is the smell of death coming from the slaughter house.


  1. Yes, why did Robin Daly interrupt someone in the work group meeting when they said "since city hall is moving to the Duckwall's building," to tell us all "it's a rumor." She clearly voted for all these things.

    It's very unethical all these cross contaminations of boards by people who clearly will not abstain from voting on things that are directly linked to their jobs. An unethical PA? I'll think twice before using her services again. Wouldn't want her to tell me a lie about my health...

    This is bad publicity for all involved. TOB, Harper Co Hospital, HCRCD, and Harper Co Family Health. The shenanigans are as clear as day and public record.

  2. Citizens of Buffalo allow this because the "average citizen" is unaware or just doesn't care. I for one am tired of all the underhandedness and lack of effective long term decision making. Obviously everything is documented and public record, so why are the board members, city manager, and economic developer denying that this was the plan all along? Just get away with what you can until you get caught or fined? Pretty much how the criminals in this town are carrying on without city police. Is there a difference between the two groups? Not much if you ask me.