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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Excerpts from Chief of Police Report

"I am finishing up an investigation with the OSBI that should produce a substantial warrant for arrest."

"We did receive a complaint of a serious charge against another law enforcement officer in this county."

"The case due to the circumstances was immediately turned over to the OSBI."

"People one word "zoning," it has to be done."

"I have asked James to start looking for a grant for Tasers."

"I will strive to make it as painless as possible with the help of our fearless attorney"


  1. Oh my. What, is Chief Shawn and Police Commissioner Susan going to arrest Derick for transporting patients in is patrol car? Phftt. Way to go chief and commissioner!!

  2. FYI... we have no commissioner, This is Not Haroperville, Mrs Harper brings up matters of concern and the Board shoots it down.

    Now "zoning"...that can be a hot topic.

    If we are truly looking at that then we should consider going back to our original setup of wards. That we we have a representative from each section of town. Otherwise we could have several people who live in one part of town setting up an unfavorble zone in a different section since they don;t live there. Please consider all actions before we jump into this. It will have lots of consequences that could be bad if not researched thorougly.

    Food for thought.

  3. On the lighter side....

    DATELINE BUFFALO OKLAHOMA - The Buffalo Police Chief announced today that a major break in the case of the Jaywalking Cop. The officer, as yet unidentified, will be formally charged with jaywalking in the 100 block of Hoy Ave. To date, this is the most involved and most highly investigated case the Chief has handled. Chief Studdard said he is very proud of the forthcoming arrest and looks forward in continuing to provide the same excellent law enforcement coverage Buffalo has come to expect.

    No offense intended. Just an bit of satire.

  4. If I may ask, what would the deductive reasoning be for zoning? Why, after 100 or so years, would we suddenly need zoning? Just another case of the town board trying to jam their noses in other peoples business's. This sitting town board, has got to be the biggest farce in history. And our chief saying, "PEOPLE, ZONING...IT HAS TO BE DONE." Oh please numbskull, crawl back under your rock or go back to your mammy and leave important decisions to the people capable of making important decisions about what is needed. Fearless attorney?? Did you really mean clueless????

  5. Good for The New Chief!!!!Doing his JOB. That is what I like to see!!! No crime goes unpunished!!! And his side kick Randy is doing great too, just arrested a vandalism suspect to. your vehical could have been next....The other department has been crooked for a long time so good for the Buffalo Police, job well done! Keep up the great work!!!!

  6. Yes indeed. He located the vandalism suspect and then requested back up from 7 OHP Troopers, 5 Sheriff's Deputies, and asked the governor to deploy the national guard for back up too. A posh bit of an overkill considering the vandalism suspect was only 11 years old. As far as the crooked agency, our chief told me he is running for sheriff so he can clean that mess up. Go Sean go!!!!

  7. Wrong get your facts straight!! It was an armed and dangerous Adult male over 40. He was attacking a vehicle. And further more, Police officer Randy and a part timer were granted a warrant for an arrest, no other agency was called in. They did an outstanding job!!!!
    But for the real topic zoning... good idea! Businesses should not be used as residential places it only hurts the Town as a whole things like sewer, water, property taxes, fire dept, police, sheriff, etc. would all be monetarily affected by zoning. Welcome to the 20th century!

  8. Wrong get your facts straight!! ???

    No, you get your facts straight about the real topic!

    A business pays a higher rate for Water.
    A business pays a higher rate for Sewer.
    A business pays a higher rate for Trash.
    A business pays a higher rate for Property Taxes.
    (Remember, there are no town property taxes)
    Therefore, a residence in a business location benefits the town of Buffalo in that the town receives greater revenue.
    Zoning and the thought of it in Buffalo is ridiculous.

    The agencies which you referred to would have no monetary benefit by zoning.
    Do the math and see for yourself!
    Zoning will absolutely cost the town more $.$$!!!
    Just the costs of zoning enforcement and regulation alone would add up to huge costs each year.
    Then one must consider the costs associated with requesting and granting of variances.

    Are you aware that HOUSTON, TX, population 24,000,000 doesn't have zoning regulations?
    The costs of adding zoning regulations is both cost prohibitive and unnecessary.
    If a city of Twenty Four Million doesn't need zoning then why does little Buffalo, OK?

    Here is a novel idea.

    FACT> ordinances couldn't even legally be enforced in the town of Buffalo until the chief attended the state ordinance class. When the sheriff was patrolling the town he refused to enforce town ordinances (it was in the agreement) meaning that ordinances haven't been enforced in this town for years and years!
    Check with the town secretary as to when the last ordinance violation was registered. You'll laugh yourself out of your chair. It was never enforced and was forgiven by the town board!

    Now for more attacks on your false statements, ignorance and sheer folly:
    We live in the 21st century.
    The 20th century ended on December 31, 2000.
    Welcome to the 21st century, duhhhh.

    Furthermore, zoning and it's associate statutes and ordinances is not a 20th century idea.
    Zoning laws started in the late 1800's.
    (19th century for the uninformed poster above)

  9. Wow. Shawn goes to a one week school and comes back knowing everything there ever was to know about zoning. By golly he is an expert. If you don't believe me just ask him. How sad!

  10. Anybody know about the zoning of Buffalo issue being raised in order to facilitate (possibly the Chamber of Commerce?) the ability to erect an electronic billboard and charge people to advertise on it?

  11. Makes perfect sense!
    According to OK administrative code the town needs zoning in order to erect such a sign.
    The economic development director of Buffalo has on many occasion stated he wanted such a sign but in order to fulfill his wishes the town needs zoning.
    That's the way he works. Slide it by the people to get what he wants.

  12. Sly little devil isn't he old chap? I dare say that it hints a tawdry bit of Saint Susan ole boy. It twould appear that Shawn shall serve as her emissary for zoning as well. Better cover for her that way.

  13. A new season has begun "Sprig" Shawn has his classes over and can start to enforce Ordinances so lets start where Jeremy left off and get those yards and old vehicles cleaned up! Oh and he can condemn Houses too! Great! Time for Onside to re-do the story & Pics of all the eye-sores again. Greg you can use the same pics cause they still look the same as last year!LOL

  14. I dont think youll see onside doing any article or photos cuz ya cant beat a dead horse

  15. I know Shawn has finished the code enforcement school. Now the big question is how to get him off his big, lazy, hiny and get anything done. Most people have more energy in their pinkie than he has in his entire body. I am thinking his reclusive sidekick won't accomplish much either. Time to crack the bullwhip Susan. Get dem boys in shape.

  16. Susan must have cracked the whip hard. Not only is Shawn forsaking police coverage in Buffalo so he can jump in the ambulance and go to a wreck outside the city limits. But he is also now using his patrol car to transport sick people to the hospital, despite the fact the ambulance base was staffed with EMT's at the time he transported the sick person. Guess we need to rename the police department to Harperville PD/ EMS/Taxi Service. Way to go!!! Professionalism at it's finest. I sure hope we don't need an officer for an emergency call when Shawn is out traipsing around in the SE part of the county, looking for a wreck that nobody got hurt in, when he is supposed to be on duty as our chief. Not to worry though. Shawn has probably ordered Marty to cover in his absence.

  17. Along the same line, during the last severe weather outbreak, I saw Shawn down at May in the Buffalo Police cruiser. He must have been going over 100 miles per hour. If he is the Buffalo Chief of Police and is supposed to be protecting us from severe weather, then what the hell was he doing down at May? When I got to Buffalo, I saw the sheriff's deputies sitting at the state highway department watching the storms which is where Shawn should have been. The guy is a bonehead. I say fire his worthless butt and get somebody that actually has a brain.

  18. Kinda funny how you saw Shawn at May when he was sitting at the cemetery with a few other people watching the storm.

  19. So you think I am blind? He was at May alright. Not only did I see him, but so did my wife and my three kids. My 16 year old was the one that asked, "what the heck is he doing down here?"

  20. I think you could simply be mistaking. Nothing wrong with that. everyone makes mistakes. I for one like Shawn. But that is a matter of opinion. If you dislike him so much then why not confront him?

  21. I don't dislike Shawn. He can't help it if he was born without a brain. He has about as much business being a cop as I have of being a heart transplant surgeon. Not to mention he is gone way more than he is here. He is constantly going on calls way outside the city limits. He told me the reason he goes on calls outside the city limits is because no other cop around here is smart enough to handle the calls. I think however, it is the other way around.

  22. where has everyone gone. what nothing to say.

  23. we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in okla -------4%. something postive for Buffalo

  24. So nice to hear our city manager cited a local resident for having construction material in his front yard. The man is doing a major remodel of his home. Way to go Joe. Someone tries to make Buffalo better and you come along and give them a ticket for it. No wonder Buffalo sucks!!!!

  25. Chelsea Police Chief Jeremy Murrell Arrested On Drug Complaints

    Chelsea Police Chief Jeremy Murrell was arrested Friday morning.

    Murrell is alleged to have been involved in prescription fraud while police chief at Buffalo, Oklahoma, before he was hired by the City of Chelsea.
    A Green Country police chief was arrested Friday, August 13 for drug shopping. Chief Jeremiah Murrell was sitting at his desk at the Chelsea, Oklahoma police station when he was handcuffed by Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

    Chief Murrell has become part of an ever growing number of people accused of breaking the law to get his hands on prescription pain killers. What's worse is this is his second-go-round.

    When he was the police chief in Buffalo, Oklahoma, investigators caught him but told him if he resigned as chief - got out of law enforcement and got help for his habit - they wouldn't prosecute.

    When they found out he was police chief again, a new investigation began and this time, he wasn't given a pass.

    News On 6 was there when Jeremy Murrell left the Chelsea police station in handcuffs and was put into a squad car to be taken to jail. It has to be a low for any police officer, let alone the department's chief.

    Lori Fullbright: "Chief, I know it's hard, but do you have anything to say?"
    Chief Jeremy Murrell: "Nope."

    Chief Murrell is accused of doctor shopping, or getting painkillers from several different doctors - sometimes at the same time - which is a felony.

    "We have an arrest warrant for 12 counts of obtaining controlled, dangerous substances by fraud," said Sheriff Scott Walton of Rogers County.

    The Rogers County Drug Task Force, which includes the Claremore Police Department, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and the Sheriff's Department, has been conducting this investigation for the past year.

    An affidavit says Murrell received Lortab prescriptions from seven different doctors and filled those scripts at nine different pharmacies for a total of 3,000 pills since last fall.

    We found video from a few years ago on Myspace that shows Chief Murrell training for a strongman championship. That's when he was police chief in Buffalo and had a previous run-in with prescription fraud accusations.

    "A black eye for law enforcement, but proves nobody is above the law and the Rogers County drug task force; nobody's exempt from these infractions of the law," Walton said.

    Jeremy Murrell's bond was set at $12,000. He bonded out shortly after his arrest.

  26. Wow....as id we didn't already know he had a problem...the whole thing is sad.....sad fo rhis family....sad for his wife....sad for his children....

    There appears to be alot of back slapping and glee around the PD and a PA and several others.taking alot of extra credit when watching the imploding of someones life. there is nothing to be pround of when destroying someone.if it is your job - fine be satisfied that you did what was necessary.If it was your mission - well power to you. but in the end the destruction was caused by himself, it was discoverd, let it lie.

    Don't you have something constructive to work on like helping kids or the elderly or something positive rather than vindictive?

    Disgusted in us, sad for him, ashamed of our responses. Pray for him not crucify.

  27. Regarding disgusted in us. You must have read something I didn't see. The article above clearly comes from a news article and was written as such. I saw no reference to an attempt to destroy anyone. It was simply a reporter doing their job. Clearly you are either in love or infatuated with Mr. Murrell. Sgt Joe Friday had it right....just the facts maam.

    Fact 1. He was caught in Buffalo obtaining fraudulent prescriptions and was told to resign, get help, and stay out of law enforcement to avoid criminal charges.

    Fact 2. He opted to get right back into law enforcement and continue obtaining fraudulent prescriptions.

    Fact 3. He got busted and has no one to blame but himself.

    Fact 4. Had our town board bothered to obtain a background check, his previous drug abuse history at Tulsa Sheriff's Office would have been discovered and our community, and our police department wouldn't be sporting such a nasty black eye.

    And that maam...is the FACTS, no matter how you add it up. Now back to our regular programming.

    Stay tuned for our next catastrophic failure of our current town board.

    Fact 5.

  28. Anyone else caught on Fact#1 would have been arrested here. Again, a case of bullsh*t.

  29. You can "chalk" this one up on the "board" as a "class"ic.
    Couldn't help but comment on this Bad Cop article, since this seems to be the most appropriate one.
    The Town of Buffalo Chief of Police pulled a gun on another instructor at the high school in front of students during class.

  30. I wonder how long we will have to endure this moron. The complaints have flooded the town board and city hall, yet he and his sidekick are still here. Talk about a clueless and timid town board. Pfft!!!!

  31. Is the Police Chief still suspended without pay for dangerously branishing his firearm in front of students during class at the high school? I don't take the local papers so I am not able to read up on this serious issue.


    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE even you nay-sayers.

  34. Susan has a new job?? Let me guess, she will head up a task force that will travel statewide, and will demonstrate to other municipalities, how to hire the most worthless help available in our state.

  35. Double check the vote...she recused herself which is an automatic NO.... dont slam unless you have your facts straight

  36. Double checking.....double checking....
    Lets see.... Jeremy the clown... Susan voted yes.
    Randy the stiff every one in town... Susan voted Yes.
    Shawn the pawn... Susan recused but only after solidifying a yes vote from her two cohorts Mrs D and Mrs B. I rest my case your honor. Votes double checked and Susan has been found guilty as aforementioned. Now on danner and blitzen to more bigger fish to fry.

  37. Hey Rudolph, with your nose so bright, could it be that the generality is that you think that all cops are worthless.

    BTW when recusing from the agenda item there is actually not a vote recorded by that member. Don't confuse sitting in on and fully participating in all of the discussions followed by proudly abstaining to seperate yourself from the issue. Recusing means to get up at the beginning of the agenda item and remaining absent until that agenda item is concluded.

  38. Kinda cute how you redirected the issue away from her actual vote. Fact is she is yes on 2 out of 3 and before recusing, she solidified the vote for the 3rd. Once again, I rest my case.

  39. She wasn't the only that voted for the first two - are you slamming them??? Nope. She did not participate in the discussions on the third. Went into the room long enough to advise she wasn't going to participate.

    Facts facts facts - silly little things. Slam one - slam them all.

    Instead of trying to be crappy about thecurrent board members what about the ones who will be running this term?

    We have one that served previously that used to show up toasted and has actually fallen asleep during meetings.

    Careful what you wish for - you might just get it!

  40. Hey Rudolph with your nose so dim, the only one boasting of a new job was her. The others are equally dim witted. Don't know who is running next time, but it is a safe bet I will vote for someone, anyone, other than the morons currently seated. Personally I hope Dave and Alexis Thompson both run. I would gladly contribute to their campaign.

  41. My vote is for the Thompson's too. You always knew where they stood. Whether you liked it or not.

  42. Wow! Yet another brainless move by our local town board. They have sent the police chief Stoddard to a two week DARE school. This, despite the fact, that BHS school superintendent informed the town board that the Chief will not be allowed on school property in lieu of his reckless conduct with a firearm while teaching a class a few months ago. So the town board, in essence, has given our chief an all expense paid, two week vacation for training that he will not be able to use. With the fuel, eats, motel, and his salary, the town board has foolishly wasted several thousand dollars for training that can be flushed down the toilet. Not to mention, the sheriff's office got stuck covering Buffalo in our chief's absence. This has got to be the most stupid town board in our states 100 year existence. And further, Miss Harper, whom has landed a job in OKC, will be moving out of Buffalo to take on her new duties this coming week. How much do you wanna bet she is such a power monger that she wont resign her town board position. I am giving 10 to 1 odds she doesn't resign.

  43. If what you say is so true why was Chief Stoddard seen at the bb tournament in police uniform? Powermonger ha! You are a gossipmonger.

  44. Gossip you say? Which of the following are you saying isnt true?
    1. For the past two weeks he was at DARE school
    2. He recklessly pulled a firearm in a classroom
    3. He has been banned from teaching at BHS?

    Whats a matter? Questions too hard for you????

  45. You're the one who said " chief will not be allowed on school property ". Nope the question isn't hard to see the answer to
    at all. The answer is. .. your still an ANONYMOUS gossipmonger.

  46. Been out of town on a run to Oregon. You are really good at evading issues aren't you old chap? Please post an honest answer to question 1, 2, and 3. I double dare you!! Yea, Oregon. Hell of a long ways there and back.

  47. -Sitting anonymously behind a computer and finger pointing doesn't solve anything.
    -Gossiping in local "diner" isn't effective, it's destructive and shameful.
    -Griping about local officials, but never having the nerve to stand up in public or attend meetings to demand change, it's unconstitutional.
    I'm asking, "where do you stand or sit?"

  48. Once again, you sidestep the questions. Questions 1,2,and 3 are not that tough. Give an honest answer. You can't can you? You would rather post a bunch of rhetoric about coffee shop gossip, finger pointing, and going to meetings where one would have about as much success as howling at the moon. Okay, repeat after me.... OUR TOWN BOARD IS COMPRISED OF COMPLETE MORONS. Sorry, but the facts dont lie and not answering the questions cant undo the moronic decisions this board has made. Truth hurts don't it?