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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In this PAST DEQ TEST RESULT you can see that out of the 17 only three were less than the reportable level. Previous tests show similar results prior to this one that was sampled on 11-05-2007.

You want some GROSS ALPHA, EXCLUDING RADON & URANIUM in your water, got it.

You need a little GROSS ALPHA, INCLUDING RADON & URANIUM, check!

How about COMBINED URANIUM, you betcha.

Won't settle for swig without COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228), enjoy.

And for good measure there is some RADIUM-228 straight up on the rocks.

Just sayin


  1. Thanks again for being a concerned citizen and giving the average person opportunity to see it ourselves. I apologize, I have limited access to the computer, but at least now I can do some research based on fact.


  2. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the all to familiar smell of chlorine coming from their faucets?

  3. Taking a shower or bathing in Chlorine?
    It's so GOOD for you.
    Absorbing that wonderfully refreshing Chlorine into your skin has to be a welcome sight to all our vital organs.
    Research has shown that the amount of chlorine absorbed in a 10 min. shower in chlorinated water is equivalent to the amount of chlorine consumed in 8 glasses of water!!! Soaking up chlorine can dry your skin, hair and impair your lungs and general health.

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  5. Fire Roasted Pizzas anyone?

  6. I saw that this morning. Anyone have any idea what happened?

  7. nobody cares about cancer and our the water or sewer ponds or buying a house the town doen't need for a prking lot or anything else on this blog but boy oh boy do they care about who bought the old school!
    last i knew you can sell your property to whoever you wanted to. good 4 U

  8. so who did they sell the old school to?

  9. they sold it to a green energy company out of europe

  10. Oh its green alright. According to the company website, they are going to make it a gay and lesbian retreat. Complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, living quarters and all. Way to go Dave. That ought to raise some eyebrows here in the bible belt.

  11. You have no idea what you're talking about. The flyer someone showed me is of an American company not a UK company. And I didn't see anything about what you just wrote. Nowhere does it say anything about Buffalo.
    Someone who has it out for him did this and they are all wrong.
    I went straight to the horses mouth and got my information. Maybe that's what the rest of you should do?

  12. Okay, tell ya what, go to the courthouse and check the company name the deed was filed to this past week. Then look that company up on the internet. Then read it for yourself. They talk about the acreage, square footage, etc. Don't really matter to me because I aint prejudiced. I dont care if it is gay/lesbian, or johnny appleseed.

  13. and while you are there see what sold and where the company is located. I say we all should just believe everything we read on the Internet!
    I think Obamas love child is a rare parrot born in Oklahoma City to an alien abductee. It must be an accurate report because I read it on the Internet.

  14. Obamas Love Child!
    Read about it here:


  15. for all of us who believed the doctored up flyer going around town about the old grade school being sold I went to the web site this morning. it says they are building near loveland oklahoma NOT BUFFALO!

    here is what is written copied and pasted

    May 21, 2010 - Friday ~ The deal is done! With the assistance of one of our board members and a European benefactor the purchase has been made. 2G4E's Mid-America weekend getaway is now in the hands of planners, architects and contractors. A 3.5 acre tract was purchased to erect a proposed 30,000 sq. ft. living and entertaining complex. We're looking at beginning the project in early 2012 with completion the following year! See your newsletter for more details.

    September 3, 2009 ~ An offer is tendered to property owners near Loveland, Oklahoma for our planned retreat.