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Sunday, February 28, 2010


After many unsuccessful attempts to make changes to ordinance #329, perhaps, with the CPA’s recommendation, the Trustees will do what should have been done long ago. Attempts were made back in August 9,2007 to make the needed changes to the ordinance. That was also followed by efforts to change ordinance #329 occurring in two separate meetings that where held in January 7,2009 and January 21,2009 . After 3 failed attempts in the last two years, will the auditors advice garner the attention needed to get this done once and for all?

The following excerpt is from the latest CPA report

Based on the work performed to date with this engagement and the complexities involved in correctly calculating both statutory and extra duty pay consistent with the intent of the current Board of Trustees, we recommend considering a modification of the existing ordinance which would fix statutory pay and make future raises limited to additions to extra duty pay.

Enough Said!


  1. Even an outsider can see that the ordinance is bad. The auditor sees it. It appears that those who were to administer this ordinance had 10 years and never got it right once. Ti will continue to be misread and misinterpreted.

    Just make the changes needed to insure that the EMPLOYEE portion is all that is ever modified. Get them their raises as an employee, if they deserve it. Statutory pay should be left alone as the constitution states very clearly. Good grief, ask them in Laverne. Even they know that statutory pay is statutory pay.

    Is there anyone besides Mrs H who will bring this up in a board meeting? Is there anyone else on the board who can see that this is beyond ridiculous? Would anyone want this policy at their place of business? Wait a minute - PICK ME PICK ME, but I want to be the one who gets raises when YOU do! Talk about gravy!

  2. I'm from Woodward and have really enjoyed seeing the growing pains of this community. Granted some are pretty hilarious but some are actually items of concern,

    The big thing I see is that there are several in the community that want to "shoot the messenger". Having a communities problems brought out in public is sure to be painful, but it sounds as though alot of what is brought up is common knowledge that no one wants to admit out loud. What about just fixing the problems that are brought up and holding the one or ones who caused the problem accountable?

    Sacred Cows - - - - - that seems to be the whole crux of the problem. But then again you are a farming community!

  3. Hey Woodward.
    Great idea! Except that would take common sense, some action, and God forbid, work on the part of the leaders of Buffalo. You'd think that a farming community would understand that work is involved. J
    ust offer up the sacred cows, that is much easier and takes little work.

  4. THIS PREVIOUS ARTICLE ADDRESSES ORDINANCE 329 which the Town of Buffalo's very own auditor recommended be changed. The thought that the elected treasurer and clerk will be getting a raise every time they give a hired hand a monetary bump will never pass the smell test no matter how you spin it. It all ready cost the town thousands and thousands of back pay dollars because they themselves couldn't figure out how to implement it. Pretty much it is the only thing on this weeks agenda. Not sure why there wouldn't be at least five items each month to address. You know one for each board member. I guess not all of them can think of anything that needs to be brought to the table.

  5. Based on the recent vote, 3 board members continue to believe that the elected officials deserve to get raises based on the hard efforts of other workers. Carpenter,Daley and Buss vote to continue to give raises to the Clerk and Treasurer everytime any other individual gets a pay raise.

    Queen bees and their worker bees
    That's the way it's gonna be