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Monday, February 22, 2010

Power Line Meeting Held @ Buffalo High School

Area landowners congregated to listen to speakers present information concerning the impact of transmission line proposals. As mentioned in a previous article from Inside Buffalo there are plans for a large wind farm north of Buffalo. With the new industry naturally comes the need for transmission lines to carry that energy to large markets. The discussion revolved around issues of livelihood of the landowners. Also mentioned was the SPP proposals which impact a multi-state region that includes the Buffalo surrounding area. As during the meeting, there is sure to be lots of debate on both sides of these issues. That discussion is welcome here as well.


  1. The economic potential of these industries could have tremendous impact on several local entities. Landowners, schools, county and municipal government, to name a few.

  2. At what cost or benefit are you willing to lose the beauty of this area? The landscape / horizon is drastically changed with the placement of these "iron giants" (as my children call them.)

  3. Here is a Woodward News article about the meeting held in Buffalo regarding transmission lines.

  4. Beauty? How about foregoing such alleged beauty for economic impact and progress.
    I suppose it was your relatives 70 years ago decrying power poles, telephones and electricity because installation of these wooden crosses would hamper the beauty of each road the telephone poles were set up next to?
    No one even notices telephone poles and the same goes for transmission iron giants once they are in place, it'll appear awkward at first, just as the wind towers did at first, but we'll get used to them quite quickly and praise the economics of it as far greater an impact than some problem with the appearance.

  5. I appreciate your cynicism and allegations, however you are off the mark. As I am much younger than the 70 years you mention and I know those relatives which are over 70 have appreciated the impact of said advances - they do remember going without and felt directly the impact when all were brought online - would make me think that no, they were not ones to air concerns of this. I however see things differently. The economic impact of which you refer all goes back to greed. This is the same premise which took our production and moved it overseas and now we are impacted negatively. Seeing money first is understandable, however vetting fully the impact - environmentally, health related, aesthetically in addition is the prudent and responsible thing to do. See past the dollar signs to the horizon and then decide..... I'm not saying wanting more is bad -in fact, it's understandable, however nothing comes without a price and in this instance I think it is too high. My opinion.

  6. I failed to include the following on my post above. That of the potential health related issues surrounding the generation, storage and movement of such quantities of electricity. For those concerned with the water lines and their alleged part in the cancer rate within the county, I would encourage you to please do some reading on the impact of electricity and its alleged role in different diseases.

  7. You, however see things differently?
    You want cynical? or comic relief?
    The sky is falling? Yes, Henny Penny.
    We should forget the benefits that progress and technology can bring us?
    Status quo crowd at it again?
    Health related issues?
    Don't want the lines where you are? Move!
    Worried about some cows getting sick from the electrical energy? Move them too!
    The problem is change - you are against it so it must be bad.
    We can find negative in anything.
    Nobody is worried about cancer rates and water problems. Haven't you seen that already on this blog? I think the information is biased and a bunch of crap as are your worries.
    Shut off the electricity to your house and your computer if the "alleged" diseases are because of electricity!
    Care should be taken if you are reading this because the energy coming from your monitor/computer screen can cause facial blemishes and brain depletion. Oops, already has!
    eeek! run for the hills! cuz there's evidence of carcinogenocity in humans! but not to worry too much as there is less than sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in experimental animals. So just put your cat up there on the counter to read what is on your computer screen and have kitty relay it to you.
    Anyone can find a study here or there against or for virtually any topic in the world.
    Global warming is just as bad as high power transmission lines and that's a fact cuz I saw it on the Internet so it has to be true.
    This winter is evidence of global warming. It's been warm in Hawaii. See? evidence of global warming!
    I once saw a dead field mouse under a power line along Hoy Street. It had to die from the power line. There's no explanation otherwise!
    I once had a great dog. He was 28 human years old but died because he lay down next to a power outlet once too many times! His age and other problems had nothing to do with it. It HAD to be that power outlet next to the heat register.
    Wait a minute, now that I think about it, it might have been the microwave oven I used to heat up my burrito every day for lunch. Yup! That was it!
    Fido died from microwave energy and magnetic fields of around .4ut.
    Funeral for Fido will be held on Monday. You are all invited. It will be held at the NW Electric - electrical sub-station midway between here and Woodward. Fido would have wanted it that way.

  8. It seems to me to be so interested in economic development at this point in time, is fruitless. As long as we have morons and power mongers seated on our town board, economic development is just plain stupid. Why give a board like that, more money to waste or store in cd's. Getting rid of them would make it much easier to favor advancement of our community. For example, The completely controlled Harper Police Department. The completely controlled Harper EMS, The get even, Robin Vendetta, The Buss Hospital, The Do Nothing Carpendar Routine, The Do Nothing Orange Blossom, and The Buss Money Management and control. Power mongering, weakness, and vengefulness at its best. We need CHANGE folks.

  9. To the one whom responded so smartly to my posts above.... how long have you lived here? How much time is vested? How much appreciation do you have for your surroundings? Me get out? I want in! You seem to think things are so bad that be damned everything most sacred for the all mighty dollar. I am not one to worry about global warming. I am not one to worry about the water. I am not one to avoid change rather I weigh the impact on both sides and then decide for myself and express my opinion. I am not trying to sway you as you have been defined. Rather, I'm attempting to point out the other side of the coin - which is much more difficult to do when money is at the center of the discussion. Am I a NIMBY? Yep. Again, what's your price?


  10. I think the picture is pretty even with the giant present.

  11. Sadly, money is the commodity needed to help our ailing community move forward. With asbestos laden water pipes supplying our drinking water, old and failing sewer pond pumps and lagoons, and old and failing fire hydrants, large sums of money will be needed for replacement of those systems. I will also agree that we need a town board willing to set personal agendas aside, roll up their shirt sleeves, and tackle these problems head-on. The board has repeatedly pushed these issues onto the back burner. Much like they have done with the swimming pool. "Why fix it until we have to," is a poor attitude for the board to embrace. It appears to me we need to stop procrastinating and address these issues, and the sooner the better. Just my opinion.

    Buford Pusser

  12. FYI

    1. No asbestos has been recorded by the State in ANY of our dringking water. (Of course we don't actually TEST for it.) 2. The sewer pond pumps have been replaced and we are working on corrective action on the lagoons. Working on ways to use the current lagoon waters for ground distribution. (Of course we were under a direct order of the DEQ) 3. We have someone checking out the fire hyrants (course we haven't replaced any or repaired any) 4. Not all of the Board has pushed these items aside - but when they are addressed the community goes into a full-on kindergarten fit because of who addresses them rather than why they need to be addressed in the first place.

    Now back on topic - Change It Is A Coming - Get over it.

    I personally love to look at the sky line and see the wind turbines. I know I am almost home when they come into view. I have driven down the roads of Harper County (please don't blame Susan for the name of the County - she was brought here - not BOUGHT here) on auto-pilot and bypassed the views completely. However, these Gentle Giants pull my eyes to the horizon and I actually look at the rolling hills and old wind mills and smile about the old days. I actually SEE the colors and find fond memories lurking in the shadows. I can only see progress here. I see a way to help our community and county keep from wasting away.

    Not the time to look at economic development? Ha, look at our town now compared to 5 years ago. We are already doing it. If you aren't then you do not have the best interest of the town, county or even your own families. Step it up people - our future is now and it is what WE make it.

    I am for the wind generators, progress and our futures.

    * please note that I have not personally attacked anyone, been intentionally rude or obnoxious. posts are for your opinion, not for petty fights, IT CAN BE DONE

  13. Before moving here, yes I will admit it (I willingly moved here), I visited here and really loved to drive by the wind turbans by Fort Supply, I found them interesting to watch and 4 yrs later I'm still in aw of them. I was pleased to see them being built right down the road from Buffalo. Wish there were more.
    I recently went into Kansas and returning home after dark could see them, like beacons they helped me find my way home, as I had missed a turn and ended up in Ashland. There were no street lights and road signs. But as long as I could see the red lights blinking I knew I was getting closer. Yep home sweet. home!

  14. So Susan was brought here? Can we send her back?

  15. Nope. She plays an important role in this community. Between EMS (which requires a special license that you probably don't have), volunteering and working with our kids; she keeps going despite the negatives.

    Keep it up Girl!

  16. I agree with the last post.

    As for the post that stated "Don't want the lines where you are? Move."

    Perhaps you need to view the documentary aired recently on History Channel entitled "Black Blizzard." The parallels are striking to us locals. A Federal government program opened up the grass covered prairies to "Bust the Sod" to speed along the PROGRESS for the nation's swelling population. Food. A vital necessity. Sounded good on paper. All in the nation's best interest to promote Manifest Destiny. No one bothered to RESEARCH the scientific consequences of removing the natural safeguard of the "useless" grass's root system to stop the vital topsoil from shifting. We came so close to plague conditions in this area, it is frightening.

    Today, we have a Federal impetus to play catch up on the world stage combatting the oil rich nations by going with green energy. I applaud the effort by the local landowners to RESEARCH the effects of the wind energy.

    Move? No, we're going to dig in our heels and show good stewardship of the lands our forefathers carved out of NOTHING to provide for the needs of the nation in this time of crisis. We're used to the ridicule by outsiders. You have no concept of the sacrifices made by our ancestors. Move?

    I read a book about the wind farms in other areas back in the '70's and am pleased with this much progress. But to be ridiculed for being concerned about health effects is absurd.

    Check out the maps showing the concentration of viable windy areas. Ours has great potential for much development. But at what cost to the individuals who have roots here.


  17. Vi, again.

    In researching the power lines, found some interesting (to me) articles. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/257912.html is an article that describes what happened to a small municipality that became extremely rich, overnight almost. Another (with a web address to long to copy) calls this area the "Saudi Arabia of wind energy." I'm not opposed to this progress, but want to emphasize the importance of ALL in authority to "tighten up ship." We're in for some possibly serious changes around here.

    Now, my studies focus on evolving world situations. According to www.thetrumpet.com, a certain nationality known for warfare and attempts at world domination, is sponsoring a PRIVATIZATION of municipal funding in some European countries. We had better get it together, guys, cause we all see the situation here in our town!!!!

    To set the record straight: I'm not for or against anyone. I look at "principles, not personalities." My friends are all independent thinkers, as I am. Just because I agree or disagree with people on issues, doesn't mean we can't show RESPECT for their position of authority--and that includes the average citizen's right to exercise their CIVIC DUTY in keeping the government honest.