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Sunday, January 17, 2010

FAST MONEY AND FAST CARS....Special Spending Spree Spectacular

Since our cup runneth over, the Town of Buffalo is entertaining a special meeting to spend more money. Special meetings have been used in the past to DODGE the repercussions of questionable actions. Instead of waiting to see if they can successfully get a grant to purchase another cop car they will "CHARGEr 150 mph" ahead to get another one now. They feel they have more money than they can shake a stick at, so now they are having special meetings to come up with ways to spend it. The water and sewer rate increase has given our civic leaders experience and therefore confidence in spending money like it grows on trees. Well why not, if this money tree dies out they can just plant another one by raising our rates again!

They will be deciding to get another cop car before actually getting a grant for it. They are doing this instead of being fiscally responsible and realizing that, even though our local economy has held its own, the monetary climate will take a longer period of time to rebound. Just as the economic impact locally was slower to hit here, so too will be the recovery. Meanwhile, the “I want it now” mentality continues to prevail.


  1. Do we really want to put overzealous municipal police officers behind the wheel of a car that has these capabilities? Do we really need a city police car that is designed for high speed pursuit? Will the streets of Buffalo and the children playing in them really be any safer when the Town of Buffalo has a car that can turn numbers similar to these?
    Top speed (governor limited): 148 mph
    Zero to 60 mph: 6.0 sec
    Zero to 100 mph: 15.4 sec
    Zero to 130 mph: 32.4 sec
    Street start, 5-60 mph: 6.4 sec
    Standing ¼-mile: 14.6 sec @ 97 mph
    Braking, 70-0 mph: 179 ft

    I'm thinking an enclosed electric golf cart top speed 5 mph downhill?

  2. All the town of Buffalo is doing is getting back to where they were before when they had all the problems with their local Police Department.

    Why can't our elected officials see that the infrastructure of Buffalo and the asbestos laden pipes that brings our cancer-ridden county residents their water is more important than an unnecessary cop car?

    Has everybody noticed the sudden downturn in crime since our new police chief and his assistant came on the job?

    Have you heard about the huge drug bust?
    Have you heard about the tiny drug bust?
    Have you heard about any of the fantastic things our local police have been doing to better the town or have you heard more about assistant Randy and his attitude and the way he treats and talks to people in this town?

    The town of buffalo needs a cop car that can do 0-60 from city hall to the buffalo diner so they can get their lunch or reach top speed of 148 if they're going to the pub for a pizza.

    A town not even a mile long or a mile wide needs a high performance cop car to catch all the criminals!
    I wonder if the town board knows that a new car is the worst investment one can make. Probly not.

  3. Silly man....

    Even if you used a golf cart you have things REQUIRED for a police vehicle. Heat and Air, radio and antenna, radar, light bars, sirens, control console, connection to power up the computer system...just to name a few....This is in the 5-7 K range alone....

    Now about that speed you were griping about... A charger would require (as would almost any vehicle) a longer running start than our one mile to reach your outrageous numbers.... You my friend should be given the "Golden Paddle" for your amusing attempts to Stir Things Up.

    One should look at all of the facts before jumping into the deep end (where the drains might get you!)

    The current vehicle is a wreck. Do you know that they installed a door pull, like on a screen door, to close the door? The electrical works great...when it feels like working.... there are days that you must pray over the car hoping that it will even start. Would you allow your child in a car like that?

    Just remember...you have put out a lot of mumbo-gumbo.....the bottom line is NOT who drives the vehicle....but is it safe for anyone? Is it reliable? Does it protect the officer, whomever they are, by its condition? Does it have a life expectancy that is acceptable?

    Sure the charger is a slick car...sure it has some muscle... but not only is it a good financial deal...it comes fully loaded with all required equipment (saving us a large expense)

    Facts....get them first...

  4. There are many places where a good unit can be purchased, fully loaded, and at a much reduced rate compared to a new unit. Most have 40-60k miles and are in good condition. They can be purchased in the price range of 6k to 8k. No larger than Buffalo is, a 40 to 60k mile unit would last a very long time. However, I guess the appearance of a NEW unit sitting in front of the ambulance base, Buffalo Diner, or Pizza Pub would LOOK nicer. Thats about the only place I ever see either of them at. You cant make dope busts or anything else when you spend all your time at the ambulance base, diner, pub, or posing for nasty pictures in front of your patrol car with scantily clad women. In my opinion, the cars, equipment, and both officers are a waste of taxpayer dollars. And that is a FACT for your consideration.

  5. Just to re-state my opinion- I think the new Cheif and his assistant are doing a great job! I do agree they need a new car but the Town should buy one they can afford and is in a budget they can live with.
    I also think the local newpaper needs to report on local calls the Police, Ems and Sheriff respond to so we as the residents know where some of our tax payer $$ are being spent. Other TOWNS/CITIES have a section in the Paper for respons calls...

  6. Let us not forget the $2.00 we voted for the line for hoy street some years ago. We never got that back. You can't keep something that GOOD people of Buffalo voted in ,it is not the way it goes when it is voted in for the pipe project. How many years have they gotten away with this

  7. You really think the chief and his sidekick are doing a great job???? Have you seen the pic of the chief arm around and posing in front of his patrol car with the scantily clad little floozie????? Great job my foot! Any other police department in the United States would have fired him on the spot. But not Buffalo. Noooooo! We have a town board that apparently endorses such unprofessional behavior. Pfft!!!!

  8. oh criminy
    I'm told by our ada that the picture was taken on Halloween night during a costume contest!
    Who gives one teeny tiny crap about that picture? Nobody but you. Big fat deal!
    The chief and his guys are doing a fine job and they will do even better when they're finished with training to allow them to enforce ordinances.
    If his wife doesn't have any problems with that picture then why should you?
    Fire him over a picture? When your mind grows and its no longer feeble, we'll consider listening to your rants.

  9. Feeble eh? I would think anyone with slightly more intelligence than a common moron, would have better sense than to pose for such a picture while wearing his uniform and standing in front of his police car. Like it or not, as chief, he is representative of the Buffalo Police Department. A pic like that not only demonstrates a lack of common sense, but also demonstrates a total lack of concern or pride for the image of his department, the Town of Buffalo, and the town board members that placed him in the position of Chief of Police. Apparently you too feel the department's image and lack of professionalism are just fine eh matee? Are you saying the A.D.A. endorses such unethical behavior as well?

  10. To:Feeble eh?

    Based on all of your references I think it is all relative in the sense of what and who he represents. Is it not? Really? Come on now!

  11. So, let me guess... you were for the "other guy". hehehe

  12. When is every one going to grow up and get too the real prombles of Buffalo. The sewer pons,the pumps for the sewer ponds and the towns water problems. This use to be a busy little town. Then our leaders just stopped carring about it. No wonder people don't want to live here any more,or even open new shop ect. I still love this little town. So just get the job done. If the town board can't get it done then get someone who can.

  13. You are so right. The current town board is comprised of one leader and 4 followers. The leader is running this town in the ground. And the sad part is that she thinks she is so smart. Yes she gets her way, and the town suffers for it. People need to wake up and get this idiotic town board replaced. Enough being led by common thieves and shamefull old hussies!

  14. You are so very right - Robin has to go!

  15. Holy cow. I haven't been following the posts on this board for the past several months. I have been way too busy with other stuff. I will agree the picture, though taken in fun, was probably a poor choice on the Chief's part. I agree with the person above regarding the Chief being representative and responsible for the the overall image of the police department. Since I know the situation regarding the picture being taken at Halloween, it is really not that big of a deal to me. That said, those that are not privy to the circumstance regarding the picture, were probably a little shell shocked. I would hope in the future, our chief would exercise a little better judgement. I would also agree that a brand new unit may not be the best choice. Though I do not know how much refurbished units cost, I am sure they are cheaper than a new one. Faced with sewer pond, drinking water, asbestos laden pipes and a huge expense to repair them, we need to save every dollar we can. I would also agree that changes need to be made in the town board. We need town board members whom have Buffalo's best interest at heart. There are many issues facing our town and we need people that will tackle these issues head-on and get them resolved. Just my opinion.

  16. When I drive into Buffalo, the sign says CITY of BUFFALO not town of. Don't the people of a city vote for their Mayor? After all we do vote for the tonw board, Oh I mean the City Board. It would be nice to vote for who we want for Mayor.