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Friday, April 17, 2009


Apparently Joe has misunderstood The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. Because of the title of the act, he must think that it is only applicable for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Because of this error, it is yet to be determined if the municipal swimming pool will get the required drain modification to be properly permitted for this summer's swimming season.

This act is actually a federal requirement. Oklahoma is the 46th state of the union. This union, which is commonly referred to as The United States of America, has its own form of government. This regime is known to most as the Federal Government. It trumps state governments. Since Oklahoma is a part of that union, it has to participate and follow the rules that are set out by the federal government. What they say goes.

So instead of opening the pool before Memorial Weekend, last year the lower the bar standard of Fourth of July opening was met. With this trend the Labor Day Weekend opening must be the new bench mark Joe has his sights on.

Those are the big three Holidays of the summer so plan your vacation package accordingly. Virginia is for Lovers is a popular tourism and travel slogan. If you do go to Virginia you will be right next door to the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. Check it out while you’re out there. That’s where the Federal Government is located that actually enacted The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.



  1. Word on the street is, that it is hopeful not enough applicants will put in for the swimming pool positions so they won't have to open this summer.

  2. The opening date for the pool is still up in the air. The city administrator is pulling the usual to busy to fill it with water routine. The board made the motion to hire the lifeguards for this season. However, they will have to have a special meeting to decide upon the pool manager since this meeting's agenda did not provide for the opportunity to conduct interviews. By the way all of the applicants for the pool manager's position were present and accounted for at this meeting.

  3. Hmmmm, let me see....sewer lagoon repairs, water department repairs, streets to be patched back up after all the snow and rain, not to mention 2 parks to be mowed, city property to be mowed AND a cemetery that has to be mowed prior to Memorial Day. I can definately see where the city administrator and his work crew will be very busy, especially the week of May 18th thru 22nd. If ANY problems are encountered when filling the pool, the work crew has to immediately stop and take care of the problem encountered. I can only imagine how much holy heck would be raised if the cemetery isn't tended to in the week prior to Memorial Day. I'm sure that all kinds of heck would be raised also if the parks are allowed to become overgrown with grass also.

    I'm sure that insidebuffalo and onsidebuffalo would both start the public flogging of City Hall if this would occur.

    I have 2 grand-daughters living at home that will be out of school also on the 21st. I'm sure that they will survive a few days without the pool being open.

    Common sense can go a long way!

  4. The Town should get a few more inmates to help out. I think there will be a couple in our jail on the 21st....If the DA sentences them for their crimes...But they should clean the crap they have stored in their home out before the weather gets to hot....I don't want to have to flood the town clerks with calls of the horrid odor coming from there...M.S

  5. The town did renew the contract to utilize inmate labor for another year. So now maybe the town can advertise for more glorified babysitter positions so we can have more city employees standing around while imates do the work the municipal employees were hired to do.

  6. I hope that when the city does mow the cemetary they take extra care as to NOT mow the little white flag holders that the BOY SCOUTS worked very hard to place at every Veterans grave. Every year they have to scramble to replace holders that the mower crew run over. These flag holders are placed as close to the headstone as they can possibly be, it's not like they are in the middle of the grave. Just pay attention, this is a great service and tribute the BOY SCOUTS do for our Veterans.

  7. The Town hall is almost done and ready for the Hospital to come in and take control, wait I mean rent the clinic portion.