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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Upbeat Progress Before and After


  1. Nice to see that some people actually do care about how Buffalo appears.
    There's still along way to go but this is very nice and upbeat.
    Great slideshow too!

  2. Hey Despondent Dave some of your pictures in your article are out of date.

    It is not all desolation, Dave.

    It's not complete despair, Dave.

    You write "A NEW HORIZON Beckons".

    These pictures “beckon” a little extra acknowledgment of our progress than that, Dave.

  3. Is this "Positive Saturday?"

    Yahoo.... some of these things should make others want to jump on the renovation wagon!!

    All it takes to clean up our community is each person doing ONE thing..... As Hilary would say... "It takes a Village....!"

    Kudos on the slide show thingy... whomever had this great idea should be hugged!!

    At least HERE you can COMMENT!!

  5. Fully agree with Onsidebuffalo regarding this latest article, as well as many others, on insidebuffalo. I also appreciate the opportunity to comment on this blog, however feel I should not comment about the obvious bias insidebuffalo publishes within their articles while I'm responding on this blog. I believe those reading this blog do have a place in their hearts for our community - I however, do not believe this to be the case of insidebuffalo. What does make me quake to my core is the fact that this venom on insidebuffalo will forever be linked to our community thru the power of the internet. For those professing the desire to have new business and industry move here, well, best of luck on that given the biased words written on that site.

  6. Bias or truth?
    Should insidebuffalo stop publishing biased articles because they are truthful? I hope they don't stop because someone has to let us know what our town is doing.

    You said you "fully agree" with many articles on insidebuffalo then you turn around and call them biased. That must mean you are biased too if you agree with many of their articles. Generalizations like that are more dangerous than the articles I've read.

    Here's my take on this. I agree with you that insidebuffalo is biased and I too agree with many of their articles and disagree with others but I wouldn't call the articles venomous or the content 'venom'.
    Maybe we should all ask ourselves if inside didn't have a "place in their heart", as you said, for Buffalo, then why would they give a crap about Buffalo? I know I wouldn't go out on a limb and take the heat and bull the community has been giving them if I didn't have a place in my heart for Buffalo. I love Buffalo but I won't even use my name on here for fear of reprisal.
    The owners of insidebuffalo moved their business here and opened up another one. I wouldn't do that if I didn't like the place I was living.
    As far as your "quake to the core" comment. Wake up! The only new business coming to Buffalo that have a place in their heart for Buffalo has already come here and it's the insidebuffalo people who brought it here. Large corporations only care about their bottom line and don't give a hoot about their communities. Dollar General is not going to speak up and talk about fraudulent activities going on at city hall because they don't care! They only care about profits.
    You think anyone from Dollar General corporate has ever visited Doby? You think they care about garbage at Doby? Heck no! They care about $$ and that's it. It's in their name! Dollar!
    Support Duckwalls! At least their profits stay in the mid-america rural regions.

  7. I think some of you are giving InsideBuffalo more credit that is due. If someone wanted to move here and start a business, and had never read anything about Buffalo on the web, all they would have to do is go to the local diner and listen to all the 'latest' being discussed around the 'coffee table' true or not!! I know people are blaming all of the 'negativity' on InsideBuffalo, but in your hearts, you know that is just not true. Sure, it is more in-your-face than just coffee talk, but I tell you it's not really all that different!! No, it's not on the internet, but is being 'publicized' just the same. What about all the negativity spewed forth in some of these blog comments? Harsh words said about these business owners and even one of our town trustees. Aren't you doing the same thing? Come on folks!!! They don't go and pile junk up somewhere and then take pictures and put them on the net to give a false view of things. These are REAL and it doesn't matter who is doing it. Maybe ignorance really is bliss!!! I guess, by what some of you are saying, you'd rather not know!? If all of this is as least producing positive results, then it's worth has been proven. What would new prospective business persons think if we said all is well with our little piece of heaven and they move here only to find out we lied, or just not told them, about very important issues concerning the quality of life here? Should all of us who would like to hold responsible persons accountable, just move away? You might want to carefully consider all the ramifications should that happen. As the old adage says "Be careful what you wish for".

  8. The last two blogs literally missed the point of the one I posted earlier. When quoted that I fully agreed with insidebuffalo and then turned around and called them biased.... you should re-read my blog and see that I had agreed with onsidebuffalo regarding the article in insidebuffalo, not that I had agreed with insidebuffalo. The misquoting or editorializing what others say is far more dangerous than the generalizations you mention and quite truthfully makes my point for me! Regarding your opinion that insidebuffalo had a place in their heart when they moved their business here, well, you are most certainly allowed your opinion and to shout it from the rooftops. I think it somewhat naive. I'm sure there may have been many motives, however the love of our community, REALLY? Regarding holding those responsible persons accountable, my point is everyone, all of us are responsible and should be held accountable. I am also saying that if this has been happening for the past 30 years, then shame on everyone who has turned their head, not gone to the town board meetings, not run for public office, not taken it upon themselves to take a trash bag and walk along the streets to clean up the litter, not keep their pets on a leash or within their yard, on and on and on and on. I am thinking that if it isn't worth it enough to be held personally accountable, then yeah... move away! For those of us who have had families employ far more individuals then the insidebuffalo group has as well as represented this community in many different venues over the years would truly appreciate you that have chosen just to jump on the bitch bandwagon put up or shut up because you probably won't know what you've got or lost until it is gone. Let the bullies leave, let's take care of our own business. However, an appreciation of what this town is and has been needs to be celebrated and out of that celebration improvements could happen. Rally around one another instead of breaking eachother down.... really, I am so disappointed that those strong people that nurtured me have turned to this. Grow up, we all have a part to do and bitching, moaning, blaming has no place here. Now, that's my bitch fit. You are welcome to interpret that as looking at the world thru rose colored glasses, however I am thinking that in the times of which we live, the energy of beating eachother up is a waste. I also think that people are fundamentally good and don't set out to do bad, however there are those individuals that are vengeful for whatever reason and will use any platform they can to make an impact. When a good impact is not praised, or maybe not enough praise lavished on them, then they seek to make another impact. Maybe this time it is a negative impact, however it serves the purpose of maintaining the spotlight on them.

  9. Thank you for you comments.

    But,is it really beating each other up? Or, is it bringing out things that should-coulda but weren't for no particular reason?

    Alot of people call others rather than call Town Hall as the track record is pretty poor from that business.

    Wait, did I say business? Surely I am not the only one who has failed to remember that the Town of Buffalo is a business, not a feel-good organization.

    If you called ODOT because a road has holes in it, would they put up orange cones in the highway so we would miss them or would they fix them?

    Would they string an extension cord across the highway for everyone to drive on to get a source of electricity to the other side?

    FYI..... the cleanup at Doby consists of removal of the batteries only. Nothing else has been moved out nor even piled together for easy pickup. The nature trail goes back on the north side of the Cheap tank and the pile of junk is easily seen from there. That is as of last night, maybe they plan on doing something today... I am willing to wait and see on that.

    It is about acountability and trust, both of which are sorely missing. Not a personal thing, this is not about Joe alone, which everyone seems to want to point at, but the Town as a whole, that does include Joe, the office help, the Trustees, all of them.

  10. Ok. As I mentioned earlier, the entire country's infrastructure is in disrepair and now we need to fix everything all at once? Well, on the federal level you get the bailouts and stimulus package with the Fed just printing money. Obviously the town of Buffalo doesn't have the same level of monetary resources or personnel at its disposal - everything can't be done all at once! Come on, be realistic. Work off of a list of priorities while keeping the numbers in mind (money and people), that's what any business would do. I am wondering how it serves anyones cause to have the DEQ tipped off so that more fines can be handed to the town. This is taking away money that could have been earmarked for other priorities. The Doby site was in the process of being cleaned up.... so what purpose did it serve? To whomever: BRILLIANT! (Or perhaps the DEQ now checks this site or the other one). Now ask yourself what should not get done because the numbers don't support it anymore. One, people are blaming those in office now or holding the position now, without acknowledging the acccumulaton of junk or deterioration over decades. Those in office during that time or holding the positions during that time would be responsible too, no? What about those individuals whom actually took part in the accumulation or deterioration during that time (ie everyone), responsible? How can one be blamed while the other is not? Hypocrisy. Two, individuals want their priority handled first, thus creating numerous priorities to be handled first with only a handful of people expected to do the jobs and a limited amount of money available to do the jobs. Three, it's easier to just point out the problems instead of being a part of the solution, isn't it? Have you taken it upon yourself to do anything to help? I mean instead of just picking up the phone and calling City Hall or writing on this blog ~ generally speaking more than just talk. Have you done more than just talk? I believe many have, however many more have not. The thought is that it is their right to live in this town, state, country and others will take care of everything... that's what our tax dollars pay for isn't it? Well, that's partially right, however the more you want government to do, the more taxes you will pay. There is a renewed call for volunteerism in this country, one needs to first look in the mirror to see where opportunity for improvements lie.


  11. HI m.e.,

    I actually agree with quite alot of what you said, not all, but alot.

    The bottom line is this, you alluded to it in your post. A list of everything that needs to be done, and a deadline for completion. Prioritize it and get it done.

    The CIP project for the Town was put together several years ago. It actually had a list of things with priorities attached. It had the potential to solve a lot of the current problems. ex: lagoon and pump problems. For some reason, no blame being tossed out, it was tossed on a back burner and never addressed again. That is everyone's fault.

    This Wednesday at the Town meeting a new and hopefully active CIP committee is to be put into place. This will consist of a couple of Town Board members and some forward thinking towns people.

    For those who have issues with how we are currently addressing problems, step up and volunteer for that committee. It will probably be the single most important committee for our Town for quite a while. It needs business-minded people who understand budgets, equipment maintenance, engineering and time-lines. This committee is not for the faint of heart or who cannot stand the heat. This is improtant work that can decide the future of our infrastructure and our future.

    Those who are the most vocal should be the first to step up.This would give them the opportunity to investigate for the GOOD of our community and focus them in a constructive direction. I have no problem with Mr T or Mr H if it will help to rein them in to work for the community as a whole.

    Some would not agree with me on that last comment, however with the amount of research they are doing to get things out there, let them put it to work to correct the things they helped to put in the spotlight. Basically put your time (money) where your mouth is.

    Focus people! We are talking of our community, our homes, our families. To paraphrase the Laverne basketball saying: PHOGH Play hard (for us) or go home.


  12. This is OSTRICH

    To make sure you are clear, I am not asking ANYONE to leave town with that last comment. The way things are misunderstood on the blogs I wanted to clarify that. Please take the comment in the v ein of concern in which it was intended.

  13. M.E.
    Have you been to inside buffalo and read any of the articles? mr. t has been doing for this town for years - working for the community. dont see Mr. H much but i would say hes been putting his money where his mouth is with this blog and all the board meets.
    rein them in? How about letting them go and telling them to keep up the good work?
    you have no idea what mr. t has done for buffalo - go ask mr leonnard about the $ for the theater or the poker run or the pool. what do you want him to give? his blood?
    thats what you might get with a drive by shooting that some think he should get

  14. The last comment you made was ridiculous. I'm not asking what Mr. T, Mr. H, Mr. L, Mr. Mc, ...... has done for this community. I'm asking what the collective YOU have done. (Other than pay fees and taxes of course).


  15. Ostrich, thank you for your comments and I appreciate the fact you don't agree with everything I said. I think it's very valuable when individuals disagree because it often times leads to discussion and those involved become the wiser for it. (When the discussion is respectful of course). Looking at a situation from all sides, playing devils advocate, etc... is not bad, it's good. I do have to say I'm with Ostrich fully about those yelling the loudest should be the first to stand up.


  16. Ok, which category, or categories, do all of you bloggers fall under? The answers may be of the utmost importance as we try to move forward with positive progress!

    Definition: opposed, hostile.

    sympathetic [sim-puh-thet-ik]
    Definition: concerned, feeling

    apathetic [a-puh-thet-ik]
    Definition: uncaring, disinterested

    and of course there is always....

    pa⋅thet⋅ic [puh-thet-ik]
    1. causing or evoking pity, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable: a pathetic letter; a pathetic sight.
    2. miserably or contemptibly inadequate.

    Perhaps progress and wisdom lies in the knowing of where we truthfully stand as individuals.