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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gus Blackwell rips Treasurer in Harper County Journal article

Look at the following verbage that was used in a recent article that was published in the Harper County Journal.

Treasurer believes that the law is unconstitutional
Treasurer simply chose to disobey the state law
doesn't have to follow the law
Treasurer again chose to ignore this law
blatant violation of law
Treasurer would still be in violation of state law

They seem to have a negative tone as they stand alone. No one noticed the tone of these words. No feathers even became ruffled.
Yet when similar things have been written regarding Buffalo’s elected officials there is a perceived outrage. What gives?

These selected words came from his Capitol Corner article that is publish by numerous area papers. Gus, who also is an elected State Representative, can rip one of our elected officials and probably didn’t get one email from anyone from Buffalo. When you read the full article it is obvious that he is upset with the State Treasurer. Nonetheless, he is showing zeal about something he believes in. I am “okay” with this. I like his passion and I appreciate him for having it. If only we could be just as “okay” with people that have the same passion about our very own city government.

Note: The selected verbage that was used for this post is specifically selected parts of sentences that appeared in the article and its context shall not be construed in any way to be applicable to our city officials. This was done for illustrational purposes only.


  1. Nice pic of the wind tower

  2. Actually I email him and all State reps, Congressman F.Lucas and others on a regular basis with all the lawlessness this town and its head-honchos do wrong so thanks for just another thing to include in my next email, that one slipped right by me......