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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Would Sheriff Taylor Have Done?

The existence of Mayberry in our hearts and minds has been brought to light with the recent passing of Andy Griffith. The world’s favorite sheriff was always Sheriff Taylor. Everyone that grew up in a small town had a special kinship and imagination with all of the characters of Mayberry RFD. We often thought about people that we new in our community and placed them as being the various characters from the sitcom we grew up watching. We all felt like we were from Mayberry or that they could have done a show like that in our hometown and it would have turned out the same. Learning of Andy Griffith’s death almost brings out a sense of hopelessness and fear that small town America has passed away.

The recent trends of the criminal activity in and around Buffalo is rudely awakening us that part of this may be true. So has Mayberry died in our hearts? I don’t think so. I see a concern by the similar characters of our town. Heck even the folks over at Mount Pilot are chiming in to help. Various characters are becoming involved and issues are being addressed.

Often you might see an episode on the show when the obvious villains were in town. One common plot was somehow all of the characters became involved in making Mayberry safe again. Everyone worked together to figure out a way that they could get back to their normal everyday lives.

In our Mayberry episode, one of the issues is that Sheriff Taylor does not have the ability to enforce all of the laws on the books.Depending on where he is at, some laws are unavailable for him to use. The Harper County Sheriffs Office (HCSO) cannot catch those obvious villains in town without some changes being made.

For the HCSO to do its job in the most effect manner, it at times, may be necessary for the sheriff and deputies to have the ability to enforce a city ordinance. It is being presented, that an agreement must be in place that allows the HCSO to act on city ordinance. This is critical to be able to be most effective when certain occasions arise, such as a curfew violation.

This need is a county wide need and is independent of whether or not the HCSO is providing further police protection through an additional arrangement of police patrol. An agreement should be in existence with all municipal governments in the county that have ordinances. The “ability to enforce ordinances” issue is completely independent of the amount of manpower the HCSO possesses. The ordinance issue is not unique to any one specific municipal government. If the HCSO desires to be as effective that it can possibly be, in all parts of the county, it is advantageous to establish such an agreement with all the towns in the county that have ordinances.

The ability to enforce city ordinances throughout the county is independent of the towns, it is independent of whether police patrol is provided, and it is independent of the current state of manpower the department has.

What will the characters of Mayberry do?

I wonder what Sheriff Taylor would have done.


  1. Probably quit because he didn't have child molesters and drugs running rampid not to mention a city trying to tell his office how to do their jobs especiallyu when they have never had police training//

  2. "This need is a county wide need and is independent of whether or not the HCSO is providing further police protection through an additional arrangement of police patrol..." Well said.

    Ordinances should be enforced by any entity who is in charge of governing and protecting our community.
    Why would you tie their hands and limit their ability to do their jobs? The need for action is at an all time high, lets do something now and not after we're overrun with criminal activity.

    Anyone who opposes officers doing their jobs and handing out tickets, has probably been on the wrong side of the law at some point.


    Candee Brossman

  3. Well said Candee. Has anyone gotten on the agenda to discuss these issues? If not its just gonna be nothing but talk around town and over the internet. I hope to see numerous people get on the agenda and show up at the meeting to voice their opinion..

  4. Well, Opey, I'll tell ya what went wrong. This here moderator's wife along with other esteemed town board members, made their first hire for Chief of Police, a moron who showed up for the official interview, wearing a hot pink satin shirt, 8 gold necklaces hanging around his neck, gold jewelry on every finger, wearing at least 3 full bottles of cologne that reeked so bad you could hardly stay in the room, and so strung out on dope that he literally looked liked he had ants in his pants. And furthermore, he couldn't read, could barely write, and boasted of being a Federal Agent working as a terrorism expert on the side. Even worse, when his walls quickly caved in around him, the moderators wife defended him to the bitter end. And Opey, the second hire for Chief of Police, well, the moderator's wife just loved him too. He didn't wear jewelry, nor reek of cologne, nor was he jacked up on dope so bad he couldn't sit still. Er, Uh, in fact, thats all he ever did was sit still. No code enforcement, no tickets, no make waves. Perhaps the moderator would be wise to include in his post here, just why we are in the situation we are in. Thats what I think Opey, how bout you???

    1. I think you just proved how difficult it is to ascertain just how much gold jewelry and cologne a good cop wears.

  5. yes, mistakes were made. the first hire had the credentials, interviewed well and was hired. Majority vote. Things went down hill, lots of dirty laundry was aired and he was summarily let go. innocent until proven guilty- that is the law. proof came quickly.

    The second hire... The moderators wife recused herself from the vote. She even stepped outside during the interview. But... if you want to blame her, go ahead. It is a great attempt to divert from the issues.