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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Will the political posturing lead to the taxpayers of Buffalo watching their dollars get handed off, by the fistfuls, to the Harper County Sheriff’s Department again? Will the Buffalo Police Department creation prove to have been another hoax pulled off by a selection of Trustees? Will the Town have a fire sale for the entire array of modern, top of the line, equipment that they have purchased in the last several months for the police department? Will the taxpaying citizens of Buffalo ever get tired of seeing their tax dollars handed over to Harper County entities? Hang on tight, this roller coaster ride you’re on is about to get exciting.


  1. Very sad to see the Police Chief go! Our fill in for him is Tommy Painter and I believe he will do a great job as well.
    I just hope that all the work Jeremy did will not be in vane. There are still several cases pending in the court system that need to be handeled with the full extent of the law being up-held.
    I also hope that the continued clean up of the town be persued. I took a ride around the "AREA 1" and things are looking good, lets keep it going!

  2. How is the Sheriff's office going to handle Buffalo when they keep losing deputies to Woodward? What's up with that? And the last time we went through this did anyone ever see a Sheriff vehicle actually patrol Buffalo?

  3. Not me, I think we better advertise for a new Police Chief and get it done soon.

    No time to be lolly-gagging around

  4. funny, this is funny... A emp. for the Sheriff told me this...."Well it wasn't so-en-so you saw out patroling past city limits, he don't like to leave town and it surly wasn't after 8 pm, he don't like to be out late"
    So as I have said in the past if the Sheriffs Dept is in charge we will return to crime running rampet!
    Marty Drew said "I'm not running an adult daycare" and another time "I know what they are doing ...Its just Maijuana"
    And thats a quote!!
    But as Joe said to me "you should have brought that up sooner" as the town had just re-voted him for Sheriff.....Just because you have enough family and friends to keep you elected does not always mean it is in the best intrest of the community!!!!!!!

  5. Just left the City Office...was told by clerk that T.Painter can not serve as an officer without a current Police chief. He is only commisioned id there is a active Police Chief....so who will patrol, write code vilolations, keep our town safe????? I guess we will have to use our right to make citisens arrests? How long before a special board meeting to decide how to handle this delima?

    And tommrow a special guest to meet with about concerns of Buffalo and Harper County, does not look to be very good for us.....

  6. Who is the special guest tomorrow, did I miss something?????

    If Tommy were hired as hte Police Cheif he would have one year to get his certification. 16 weeks of training. Without being CLEET certified as a full time officer he could not have any reserves worrking for him.

  7. No way, we wouldn't even consider him as Chief would we?

  8. I think they should hire him. He doesn't play politics and is the only one that has made any attempt at enforcing the animal leash laws. He gets my vote.

  9. He is not working for the county of harper or woodward for a reason....

    If we asked either of them, would they hire him?

  10. Doesn't play politics? You have got to be joshing. He tries to fly under the radar (not very well). Personally, only my opinion, I don't trust him, will always be cordial to him, but know his documentation and paperwork are dangerous in their ineptitude. Horror stories from the SO are outrageous and sad.

    Don't get me wrong, he can be very pleasant and is a charmer, but so is the maker of "Uncle Tom's Famous Elixir!"

    A good salesman does not a good officer make. Power is dangerous in the wrong hands. Point in fact - Town Board.

  11. I do agree in part with the previous blogger, but for him to fill in until a new Chief is found and hired is better than no law enforcment officer, Jeremy was hired in Oct 2008 that's only 4 months from now..to go without would be a crime in its self.
    And he is aware of the cases Jermey was working on and can continue with them...Who would you like to patrol our city Marty and his crew? He admmited he does not want to run an adult daycare and believes marijuana is OK.

  12. I'll give you that one. Better to have someone temporarily while they look for a permanent solution. Tommy cannot operate as anything right now, though. Legally he cannot patrol, write tickets or anything because a certified reserve must operate under a full time police officer.

    Now, he could be "hired" as a FT temporary chief and be able to work, however the town board must actually hire him which means a board meeting. Is there one scheduled yet? He cannont do any of that until action is taken by the board. Joe cannot hire him.

    If they wanted to keep him on he would eventually have to take a full 16 week CLEET course and pass all of it, including the physical and agility tests. I guess if he can pass everything he might be OK as a second.

    But Tommy is really mouthing off about having the car and all the stuff that goes with it returned back to Town Hall. It was Susan who pointed out that it would be a liability to the Town to have Town equipment housed out at any residence who was not a Town employee. So, Joe went and picked it up and made sure to let Tommy know it was by her request. Couldn't he just have said, until a final decision is made we need to have the town equipment housed at the town? Instead he had to twist it to make it appear that it was something ugly instead of just a sound business decision.

    Dang it. It was a BUSINESS decision and nothing personal, yet they have to try to twist it to try to make it look like she was doing something devious. Give us a break. It is just another way of trying to blacken peoples eyes to make themselves sound and/or look like the reasonable ones

    Hey, can we have the police car at our house the next couple of days to deter crime from our street? How about taking turns wearing a Town badge while wandering the streets, no harm there. See how silly that is? Don't make something out of nowhere.

    I spoke with Susan about this and she said that as long as they are talking about her they are leaving someone else alone. No big deal. business is business. People just need to learn to separate feelings from business. I guess that is MY point too.

  13. I do agree w/you too.
    Elected officials thats another topic...In my opinion Susan is good, she is like the one who speaks out the most a the boards, but Joe, Marty,DA, the Buss's and some others are only re-elected by friends and family they are all one the same votes, there are not enough #'s to out vote them....thats a shame!
    Buffalo could have its own reality TV show!
    just the other a minor was threatened by an adult, the adult texted the minor and told her she would slit her throat! A under sheriff took a statemnet from minor and told her thats all that could be done! What! again no help from our Sheriffs dept in a very serious offense!! just goes to show ya, WE REALLY NEED A POLICE WE CAN DEPEND ON!!!!

  14. I agree he does not play politics. I know for a fact that he recently arrested a sheriff's office dispatcher for assaulting his wife. He put him in jail too. Ironically, the dispatcher that Tommy arrested, has a mother that is a dispatcher also. Its about time we finally get a cop that isn't afraid to do his job. As a matter of fact, he has arrested me before. Yea, i needed to be arrested too. He was just doing his job. The cop that just left, can't remember his name, did a good job too. He arrested some real scum and he didn't play politics either. Then again, he only lasted a few months. I hope we can get a cop that can do the job and not fear being ran out of town because he does his job.

  15. Actually the man Officer Painter arrested was falsely accused, the wife needed to be arrested too! As for most domestic disturbances both were at fault. She is also the one texting a minor "she will silt her throat!" And yet the Sherrifs won't do anything, but take a statement! Ridiculous!
    Buffalo residents, all of them, need to elect people because of their merits and ability to do the best for the community. NOT because their friends or family of the ones running for office. That is why things do not change here!

  16. New article on "inside" is all truth! Except for the Chief didn't bring Nationwide notoriety it was the members of the Rice family who in their many efforts to get some satisfaction did that! Although without Jeremy the case would have never been re-opened! And the reward would be much less without him and his geneosity! We will miss him and his family! They will remain in our prayers!

  17. To the statement of "the sheriffs won't do anything but take a statement" all and I do mean all investigations (no matter what the subject is) that result in a good arrest and conviction take time to be done properly. The more proof of the facts the quicker the investigation is completed. If there is someone out there with proof bring it to them to help the investigation instead of putting someone down for trying to do a good job.

  18. Nothing I personally or my family have ever brought to the Sheriff Dept. ever got investigated or even taken seriously! Its the name you carry in this town that decides how you are treated....All we have ever been told is they can talk to the person or persons in question, because the city does not have a contract w/ them to up-hold the law in city limits....But is the city not located in the County? So should the Sheriffs for a county be able to do something in the city which is part of the County??????
    And the minor did have the saved text of said threat!!

  19. If it were say the Mayors daughter or grandaughter who was being threatened it would have been handeled differently!

    The minor said it was who her family is, that is why it went no further!

    I believe all small towns have the same kind of peoblems with in. Ours just cant seem to find a way out of the termoil....

  20. I was told last night the town board will vote next Wednesday night to shut the police department down and re-sign a contract with Marty at the Sherrifs Office. ARE YOU KIDDDING ME? After spending over 100,000.00 dollars of our taxpayer money, they are going to say, "Ooops, just kidding, we wasted that money so now we are going to go sign a contract with Marty that did not work the last time. He had the contract for two years and didn't do a damn thing. Oh, and the town board told him they would exemp his office from any type of code enforcement and exempt him from having to show them any kind of activity log for what he does for our town. ARE THE BOARD MEMBERS STUPID? We will be overran with dogs running loose, unmowed lawns, poor response time on emergency calls. I voted for Robin, Lewis, and David because I thought they possessed the backbone to do the job. What a dissappointment. Giving Marty the contract back is like buying a car that is a total lemon, paying an outragious price for it for two years, getting rid of it, and then re-buy the car back 8 months later. STUPID STUPID STUPID. DAVE THOMPSON is right, this town board is a bunch of sissy's who don't have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Grow up board members and don't throw our money away and don't re-hire a proven failure to take care of our town. Next thing you know, when the contract runs out they will re-hire Jeremy. What a crock!


    I think Joleen Chaney needs to stick around here she could do a story every night on the wacky way things are done here in Buffalo!

    If the town board re-hires Marty I will petition for a Grand Jury Inquiery into the running of the Town of Buffalo
    and the resignations of all involved.....Who's with me????

  22. The Atty General and Lt. Govenor both responded to my story. I have followed the sugestions they gave us on where we may find help.
    Somewhere out there is the help we despreatly need. From the toddlers death case to the Towns repeated misconducts and inproper ways.
    We will find the truth!

    There is also the video on the KFOR website. It is on Thursday's 10pm news. The story starts around the 4:20 mark and runs to about the 7:10 mark.

    Wonder what the "road-block" was that the former Buffalo Police Chief hit ??????

  24. That road block is probably the district attorny

  25. The DA said he wont give the warrant till the med.examiners change the cause of death to a "homicide"....instead of suspisios, overdose of oxycodone.....Its all a pass the buck type deal cause I spoke to the med.exm. off. yesterday they said no one has contacted them to change anything and OSBI on KFOR said the DA had the case now so it is all up in the air as of now....but I will not get fustrated and let them win!

  26. She should have at least been charged with child neglect or child endangerment accidental homicede or something!!!Oh and now the statuts of limitations has runout for Drugs with in 1000ft of a school!

  27. Maybe a "Bus" caused "Daily" road-blocks for the former Police Chief!