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Saturday, June 6, 2009


After going through the numerous hurdles and steps for consideration for the LPAC our leaders of tomorrow have jumped on the Daley band wagon and decided not to let any of the public be active participants. So the sign up sheet was a hoax. The article in the paper was a hoax. The Friday at noon deadline for résumés was a hoax. It is obvious that Lewis and his hospital clan members couldn’t stomach the idea of having any of the applicants on any LPAC committee. So instead of having courage to back out early on, they devised more hoops and hurdles to jump through and over to get the people that signed up to trip up and fail to meet deadlines and submit paperwork.

What I find interesting about this is that with all of these hoops and timeline extensions that the only people that continued to be interested in the LPAC are same ones that are willing to continue to fight for a municipal government that is willing to work for any and all of its citizens. Why is it that Daley, Buss, and Carpenter couldn’t find any of their supporters to come forward with their qualifications to be on this committee? Where are their strong supporters when this calling came to the community to work together? Isn’t that what everyone likes to rant about? Kind of reminds me of the clean up day back in April. Rest assured none of us expected to be on this committee but it was pushed to the point that they had to completely backtrack to prevent the inclusion of even one of us.

What is really appalling about this whole thing is that the CIP is for the community and comes with high recommendations for community participation and involvement. That is exactly what they don’t want. It reminds me of when I was on the board back in 2002 and the TEA-21 Turner Street Project was being developed. One of the things I pushed for was to get all of the business owners up and down Turner Street to be on a committee to select the streetscape architect/engineer/designer for the project. I was approached by our economic developer (James) who had grave concerns about this. He asked if we really wanted to get all of these people involved with this project. I conveyed back to him that I firmly believed that we needed to. The response from the business owners was excellent and I truly believed that they felt a sense of ownership and acceptance of the project once they became a part of it. I believe that their participation led to them accepting the burdens that construction in front of their business’s doorstep will do. They were a part of it, thus they felt some ownership of it. They were actively participating in its success.

So after Daley makes a motion to leave the LPAC the way it is and during the second by one of her sidekicks, I yelled out, “It was a hoax?” Evidently the mayor was unsure of what I said so I got the pleasure of yelling it out again. I immediately thought back when James showed me that he didn’t want the public involved with the Town’s affairs. The new world order we have in place is all a hoax.

I may not hear very well but I am a good listener. I couldn’t help but notice the remarks that Mr. Fisher, who is with OEDA, had recently received the new revised priority list regarding the existing hoax of a CIP. Apparently the Town of Buffalo has been faking these public meetings that are required. Maybe I should say that James has been faking them. He is the one that submits the documents to OEDA. None of the board members can even tell you what is on the priority list. The standing committee never met to help James determine what should go on that list. Or maybe they did and only invited the good ole boys, whoever they are. It is absolutely unacceptable what our glorified grant writer, who holds the title of economic developer, has going on behind the back of our elected officials, faking the CIP all these years. When asked for a copy of the list by one of the Trustees he couldn’t even produce it. It is all a hoax. But since nobody ever reads this blog, especially our local elected Trustees, the hoax will continue. I am glad the Internet doesn’t reach out further than the confines of our city limits because I wouldn’t want our regionally elected officials that fund these CIP projects to find out that they have been PUNK’D also.


  1. I went ahead and took the honor to be the first one to vote negative on the type of post this is. Since this whole situation is negative it is certainly warranted. I am also so glad that the bed sheet clan has decided to boycott this blog so we may be able to get dialogue going on this CIP topic instead of personal attacks towards myself and others that may think this situation smells a little funky.

  2. That is why I did not attempt to drop off my application letter for CIP consideration....#1- why would they even consider me? (I complain about things done wrong).... #2-most on the board and employed by city don't ever say hi or smile when passing by or taking my PMTs....#3- I like Dave and Greg (and their outlook for our town).......#4- Maybe their afraid of change and new ideas(I voice my ideas wrong or right)....#5- Afraid of Change? (that is what our whole great Country was but OBAMA still won)
    HOAX!!! YOU GOT IT RIGHT!!More like a big JOKE!!
    Ask us to try and get kicked in the teeth every time!!!They think we'll give up?
    NOT ME!!

  3. Here is a laugh while at the Board Meeting I heard this: A person asked another "why are all these people here?
    Another person replied:"NOSY!"
    I thought anyone could attend? It was to better the whole community, to attend you can view the inter-working of decisions made and voice our opinions. NOSY! I believe it is the right of every American thats why they call them "OPEN TO THE PUBLIC" meetings!
    Maybe I'll start attending the "sheets" meeting too!

  4. WOW, WOW AND 1 MORE WOW - Did you expect anything different?

  5. I do appreciate you relating this story and wanting to, quoting you here now, "to get dialogue going on this CIP topic instead of personal attacks towards myself and others that may think this situation smells a little funky." However, I think that isn't possible until you and others refrain from the references such as, quoting you again, "the bed sheet clan". Really, how is that any different? Please, you are wanting to lead, please be a leader and be above this. Otherwise your integrity is in question as much as others. That's why I personally don't read Inside anymore, beyond the "headline". All negative all the time, I don't have to read what is on there, it's predictable. You however have an opportunity to lead and muss it up a bit by referencing others that way and allowing others to post stuff such as that. I know sticks and stones, however be classier so the street cred goes further and credibility with "outsiders" is gained. As I see it, missed opportunities otherwise.

  6. The bed sheets clan is what it is, a clan!
    Look it up: CLAN: A clique; a sect, society, or body of persons; esp., a body of persons united by some common interest or pursuit; -- sometimes used contemptuously.
    The description is accurate.
    It is perfectly synonymous with the proper use of the English language.
    They are a clan.
    The clans common interest is the bed sheet and its usage.
    I find it to be very comical! Even endearing!
    Outsiders such as me will decide whether it's classy or not, we don't need a member of the bed sheet clan taking umbrage at the use of the moniker. It's cute. Keep it up G!

  7. Perhaps they are a clan, however if you are intellectually honest here you will know that the bed sheet reference along with other previous postings would allude to a clan that doesn't start with a c, rather a k. That is what is offensive. And, don't be presumptive when categorizing me, you can't be certain who I am. That's not cute, however it is sort of fun.

  8. At least when "my" mom comes on here to defend me she signs off with her name.

  9. What about $12,800 to be spent for another "do-over" of the CIP inventory? Seems a waste of money since pretty much nothing on it has changed from the time when the first one was done. I am pretty sure that they will once more determine that the pipes that bring the water to Buffalo are even now made out of asbestos.

  10. Asbestos...huh. Probably! Wouldn't doubt it!
    They (the city) don't care how or where the water and sewage comes from or goes to! Just look at how long they let the man on NE 3rd St dump his raw sewage on the ground!
    Next they'll(the city)will want to install the same gadget that is on the Space Station to change the waste water to drinking water!
    Naa, that would mean spending money. They like to throw it away. Like doing a CIP again.

  11. Okay, everyone has had their opportunity to throw mud at the CIP. Now, we must accept that it is a do-over. Get over it. It is a do-over. Now it is up to us to make sure that this time it is done right.

    A meeting must be held.
    An ordinance or resoltion (I am always confused on these) must be put together,
    Updates must be put together and then taken to the Town Board for their approval.
    Amended and/or updated information from that approved list musst be sent to OEDA to update their files.

    Then do it all over again. CIP is a living document that is brought up for review in the spring, reviewed and updated, approved as modified in the fall, then start all over again.

    And so on, and so on.................

    Let's just all agree to work together to make sure it is actually handled correctly. Do not make it James or Joe's job to do this on their own. It takes the whole committee to make ANY recommendation for change.

    That's all I wanted to say.

    Do it right, do it legal, and repeat.

  12. Anonymous said "Do not make it James or Joe's job to do this on their own."

    The whole concept of this post is that City Hall doesn't want to let go. "Hey John Q Public keep your nose out of our affairs!"

    Well I'm sorry to enlighten you on this, but our town is in seriously shabby shape. But hey at least the clinic will be sharp when it gets opened up.

    What’s next you say? “We can buy up some property and spend your tax dollars on another clinic project. It’s what we do!”

    Bumpy roads you say! “We prefer to spend your tax dollars on parking lots”

    Water quality you ask. “Hey, the cattle and horses haven’t complained one bit”

    Asbestos pipes everywhere! “Who let that big elephant in the room?”

    What about the existing CIP “We promise, we will read the NEW ONE when it comes out in a couple of years. Until then leave us alone!”

    Honorable Trustees "Can Buffalo really afford to wait any longer?"