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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Instead of taking jabs at residents, and their geographic residential neighborhood locations.....Let’s take a stab at the issues themselves.

Can anyone come up with any reason why the Town of Buffalo should pay for the energy consumption at city hall that exceeds their historical annual average? Besides the obvious reason of “The hospital administrator wants it that way.”

There are three other Town Board members perfectly capable of making and reaching an equitable solution to this issue. Give them a chance without interference. The conflict of interest reeks. But taxpayers keep getting it fed to them by the shovels full.

Put a clause in the lease that the Hospital will meet the excess utility usage that is above the historical average upon the completion of one year of lease. Set the lease up to adjust the corresponding ratio of utilities to reflect the new data upon the renewal of the lease.

Determine and agree upon the historical average usage of the utilities for the each type involved. It can be easily determined how many units of electricity are used on an annual basis. The same can be done with the gas. Put those numbers in the lease agreement. At the end of the year multiply the actual usage times the towns 40% share. If that number is more than the lease agreement number the town gets the difference returned to them for their overpayment of the utilities. If an overpayment is due to the town, multiply the number of units times the average cost of the units during that year. Use the new data to determine the new lease utility ratio splits. At that point the ratios may be different for electrical and gas. Put in the lease that if the overage is less than 10% then no adjustments shall be made.

If at all possible the Public Trust should be utilized to handle these affairs to prevent any negative impact on the Towns fiscal years’ budget. Put the lease money in the trust for unforeseen repairs and upgrades that might be needed. This is just about making good practical business sense because the Town of Buffalo is a business.


  1. Sounds to me that there are a bunch of CRAP issues in your town! The city has its own loads and the residents can toss theirs out side for all to smell, then if you don't like your neighbors animal crap in your yard you can throw it back to the owners of the pets yard, I guess it should be called But-a-load

  2. To try to preserve some of the integrity of this particular blog post I will make another attempt to generate some actual dialogue that relates to the topic itself.

    If the renter or lessee were a private individual or company besides the hospital, wouldn’t it be expected to have the utilities separated completely irregardless of the costs? The whole time this remodel has always been referred to as “professional office space”. Sort of a business incubator, if you will. This has been presented as a temporary fix for the new doctor to help satisfy the contract that the hospital has with her. It seems that at some point the clinic will be moving onward to another location. Couldn’t it make sense to have separate utilities completely? That would contribute to easily facilitating the recruitment of another tenant that could ultimately be a private non tax subsidized company? If the tenant were a private company with no tax based revenue tied to the community would there be more of an outcry for completely separate utility bills? Will it be cheaper to separate this out with today’s prices or the costs in the future? If you looked at the long term business picture, and if any plans would be to fill the “professional office space” again, it would make long term sense to separate the utilities completely. Get some actual estimates from professionals to make informed decisions instead of decisions based on guesstimates.

  3. Since Mr. Town Manager didn't have any actual quotes, we don't know what exactly the amount would be, but if the Trustees and HCCH could come to an agreement for paying for the complete separation of utilities, that would be the ideal solution. The cost of a separate meter needs to be found out before a decision could be made.

  4. As of sept 2008 a new meter install was $150.00 and if you need the box for a generator for black outs it was $50.00 more and thats a residential price it cant be much more for a non-profit organization and that would ensure there own bill and any other tenant for future use.Doesn't that sound like a more comparable idea?

  5. I like your idea!!!

  6. Can I ask about something off-topic?

    What is going on at the school? I heard that we were losing more teachers. What is happening? We have already lost quite a few. Can we afford to lose more?
    Anyone know where we are on our testing ranking? I heard that we dropping below average? Is that part of the problem?

  7. It's a sinking ship! and very sad to see so many leave the school system. Thanks for the update on the scores onside.

  8. DEQ to revisit the "Dung" house on N.E. 3rd St this week. The ashes are washed away by the rain and the smell is horrendous! Sending letters to the out of state owner is relentless. She don't care.
    Who will clean it up??
    When will it get done?