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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Do we still have a police chief? After coming out of executive session a motion carried instructing the new Mayor Lewis Carpenter to act upon what was discussed in executive session. That could mean anything including firing of the Police Chief.

There seems to be a new trend when coming out the executive session, that is, to make a motion to do something they decided to do in executive session. More secrets? So based on what happened at the last meeting one could assume that Buffalo may be without a police chief since no one knows what was said in the executive session and they can’t talk about it. Only leaves one to speculate what they are doing to him.

Hopefully Jeremy can avoid being contacted by Lewis long enough to conclude his investigation of the toddler’s death. So if anyone sees or hears from Jeremy please be sure to find out if he is still our police chief. Will he still be the police chief after June 30?

Has Jeremy endured more executive sessions than any former police chief in the history of Buffalo? He has only been here a little over six months. Could it be he is doing exactly what he was hired to do? This is approaching the edge of turning into a hostile work environment for him. Just hope we never lose him to the petty shenanigans coming from members of the Board and City Hall. Jeremy comes across as a pretty thick chested guy, will these things deflect off of him easily? When you see him, tell him you appreciate everything is doing for our community.

A special meeting will be held on May 11th to discuss and review the HCCH lease agreement. Take special notice in how the City Clerk, who is responsible for the posted agenda, left the word "ACTION" off of the description. This is a famous observable fact that City Hall uses to control the direction of certain activities by hindering the options that are available for the board to utilize. Don’t want the board to be able to do anything… conveniently leave the word "ACTION" off of the agenda item...that will tie their hands.

At issue is clarifying who is going to pay for the utility bills and how those will be handled. Also the taxpayers of Buffalo may be getting short changed on the square footage that is used to calculate the monthly rent. 2 out of 5 trustees work for the hospital so it will be very interesting to see where their true interests lie, as they take their seat to represent the Town of Buffalo as elected Trustees. Will there be a conflict of interest?

It is hard to think of any sustainable business that survives by giving away their office space for free. Furthermore, most renters pay for their own utility bills. Now if someone has done an analysis of the historic utility usage of the building and then uses that data to set the rental rate that would be different. Since there is no way of knowing what the new clinic will use, it is only fitting to make them take care of their own utilities. Instead the preference now will be to pull numbers out of their butt each month as to what their fair share will be. Taxpayer subsidizing a private clinics utilities, what a concept.

In conclusion on this topic, having the town pay the bills for the hospital will have a detrimental effect on the operational budget of the town. When the Town has this much on its plate, using up part of the Town’s budget to pay the clinic’s utilities is incomprehensible. The public trust should be the entity handling this lease to remove the effects that it may have on the Town’s budget. “The Public Trust”…will that turn out to be an oxymoron for Buffalo?


  1. I have first hand knowledge that if The Town runs Jeremy off that would be the worst thing they could do! If they think it was bad to have KFOR here and the Parents go on National TV, that would be the least of their worries....If I were them I would be calling the DA daily and persuing that the case be going forward...AN EVEN BIGGER TV REPORTER has contacted me. I am awaiting a return call to see if he is interested in helping me to get things looked into: the house that still has feces in the yard(only covered w/ashes still stinks), our fire hydrants issues, the sewer ponds, town employee giving pay raises to themselves, oh yeah the unsolved case of the baby to say the least......Maybe they would take notice if we got a...oh what is it called....Class action suit
    yeah thats it......

  2. Ahem....a class action law suit regards defective products, medicine, etc. Not a town board that does or does not do their job correctly. And a class action law suit certainly has nothing to do with the gainful employment or lack thereof, of any employee. Can you look in the mirror and say "dummy"?

  3. Yes sir. A class action law suit is when a group of people have been or are currently being damaged by a defective product. Such as, a popular diet pill caused heart damage in thousands of people that took it. Hence...the whole group of damaged people, filed a class action lawsuit. I agree that it soes not apply to the toen board in any way and it does not apply to empl;oyment of any type.

  4. Good Grief Charlie Brown...

    enough with the law suits...

    Let's just work together...

    The Board obviously had some questions regarding the Chief position that could not be discussed in open forum. As ANY good employer would do, they went behind closed doors to discuss employee issues. They can be bad OR they could be good discussions. Speculation of what it involved is just that...SPECULATION.

    Down, gossipmongers, down I say!!!

    EVERYBODY in BOTH camps are just goofy. Can't we just live the American Dream and have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

    Are you happy or working towards it? Do the dialogues brought out here depict your American Dream? Are you excited that you can get up evey morning?

    Be supportive of ALL. Be kind. Be nice. Is what has been happening and said how you want to be treated or remembered? Not me...

    Food for thought...

  5. Regarding the mess that M.S. keeps referring to; has the county health department been notified? I understand it could be a town issue with code violations, however am uncertain. Maybe there isn't a code regarding raw waste. ??? I would think that it is definitely a health violation and that HHS would likely have jurisdiction.

  6. As I have said from July of last year I have contacted (heres the list 1 more X) town hall, Harper county health dept, DEQ, Code Enf, Sheriff, Police, Kfor News, the Senators, Govenor, F. Lucas & other Representatives, Local DA, Judge, talk shows, Other reporters, and The Steve Wilkos show even wanted me & the Disgusting Neighbors to come on their show but theres no way in hell I'm going near the home or its residents to sak them to call the producer!! If you saw the Kfor story you can see how unstable he is....Oh it is bad! the weather has been so wet and muggy & the smell is worse that that of the feed lot when the wind blows it this direction, Me thinks I will have to endure the sh@* HOLE until they go to court on 6-16-09 then if the DA & Judge follow through and sentence them for their Felony crimes. We as neighbors can get it condemned.
    I do agree there should be some sort of violation 5 or more years of dumping in the hole that has never been cleaned up and ofcorse now the storing of it in containers in the home. Can you picture squatting over picnic cooler to poo and trying not to get it on your hands while your peeing in a 2-liter bottle???? Here is the DA's # 735-2212 call the office see if you get a return phone call he is only here in Buffalo on Thurs.

  7. M.S.
    I agree with you that the "dung house" is a terrible blight to your neighborhood and the city. Pursuing this through the local avenues is, in my opinion, still the best way to handle this. I know that things seem to move at a snail's pace where these 'avenues' are concerned, but bringing state and national attention to your complaints only has a detrimental effect on the community as a whole. With all of the negative attention our little town has gotten lately and, possibly in the near future, virtually nobody will want to come here. James L. should just give up his job because nobody would want to come within 20 miles of the place. Airing the town's dirty laundry to the nation will not bring about change any faster. Some of these things are being worked on as fast as the funding and legal system can work. Nothing can happen instantly. Just think about the ramifications. You are doing the right thing by contacting local authorities and contacting your representatives. Leave it at that. These issues are not the only ones they need to deal with. Just my thoughts.

  8. Maybe someone should point out that her house is on wheels.

  9. Nope the wheels have been removed and it sits on blocks, Since my children did not want to come and live in Buffalo and leave the beautiful beaches of FL. We bought what we needed for the 2 of us. We could have gotten bigger and better but why should we put or build anything grand here? To look out and see the scum-bag dump his crap or his dogs sh** that is piled up in the corner of the yard, and when we looked at homes they were in need of to much repair or to much for the shape it was in. Homes in FL that look like most of these go for $10,000.00 or less not 50 & 60 thou. I dont brag about my home being anything more than it is but. You would be pissed if they Nastiness was next to you! What's your address I can scoop up the cat sh** from his 6 cats that poo in my yard and bring it to yours instead of tossing it back into his???
    There he goes now he just dumped piss out the side door..YUCK!!! good thing the wind is blowing to the north......

  10. YEP! Kudos to the Police Chief for doing what none other would do....The Sheriff said" I know whats going on over there it's only marijuana" Yeah and its only illegal!!!

  11. I'd bet if that pig lived next door to ANY of the local authorities MS listed above, the situation would have been taken care of a long time ago. She's just doing what she feels needs to be done after being shut down time after time.

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