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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Town "BORED" meeting held.

Audits aren’t interesting!

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  1. Regarding the stalking article on your sister site. Apparently the writer isn't aware of Robins biggest hobby. She is an avid bird watcher. Only recently I was told she was currently studying the migration habits of the Southern Florida Turdy Bird. These birds are known to migrate to northern Oklahoma during mid-life. The Turdy birds are known to often flock together, especially after dark. They also are known to feed off of other flocks at will. I would opine that Robin was merely engaged in her favorite hobby of Turdy Bird watching.

  2. That's funny!

    So tell us UpChucky!

    What has the turdy bird done to feed off anyone?
    The turdy bird is making this a better place and waking this town up!
    The turdy bird just might migrate back south and leave a bunch of people here in town unemployed during this countrys economic crisis.
    What the Robin, another bird species, did is wrong. Bird watching or not it's a good thing she wasn't following me home last night or any other night. I guarantee you that!

  3. It would seem to me that this town needs more migration of any kind of birds. The children cant wait to leave the nest here and go to Bigger, Better Places. Without new residents and new businesses they will all be gone. And if there are only "drug houses" to buy then only druggies will buy them. They need put in jail and the homes torn down and new homes built. The children might decide they will stay if it is cleaned up around here. As for this Florida turdy bird I'm not going any where and I have friends looking to move from Florida, north.....hmmmmm And it wouldn't be so turdy if people used the toilet instead of the yard. chirp on that!

  4. Ok, so I just couldn't resist...there seems to also be a sudden migration of a species of 'Florida Feather Fluffers' coming to roost at the south end of town. Say that fast three times!!!! ; )

  5. It looks like there are 2 turdy bird families! There's the turdy birds from Florida with the Inside Buffalo site and then there's the turdy birds from Florida with the Channel 4 connection and the drug and poop house next door.
    Looks like blog commenters will have identify which turdy birds they're addressing.
    Now we have whole flock of turdy birds nesting in Buffalo.

  6. How ironic is the scientific classification of a robin.

    "Turdus migratorius"

    from the Order PASSERIFORMES - Family TURDIDAE

    So wouldn't a robin actually be the closest thing to a migrating turdy bird?

    Furthermore as originally commented by UpChucky maybe robin should enjoy her favorite hobby and watch herself, after all she is a "Turdus migratorius"!

    Please keep in mind that they are now protected throughout their range by the U.S. Migratory Bird Protection Act.


  7. Due to the increased activities of a flock of South Florida Turdy Birds in the Buffalo area, our organization is announcing the formation of the Buffalo Chapter of the American Turdybird Watching Society. The first meeting will be held on April 1, 2009 at an undisclosed location, so as not to disturb the endangered Turdybirds as they begin their spring nesting (etc.) rituals. Prospective members are reminded to dress inconspicuously; please save your pink feather boas and Hawaiian shirts for more formal occasions! Also, don't forget binoculars, notebook and pencil, camera, beverage of choice, and a covered dish for the potluck after the meeting. Follow the feathers.

    P.S. Our sister group, the Florida Feather Flufflers...The Forida Feather Fluffers...the Florida Flether Fufflers...oh well, the FFF of America will be on hand to assist with the requisite paperwork and to answer questions from stray News reporters who should happen to wander by.

    Professor Peter "Pete" Repeat, Lecturer of Ornithology, Florida Panhandle State University

  8. Count me in. I might add the South Side Florida Turdy Bird has two known enemies. Florida Gators who often consume Turdy Birds that fall from the nest. And the Sooner South Side Select Shippers,(SSSSS), who occassionally select and ship troublesome Turdy Birds back to where they came from. We have duly noted the now small trickle of feeders at what was once, the Turdy Bird Oasis of the northwest.

  9. Kudos to Professor Upchucky for the significant contribution to our ever-expanding database on the natural history, behavior, and habitat of the South Florida Turdy Bird. We were aware of the role of Florida Gators in controlling Turdy Bird over-population in Florida, however, the existence of a uniquely Oklahoma species serving a similar function in the Buffalo area is new to science. This is truly an exciting development. Hats off to Professor Upchucky!

    Professor Pete Repeat
    Lecturer of Ornithology
    Southern Florida Panhandle State University

  10. corection i meant "driving" under the influence

  11. Outsiders trying to be insiders, how may false names can a person have?

  12. Quite a few, apparently. The big question is WHY?

  13. I'm sure they can come up with a maximillion different reasons. I can only think of one.

  14. If you people could just stop with the snide, sarcastic, funny at times, but unpleasant attempts at humiliating both G and D maybe all this would die a slow death.

    You continue to post sly remarks and comments, and we all know who they're directed towards, which goads them on. It would incite me.

    I don't get it. You visit inside buffalo, you visit this blog, as do I, but then you keep making these ridiculous comments.

    I was in Woodward yesterday at a meeting and some of my business and social friends were talking about Buffalo and this blog.

    You people have to understand that this blog and the sister web sight are viewed by people all over the world. G wrote about the numbers on this blog being higher than ever. The world is amused at Buffalo. You should know that most outsiders I've spoken with are taking the side of both G and D because of the way that free speech is being batterred in america.

    I don't always agree with what either one has to say all the time but I do agree with much of what is written.

    How can you not agree when the paperwork and reports and facts are right there before your very eyes?

    OK I understand that Buffalo isn't used to this kind of thing, and I admit that I was offended at first, months ago, but I'm not anymore. I'm over it. I get my fill of amusement by visiting both web sights and reading the comments.

    There are a few commenters with a high level of common sense and then there are the eggers onners.
    Try doing what I do. I habitually keep my thoughts and comments to myself instead of aggravating either G or D.
    It's GD sensible.

  15. What is/was the point to all of the back and forth, beat around the bush comments? Buffalo has many great people and families in it, as well as many who are not. I would really like to see people here think about what is really important in life, and Buffalo. It would be a miracle but a possible one if the people here came together again as they had at the time it was established, & up to 30 years ago
    I loved all of you and the entire area of Harper county. We all made this town great once. If everyone would come back to God and the church obeying his commandments the entire community will heal and live healthy, Truely healthy again. If you were raised in this community then you KNOW what is right and wrong. What pain would it afflict to Love one another as brother and Sister? To work towards a living community instead of an afflicted, dying town. Edify each other please. Dont do anything because I said to. Do it for yourself, your community, your children, childrens children, most of all God our Father.