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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Besides the captions what do these pics posted on Inside Buffalo say?


Is megafines a word?


  1. I would like to start by saying that I DO NOT know the person who runs this blog nor do I know the Thompsons. My comments are based on what I'm seeing, reading, & of course the main source of news for Buffalo, the rumor mill. We use to have a newspaper that would report on just about everything happening in and around Buffalo, now days not so much.
    Let's start with the sewer ponds, what happened?, where did the water go?, whose fault is it?, how is it going to be fixed?. I've seen and heard that the pumps broke down. If that is the case it would fit into Buffalo's downfall of the infrastruture. The whole town is falling apart. Have you looked closely at that glass of water you're about to drink, it's disgusting. Drive around town and look at the places in the street that have been dug into to fix water leaks. Here in a couple months I'm betting that the residents of Buffalo will once again receive a letter from the city manager stating that our water failed x number of quality tests last year but everything is fine now. To this I would have to say BS! If it was fine we wouldn't receive this letter every year. They just raised our water rates, will this extra money be used to fix our antique water system? Or maybe do a study to see how many cancer causing agents are in the water. Maybe this is where the sewer pond water went.
    Our streets, most are in terrible shape. It is 2008 and the town still has dirt roads, not many, but they are here. If asked about them the officals will say they are not city streets but country roads. It's the county's problem, ask the county and they will say it's the city's problem. Simple solution, get together and fix the streets.
    I know all this costs money, how much money does the city have saved in their cd's, what are they saving the money for? Where did the almost $6000 come from to haul off the L&W building debris mistake? Or how about the fancy paint job on the new city police vechile? Will the flames help keep crime down or make the vechile go faster?
    Right now it seems the city officals are on a kick about cleaning up yards, abandoned vechiles, etc., they can't maintain the cities properties.
    The Thompsons, First off I do not know them personally. However I do remember when 1 of the city fathers said let's put the old grade school up for auction on ebay, let's get a business in here that will employe a few people in Buffalo. Just about every week there was something in the paper about how great this was going to be for the town of Buffalo. Then it sold. The Thompsons moved here, remodeled the old school, started employing towns people. Then something happened, I'm not sure what, in any case he ended up pissing off some people in town. Then here came the web sites, and yes I've read them, stating what bad people they were. My main question would be to the city offical who brought all this together, why wasn't a back ground check ran on these people before the deal was finalized? Could it be dollar signs clouded the officals vision? They moved here, spent thousands of dollars fixing up the old school, have since opened a second business. Now I have read that they no longer are employing people. I've also heard from the rumor mill that they are moving their business to Ks. Typical Buffalo, if you doubt, talk against, not do things the Buffalo way, they are wanted out of town. It's always been this way. Look around town there are more empty store buildings than there are stores in business.
    I could go on but I'm afraid this might be too long now as it is. Maybe another day.

  2. Thanks "another day" for reading this blog, and the other sites, commenting, and raising some good points. Your concerns about the water are and have been on a lot of people's minds. I know that there are some people that don't ever drink our water for some of the issues that you have raised. I like that you are concerned about the welfare of this community. I look forward to you sharing your ideas and any other discussions from you again on "another day".

  3. As long as there continues to be a struggle for power, Buffalo will continue to fade into oblivion. Who has the most clout is the issue. You have a town board with members who want to run the show. You have a businessman and woman who want to run the show. You have a pair of cops who want to run the show and apparently from what I have read, want to run the show with double, triple, quadruple taxation. Then you have the citizens who gripe and complain, but when changes are suggested, they scream for more of the same. Fix the sewer ponds, dont fix the sewer ponds. Beautify Buffalo but dont make the rules apply to me. Have leash laws that apply to everyone but me. Fix our outdated water system, no, on second thought, lets spend a fortune restarting our police dept. Who needs water anyway? Lets see, 18k for a car, 12k for computer programs, 5k for computers, 2k for radar, 1k for uniforms, and on and on. That money could have been used for sewer ponds, water system, and many other things badly needed. Why do we need a cop that can only enforce the law on about 5% of our population? The other 95% are exempt anyway. Waste of money. Meanwhile...if it aint broke dont fix it. If it is broke, break it worse, or call it obsolete and unnecessary. Pfft!!!!

  4. "Pfft",

    Each board member only has one vote and thus could never run the show unless you call bringing stuff to the table running the show. Throwing 90k a year to the sheriff dept for lackadaisical coverage was not the answer for the town’s police protection and code enforcement. Fading into oblivion is what has some people rightly concerned. Protecting one’s investment whether it is a business or their home should not be cause for upheaval. The meeting Wednesday night at the Library at 6:00 may shed some light on if wastewater system is completely broke or not. Show up and see what we learn from the experts. There may be a lot of complain’n out there but not many of those folks make it to the meetings. Will you be there?

  5. A businessman and woman who want to run the show? Looks like the only ones with any common sense. I'd much rather have a successful business person running any show - at least the show would be successful! I worked for that business man and woman and they are model citizens. They always treated me good and my girlfriend too. My paychecks were always on time and we were able to cash them without any problem. there businesses are great for Buffalo. There are a few successful business people in this town but they're burnt out. Ya can only fight the powers that are for so long before you give up. looks like thats what's happening now. If I only had a bunch of other real estate and homes all over the country like a local this business man and woman do or enough money to get out of Buffalo I'd do the same thing.

  6. Just a suggetion. Instead of everyone taking pot shots at whomever, wouldn't it make more sense to try and resolve the problems facing our town. Regardless of who is to blame, and who wants to run the show, the problems we face need to be resolved. In looking at the pictures it leaves little question the waste water lagoons and treatment facility must be repaired. Our water problems, I have no doubt the equipment is very old and on the verge of failure. If we don't find a way to fix them, sooner or later we ALL will regret it. Lets try and work out a solution as opposed to attacking one another because of opinions. Though I won't patronize Dave and Alexis business because of the rude way my wife and I were treated the last time we were there, I would still sit down with them and try and figure out solutions to our problems here in Buffalo. Cmon folks...lets hear some new and inovative ideas!!!!

  7. Those two people have nuthin ta do with the problems this town faces. They only write about them. Ive never been treated rudely by either of them and never treated rudely at their restaurent and i go there all the time. I bet if they knew you were treated bad theyd make it right immediately.
    that has so much to do with the problems. people have a problem with somebody and never tell the person. Matthew 5 says to go to your brother. make peace. why complain or talk bad? give people the chance to make things right. we gave the town plenty of chances to make things right and they dont want to and Ive gone to them many many times over things

  8. Solutions? Wouldn't it be nice if people could sit down and find ways to solve Buffalo's problems? It's a good idea but one I'm afraid will never happen. It's not happened before, what makes us think it could happen now.
    I'll start with one of the sewer pond's problems. Just about everything I've read or heard has stated that the primary pump broke down 5 years ago, solution-buy a new pump at that time, not 5-6 years later. What did a new pump costs 5 years ago compared to today's prices. I'd bet there is a big difference. If a new pump had been installed at the time there wouldn't be a need now for 2 pumps instead of 1. Double the costs now. That's the Buffalo way.
    Our drinking water. What is the solution here? Myself I have no idea. Our water infrastructure has been left to deterioate for years. I heard years ago that the line from Doby Springs to Buffalo needed to be replaced. Was it? I don't know. How is our water treated now? Is it filtered? Does the city drop chlorine tablets in the storage tank, how often? Have you ever watched as a hole is patched? I feel for the employees that have to get in the muddy mess to patch the hole, can mud and maybe any bacteria present get in the water line as they fix the hole? From what I've seen the water is never shut down, the hole is patched while there is water flowing thru the line. Again things should have been started being fixed years ago, instead now the cost is going to be extreme.
    Our city streets? Simple solution, just fix the pot holes, either keep the dirt ones bladed or pave them. There are some serious holes in some of the streets. I realize money is the biggest problem, however the town seems to find money when they have to do away with our police dept and pay the sheriffs office $90,000 + for services, $30,000 + to remodel some offices for a new dr., $6000 to haul off trash that was dumped where it shouldn't have been, money to restart our city police dept, fix the roofs on the libaray, or remodel the old legion hall for a store, the list can go on and on. All of these are good projects and probably money well spent, well except maybe the trash mistake. My point is the money, the town seems to be able to come up with it when needed. I know there are grants, but grants don't usually pay the full 100%.
    I read on the Thompson's site that they were "previously" one of the town's largest employees with 22 people working for them. Then they say "no longer". I'm sure there are those that are happy that they(the Thompsons) maybe are closing up their businesses. For those that are happy or excited, will you give the 22 people that maybe have lost their jobs a job? You aren't thinking about them are you?
    Some things I'd like to bring up another day - the water tower, Duckwalls & Dollar General - old falling down houses, the cemetary.
    One last comment about the rudeness experienced by Tommy & his wife. It's a shame it happened. If I was to quit patronizeing businesses here in town that I have gone into and been treated rudely, coldly, there would be only 1 or 2 businesses that I would shop in. I try to live by, "don't sweat the small stuff", unless it was a really bad experience bring it to their attention give them a second chance. Everyone deserves at least 1 second chance.
    Until another day - Have A Good One.

  9. I am all about second chances. In fact, that was the second chance. It is true that I can not look inside their head and see the reason(s) chosen for our treatment that day. That leaves us little choice but to speculate as to why it happened. I can tell you with certainty, that neither my wife nor I have ever had anything bad to say about the Thompsons. As far as I know, we have done nothing whatsoever to merit the treatment we received. It was made abundantly clear that we were not welcome there. I refuse to hold grudges, but I also will not go where I am not welcome. Nuff said!

  10. In regards to the glass of water mentioned in the first comment, yes, I have looked at that glass of water as well as smelled it. It smelled like swimming pool water. The smell of chlorine was strong. Some years back, at one of the Buffalo Wing Festival booths, there was a salesman from General Ionics out of Edmond, Ok. We had him come to our home and test the water. You don't even want to know what all it tested positive for! We have always known that we have extremely 'hard' water as is evident with the lime scaling on your shower, in your coffemaker, etc. We purchased one of their systems for our home, and WOW what a difference. Not only does it 'soften' the water, it filters out all of the 'yuckies'. Just think, a system of this nature is also available for city usage. A nearby town got one. I asked why Buffalo didn't get one and was told because 'we'(the City) were not honest enough about our water quality!! You know, "we don't really have a big problem", and "we're taking care of it". I remember several years ago, an employee of the hospital tried to get enough interest up to have an environmental study done on our water and soil to see if there were glaring cancer causing factors. It fell flat because there was not enough people interested. I don't know what it would have cost, but we have an alarming cancer rate for our population. Now, before anyone goes and jumps all over Joe about this, he was NOT City Manager at that time. My point to all of this is that we MUST fix our waste management problems without delay because of contamination to the groundwater that eventually comes around to harming us. Also our water quality MUST be addressed. I am sure grants are available for this also. As the new year begins, I believe one of the most important resolutions we as a community should have is QUIT PROCRASTINATING!! Let's fix the problems before they get so out of hand that we won't be able to fix them. It is so much easier to fix small problems than to wonder how we are going to find possibly millions of dollars to fix the big ones. They all seem to be happening at once!