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Saturday, November 22, 2008

These are the DEQ rules violations for the Wastewater Treatment Facility of the Town of Buffalo

252:619-1-4. General requirements for total
retention lagoon systems
(d) Discharges prohibited. The permittee shall operate
and maintain the total retention lagoon system so that no
part of the system bypasses or discharges wastes or
wastewater. All such bypasses and/or discharges shall be
considered a violation of this Chapter and be subject to
enforcement as an unpermitted discharge to waters of the
State in violation of the Oklahoma Pollutant Discharge
Elimination System Act
(2) Required response. Whenever a bypass or
discharge occurs, the permittee shall ensure that
immediate action is taken to stop, contain, clean up
and prevent recurrence of the bypass or discharge

252:619-1-3. Permit requirements
Pursuant to OAC 252:656, permits are required for the
construction or modification of any non-industrial
wastewater total retention lagoon system
.(2 violations)

252:619-3-1. Collection systems serving total
retention lagoons

(d) Pump stations. The permittee shall ensure that pump
stations are properly maintained and operated by doing the
(1) Securing pump stations to prevent unauthorized
(2) Maintaining the pumps in working condition.
(3) Keeping the screens free of debris to prevent
(4) Maintaining the required alarms in working order.
(5) Maintaining the required back-up generators
and/or portable engine driven pumps in working order.
(6) Maintaining a complete set of operational
instructions, emergency procedures and maintenance

252:619-3-2. Total retention lagoons
(a) Erosion control. The permittee shall prevent erosion
of the lagoon by:
(1) Maintaining a 1:3 slope on the inner and outer
dikes of the lagoon, unless permitted otherwise

252:619-3-2. Total retention lagoons
(a) Erosion control. The permittee shall prevent erosion
of the lagoon by:
(3) Removing trees and deep-root vegetation from the
dikes and bottom of the lagoon in a timely manner to
maintain the integrity and stability of the lagoon

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