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Late Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson said,
"It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error."

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Saturday, July 3, 2010



  1. Don't forget to pray for all of our vets that are over sea , before you eat on the 4th.

  2. what r the facts we may be looking for?

  3. I was told of a situation that happened at the park on the 4th that I feel should be brought to the attention EVERY AMERICAN that lives here in Buffalo.

    It was observed during the raising of the AMERICAN FLAG & the playing of the STAR SPANGLED BANNER(OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM) that there was a group of (not to appear racist or race profiling) "people" that were playing and kept playing volleyball during the cermony.

    Someone should have asked these people to stop playing during the flag raising and the playing of our national anthem. We are becoming too soft when we continue to allow this type of dis-respect to our Country and our beliefs. We do not interfere with their cino de mayo celebrations, in fact here we celebrate with them.

  4. Does it really matter what others are doing? It is no different then talking or not bowing your head during a prayer

  5. Yes it matters what others are doing and the mere fact you ask that question supports the statement the previous poster had said. We have become too soft. The disrespect shown by talking during another's prayer or not stopping a game during the flag ceremony is only the beginning to a slippery slope, that when you think about it, I dare say you wouldn't want to travel down. Ignorance could be the cause or the excuse given, however disrespect for an individual or group causes divisiveness which in turns leads to conflict. If you're wanting to truly live and let live then the key to that would be respect.

  6. so instead of complaining - whoever brought it to your attention, why didn't they go over and say or do something about it? who's job is it? if you weren't there why weren't you? if you had been there YOU could have done something about it.
    give us the answers to your concerns so they can be fixed for next time
    Its not their flag. It' not their celebration. Theyre most likely not citizens anyway. and then you talk about respect? what a joke. who respects what one or two people in buffalo have done for this community? nobody seems to respect the pizza pub owners. Ive heard people accuse them of burining their own business. Wheres the respect. look what susan and greg have done with the miles building and yet they get little respect. shove your respect. thats the key

  7. I am not complaining, rather responding. I was not at the ceremony because I had a family get together I attended instead, however I had been in attendance earlier and can say at that time everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves fine without any drama. I can assure you that had I witnessed the disrespect I would have had no problem voicing my disappointment to those individuals. So, from your post above I am confused regarding your hate for respect. In one aspect you want it, in one you're ok without it? Don't you see that the respect is the key. I have to say that I am not one who has shown disrespect for the owners of the pub and have personally praised and thanked Greg and Susan for their efforts, so don't lay that here. By the way, I can also say that if I am a guest in anothers home I respect them, their belongings and their rules. I was taught to respect one another and do unto others.....