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Friday, November 6, 2009

Town of Buffalo Blowing Public Trust Funds?

Several months ago the Town of Buffalo formed a public trust authority. It was formed for the purpose of handling the moneys generated from the $14.00 increase on your water and sewer bill. Granted the trust formation was to give the TOB greater flexibility. Nevertheless, each month 7 bucks from the water bill and 7 bucks from the sewer bill is being kept tract of and put into its very own Trust “savings” account. It is very similar to putting back money for your kid’s college fund because you know sometime in the future you are going to have to spend a whole lot of money on them.

Their goal (at that time) was to raise the rates for infrastructure improvements that will be needed because the systems in place now are at the end of their life cycle. The infrastructure needs attention and that will cost lots of money. The savings are building and have been nicely since the rates have increased. Around $60,000 had been saved up since this was implemented.

The Public Trust had a rare meeting and decided to spend $23,000 to buy a house next to the fire department for more parking spaces. They were promised that $15,000 would be put back into the coffers of the Trust by other entities. That means that the Public Trust spent $8,000 of money that originally was intended for infrastructure improvements. That is a downfall of having a Public Trust that you can’t trust. Its flexibility has lent itself to self inflicted abuse. They used your rate increase for something it was never intended to be used for, to buy real estate. The fact is Harper, Buss, Daley, Carpenter, and Orange; as the public trust authority spent, thousands and thousands of dollars to buy a house, for more parking spaces, using moneys from the water and sewer rate increase.

Here is the kicker, as if you need more. The Town of Buffalo had left over from last year’s regular budget close to $100,000. They could have moved $8,000 of that over to the Public Trust fund instead of using any of the water and sewer fees to buy that house with. I’ll bet there are people in this town who would have much rather seen those very same dollars spent to repair/replace fire hydrants that don’t even work right.

I think I’ll go out and buy me a new fishing boat using my kid’s college savings fund.


  1. Sorry I couldn't resist sharing these thoughts on the first move of our "Public Trust".

  2. Thanks for the report. I found it VERY interesting.

  3. More stupidity from the powers running Buffalo.
    Did Harper vote yes?

  4. Just curious..where do we stand with the sewer ponds. Has anything been done to fix them?? The lagoon by the road is still dry and it really smelled nasty a week or so ago.

  5. Susan:

    The vote was unanimous. We received 5K from the Bank and 10K from the Fire Association. The balance is 8K. This can definitely be transferred from the Town's general fund to the Trust, we did , afterall have a carryover of funds.

    Yes, the funds are to be used for water and sewer, mainly, but can also be used as a tool to assist in making the real estate purchase move faster with more flexibility. No misuse, my finger-pointing husband.... just a means to and end that did not adversely change anything.

    My vote was for support of something for our fire department that is in great need of space. They have outgrown their current location, they are parking in the street and doubling up in the fire lots now..... this is a positive for our Fire Service and should not be looked at as anything sneaky. It is for the good of the Town and its citizens to have an efficient response.

    FYI.... the house itself has been declared surplus and is for sale through closed bid/auction. It could possible bring enough that we are out ZERO..... can't we at lest wait to see what we are left with before being slammed????

  6. Quote from Susan: "It is for the good of the Town and its citizens to have an efficient response".

    How ironic for this statement to be made by the person in charge of Buffalo EMS. Perhaps she can explain to the citizens of this town why Woodward EMS had to be called to come to Buffalo to transport a local tax-paying citizen from the hospital here to Oklahoma City. It was too foggy to fly this patient out, so they had to go by ambulance. Buffalo EMS was toned out for this transfer many, many times. Buffalo EMS did not have a crew to staff the ambulance, so Woodward EMS had to be called to come to Buffalo and take the patient to Oklahoma City.

    Doesn't seem right to me. This local homeowner pays property tax, of which 3 mills go to Buffalo EMS. Now this local homeowner has an ambulance bill to pay to Woodward EMS, which has a much higher rate charge than Buffalo EMS does.

    "It is for the good of the Town and its citizens to have an efficient response".......

  7. That is as bad as a newly hired police officer unarresting someone because it might cost her a license she must have to keep her job. Or as bad as both new officers jumping in a fire truck to go on a call and forcing the sheriff's office to cover the town THEY have been hired to cover. Such leadership we have at the town board level. And both new officers chasing some poor kid all day long that didn't have a drivers license and both being too afraid to stop him. Sissys!! Start calling them peaches and cream!

  8. One time in 14 years did they have to call for help due to not having coverage because the crew was ill.

    The ambulance trip needed advanced care which the local service cannot give. Drugs. The local service cannot do that and that is why the hospital originally called for an AIR ambulance. Even if they did take it by ground a PA would have had to go to administer grugs.

    Our local crew couldn't take it because of the EMT had a 102 temp. They called Woodward to get the crew to insure that the run took place. They even had to hire a medic to come and cover locally for the next day. This is what you do to take care of your area. Have YOU never had to rearrange things to allow for sickness, emergencies, appointments? The Board members know about this. They approved the coverage. Quite simply, you do not have all the facts and are jumping to whatever bandwagon you can get on to stir up crap.

    Also, you might chek with the sheriff office and ask them what has been happening with the radios as it hasn't been able to tone out anyone off and on for a while.

    The biggest thing I see from the previous post is that you are either one.... breaking HIPAA rules by your comments, a member of the family who is upset (call and ask these questions to those who are in the know with the ambulance service) or you are part of the group that has a personal vendetta against Susan.

    Whichever you are, you should reaaly look at both sides of an item or topic before you make your decisions and post obnoxiously incorrect information.

    Susan saved my life more than once and has NEVER failed to show up. She ensured coverage on a night that she could not physically cover nor was there anyone else available. (remember they are volunteers)What have YOU done for me lately?

  9. SUSAN:

    Thank you.

    The facts, if I could speak about them, would clear this all up. However, you did a pretty good job with what you already said. You just gotta love a small town.

  10. More bull. Just more and more bull every day, week, month and year. Im getting to be like the guy who gave up writing article for Inside Buffalo. I too just dont care anymore. Why waste our time with this town? Things will never change. I thought susan would be good. What a waste! All talk no action but steps right up to spend our money on parking spaces for the fire dept. They can't park in the street like everyone else does? Theres a parking lot across the side street. Theres one across main street and one on the other side of the house they just bought. Fix the towns problems first before going and spending money on parking spaces. What a joke.

  11. ^^ AMEN TO ABOVE POST!!^^

  12. Ok Mr./Ms. "Bull" posting above. Exactly how would have you handled the situation? Oh, that's right, you're not likely to be operating with the same amount of info that those in the position to vote are. If you want all of the information and the ability to change, as you state above, then why not put yourself out there to do just that! And, if you have put your self out there, and didn't get elected, then I wonder what that must say... oh yeah, that people just don't want change. Well, I'll tell you what I would like to change is for those people on here bashing everyone working for this town in some degree to make sure all information is gathered before going and spouting off at the mouth. It's not all or nothing folks, rather sometimes a matter of baby steps. As Susan stated above there is already parking taking place on the street and the doubling up of vehicles.... that wouldn't lend itself to efficiency. When reading Greg's article I was questioning, then I appreciated fully Susan coming on here to explain. After hearing the explanation I gather that they took advantage of an opportunity without any negative impact on funds. Now that we have the information we can be sure to watch to make sure it is as it was told to us.

  13. And the sewer ponds....functional or being fined??

  14. "FYI...The house itself has been declared surplus and is for sale thru closed bid/auction."

    Heard someone comment that one of the town board members bought the house. That doesn't sound like closed bid/auction. If the rumour is true wouldn't that make it kinda like an under the table deal? I don't recall seeing anything in the paper about about an auction for the house or an ad asking for sealed bids. Did he buy the house(if it's true) for just the remaining $8000 or more or less? Just curious.

  15. I realize that some people post on here simply because they have a personal "beef" to air and this is an open forum which gives them the opportunity to do so.

    But others get on here and even if they are misinformed, they are concerned and frustrated....concerned because of the numerous problems in the town and frustrated when they see what seem to be the minor issues getting the time, attention and funding while the bigger issues go unaddressed and unresolved.

    If you hold a public office, you have to have the skin of a crocodile, the patience of Job and the personality of Little Miss Sunshine AND you have to be able to not take offense at every rotten thing said about you 'cause that just comes with the territory.

    Use this forum as an opportunity to see both sides of things...to bring things to light that desperatly need to be changed and to work together to see that those changes are made...not just eternally complained about....
    Yours Truly, Nancy Drew

  16. Hey Nancy Drew
    Are you married? cuz with that viewpoint I think I love you. A very sensible comment.

  17. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but as for the the patient that had to wait on the ambulance from Woodward to come and take them to the city. I am sure glad that things turned out for that family. Life is to short the way it is and the situation was never explained to the family on why the Buffalo ambulance could not take this person. I understand that most of the people on the ambulance crew is volinteer. Some are paid employees that can have problems arise in there lives and not be able to be there. I do know that the PA on duty that night was willing to ride with the ambulance to administer the meds if needed so the Buffalo Ambulance could take the run. Then he came in and said that plans had changed and that we were waiting on the Woodward ambulance. There was no explantion from the ambulance crew on why or how long we should have to wait, and they left. From the time the hospital told the family they were going to the city it was a 2 hour wait on the ambulance from Woodward. I am not blaming anyone, I am thankful things worked out and I hope the Ambulance board will look in to this and make any changes necessary so that this does not happen angain and the end result not be so good. You said anonymous must be breaking the HIPA laws or family. Well I know for fact that was not the case on either point. I do know that it is a concerned Friend of the Family.
    I know this because I am a Family Member.

  18. The why and how long you would have to wait is something that the hospital should have told you. Not the ambulance crew. Woodward came as fast as they could. They had to get coverage for their service before they came to help out ours. EMS services work extremely well with each.

    It doesn't matter if you had 10 PA's available to ride with the ambulance. If you did not have an EMT the unit cannot run.

    It saddens me that we are even having this converstaion. Did the family contact the hosptial to ask about this? Or is everyone just determined to blame the miscommunication on EMS?

    I feel for the family.. I am sure it was a stressfull situation. Glas to hear everything worked out. Nice to have friends who are concerned, just remember to question the correct people....don't shoot the messenger.

  19. hmmmm, all very interesting, but since the hospital does not dispatch the ambulance, how would they have known that coverage was being done by WW EMS, and if all was arranged then why did part of the Buffalo EMS crew show up at the hospital???? And if it was all arranged, could they have not let the hospital staff or the ambulance crew (the one that showed up, thinking they were going on a little trip?) know that WW EMS was making arrangements to cover their area before coming to transport the Buffalo patient.

  20. This is completely off topic but I found it so troubling that I wanted to ask everyone's opinion. As you know, the local boy scout troop does not have a troop leader and has not been operational this year. The task of raising the flag at the football games this season, has been entrusted to the girl scouts. Those girls practiced very hard and even bought a new flag because the school didn't have the money. They have done a truly wonderfull job all season. Apparently, yesterday the school administration decided that for the upcoming Veterans Day festivities, they would not allow the girl scouts to participate, feeling the festivities would be better handled by an Eagle Scout from the former boy scout troop. I have no doubt the Eagle Scout will do a fine job. However it seems grossly unfair to shut out the girl scouts from the festivities, especially in lieu of all they have done this year. Perhaps a joint raising of the flag by both the girl scouts and boy scouts would be appropriate. I would encourage all of you that read this blog, to contact your school board members and tell them this isn't right or fair. Thank you for allowing me to comment and I appologise for going off topic.


  21. I called and gave my opinion to the school about this. Not sure if anyone was listening but I caould at least let them know that someone out here felt it unfair,

  22. I would like to comment about the Boy Scouts. My Dad has been involved in Scouting for over 45 years here in Buffalo. He has tried several times in the past few years to retire from Scouting, but Scouting means so much to him that he knows if he steps away that will be the end of the Boy Scouts here in Buffalo. My Dad started helping shortly after I had joined and has saw all three of his sons become Eagle Scuts, I have no idea how many others here in town and elsewhere achieved the highest honor in Scouting due in part from my Dad's help. He himself has been honored more times than I can count by the Boy Scouts. He has saw the Buffalo Troop go from having over 50 boys in it down to the 5 or 6 today. It is a shame that today he can't get the help he needs to keep things going. He has all but pleaded and begged the school to help get the message out that the Troop needs boys and leaders if it is to survive. He has written news articles for the paper, but still gains no ground.
    Maybe today's parents and kids don't realize what a great tradition there is in Scouting. It does more than teach boys how to pitch a tent or start a fire. I borrowed the following from the Boy Scout web site.
    "The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation's largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.

    For nearly a century, the BSA has helped build the future leaders of this country by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun. The Boy Scouts of America believes — and, through nearly a century of experience, knows — that helping youth is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society."
    I would encourage anyone with the slightest of interest to drop by my Dads and talk to him, he would appreciate the help.
    Terry Anderson

  23. Dear Terry,

    I agree. In today's society, there is an unfortunate absence of in-home Dad's. The integrity, character and guidance that a full-time Dad instills in this nation's future is sadly missing. The entire fabric of this country has changed so drastically from the era when we were rambunctious teens at the sock hop and Dairy Boy. The masculine guidance of men like your wonderful but tired Dad is so vital in these times of worldwide turmoil.

    Once again I would like to state that the more I learn about the horrendous conditions you veterans went through to ensure our liberties and blessings, the more sincere I am when I say "Thank You."



  24. Folks, I unfortunately no longer live in Buffalo or the surrounding area. Where I do live fortunately is very rich in BSA opportuntities for our youth. Our son has now worked his way to his first year as a Boy Scout. Having been involved since his Cub days I would like to state that it is not only the Dad's that can work to make this happen. There are plenty of Mom's out in the world working hard as Leaders in BSA. So, when looking for help please do not omit half of your options, and Ladies, please consider. As Terry stated above, it is not all camping and starting fires, rather a rich multitude of activities and opportunity to learn and grow. Our son is involved in several competitive leage sports in addition to his schooling and I can assure you the one activity, besides school, that we will not allow him to give up on is Scouting. We will help him work his way to Eagle because of the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment he will feel by knowing he stuck with this for years. I can say also, when interviewing candidates for a position within our organization, if Eagle Scout is listed, that candidate automatically gets consideration because of what it says about the committment and effort of the individual. So, please consider strongly your opportunity to help the youth. I admit I didn't "get it" when I was a teen, however I now fully appreciate what it means now. Regarding the girl scouts issues - that's horrible. Those girls are no less scouts or able just because of their gender. And, the last I knew there are hundreds of thousands of female veterans. HORRIBLE!

  25. In my post I failed to mention that the last 2 leaders have been Ladies. I have been over to Dad's when the Ladies were there and they bust their butts to help out. They even took the boys camping. Dad doesn't care what the gender is, he just needs help. He recently turned 80 and he has earned his rest. Will he ever stop?...NO!!! He loves Scouting and working with the young people. He has even helped the current Girl Scout Troop some. I agree with the above poster, the Girl Scouts are very much a part of Scouting as the Boys.
    All it takes is a couple hours a week to help out these young kids.

  26. Its not like they used the money to open a Bar, Lord knows we needed one of those. They helped the Fire Department, those terrible people. And who says it was just for parking maybe just maybe they might need to expand someday, what a concept, and with a street on 2 sides there is so much available real estate. Maybe they could park at the county shop and run down the street I bet that would have worked. Improvise is such a neat word.

    Narrow minds wear me out.

  27. From this particular blog post comments the following thoughts are generated. Municipal funds may have been used to open a bar. Girls were not allowed to raise a flag. Local BSA needs a new scoutmaster. People are still wondering about the status of the sewer ponds. EMS doesn't respond to tones. Woodward EMS transfers our patients to OKC. Someone talks too much and may be violating HIPPA rules. Cops are going around and UN arresting people. All of which are completely outdone by the anonymous marriage proposal to Nancy Drew.


  28. Lets not forget the town's water and roads that need blading and fixed.

  29. Don't ya just love it!!!!

  30. Oh my goodness!!!! I've been so negligent by not keeping up with what's going on here and missed a marriage proposal????!!!!!????? I am so flattered but I really have no wish to become an "E-Mail Order Bride" - lol....

    Now, on to more serious matters....is there any progress being made on the sewer ponds? Were the Girl Scouts allowed to participate in the flag raising or not (since I don't live here I don't know) and how can anyone be UN-arrested....duh - like isn't THAT illegal?????

    Yours Very Truly (and Very Single!!!)
    Nance Drew

  31. "Apparently, yesterday the school administration decided that for the upcoming Veterans Day festivities, they would not allow the girl scouts to participate, feeling the festivities would be better handled by an Eagle Scout from the former boy scout troop."

    I TOTALY agree with the above. It was absolutely WRONG on so many levels. Most importanly, what a sad example that was set for our girl scouts being ignored. This went against what our girl scouts AND boy scouts are about. And to think ADULTS taught this unfair lesson to them. Bravo.
    At the very least, & the RIGHT thing to do would have been to have the girl scouts involved in some way, any way. I'm very confused why this was even a matter at hand????? And to choose to inforce this 'lesson' for a Veterans Day festivities of all things is unbelievable.
    I am feeling exhausted trying to voice an opinion in a civil way when noone wants to hear it because the powers that be can't see beyond their own views & seem to not even try to compromise.
    I keep hanging on to hope for our community but again and again the ones not in control aren't heard. Some just want to use their power over others just because they can. What a disappointment.
    And it would be appropriate for someone to step up & apologize to our girl scouts for this huge mistake....and a huge mistake it was.

  32. I failed to mention how proud most are to have someone like Truman for his dedication, knowledge and why he does what he does. Also for the ones doing their best to help out.
    Our children need this in their lives, for so many reasons.
    Thank you Truman for hanging in there! God Bless you!

  33. About the town board's purchase of a house..
    Tranferring of any funds that was set up for one thing and used for another seems to be a little on the decietful side. Whether it's legal or not. It'd be at least a little more comforting for the people to be informed on something like this & the reasons explained BEFORE it goes down instead of after whether we'd have any control of the outcome or not. Sure we are concerned...why wouldn't we be? Why can't there be something in the paper to let us know what is going on with the town board and their 'ideas' like this one? I see no reason not to if there's nothing to hide. And the good thing about doing this would be if the facts are out there, there wouldn't be all the questions, rumors & talk going around. Put a stop to it and fill us in. We just want/need to know what is going on behind the city hall doors with issues like this one as we have a right to. Thank you

  34. I for one, would like to see the City do something that would actually BENEFIT the people. Better drinking water and sewers has been a huge concern...but falling on deaf ears. Buying that house was obviously more important than our health.

  35. I so agree.....
    I just can't grasped what the hell our town board's thinking about most issues put before them when few things seem to get accomplished. But then maybe that's the problem...they're not thinking... about the future. This is their town to and one would think they would want the BEST for it other than just a paycheck. A small issue but it'd sure be nice to get your birthday off and be paid for it with our money when most of their job duties aren't being met. [But I will say I am not sure if this is still in place but I know it was several yrs ago.]--------------------
    And has anyone noticed that since Dave's not posted anything [other than his recent one] for some time that he's rarely attacked on here? You know why don't you? They don't want to go there because if he gets started up again....guess what? 'They' will have to resort to personal attacks yet again to defend themselves against his facts/truths. The boycotting of his buisness's, the threats that anyone that agrees with him will loose buisness also, the mud slinging, etc. will start all over again. And all of the above began with a person, maybe several others, but one especially, a few yrs ago. They had to I'm sure for fear of them being personally attacked and the truth being known of what their job entails [or should] and hasn't been done for yrs. Let alone their personal life. They have alot of room to talk of anyone. Karma's not kind if the persons not. Gee, I'd sure like to have their job and do nothing [and all knows it]like I'd like to have a paid day off for my birthday! But what they failed to realize was after time all they did was make people acknowlege they weren't happy with things here in ole Buffalo. And they want change. Their 'mission' to run Bad Dave out of town failed causing nothing but bitterness and anger all over town. Who needs that daily!? If one was attacked on a daily basis like he's been, I don't think they'd hang around for more. [Kutos's to Dave!] Most,and I'd like to think all, in our community want only for things to be better but the ones that voice their opinion seem never to be heard. People need to step up & set aside their personal vendettas/opinions to SERVE Buffalo before it's too late.

  36. I've not heard about the city being paid and taking the day off. I need to check into that.
    All that's said above is pretty accurate. People just need to do their jobs to better Buffalo.

  37. we ran the superintendent Terry out of town over a year ago
    We've run the latest Super out of town too.
    We ran the police chief out of town.
    The next to go is the principal. Guaranteed
    I'm sure we'll get to Dave too. His shell is just a little bit thicker I guess. Give us time. We'll get his ass out of town too!

  38. If I moved back to Buffalo, do you think that I could be elected to the Town Board....? Of course I would have to be in charge....is there a chance in Hades of that?? I actually do a days work for a days pay, I listen to those around me because I have discovered that I do not know it all and my passion is to help people and solve problems. Now, anyone interested in seeing me on the Board???
    Yours Truly, Nancy Drew

    Oh wait.....you sound like you may be qualified for the job.....that doesn't seem to fly around here! Sorry!

    Don't get me wrong, Buffalo has some wonderful people, some on the board, some involved in all the chaous but it's just that I wish the ones that have the power to fix thingsa or would at least set a path to begin the betterment of Buffalo would just do it without all the personal issues. All people aren't going to agree on everything. otherwise we'd just need one person making all the calls.

  40. running everyone out of town is not solving our water problems, da dung issue, and the list goes on.

  41. Again I would like to encourage the Administrator of this site to set some ground rules. The post above which lists James as the author could be assumed to be a couple of different people named James around here. So, I would ask that you make it mandatory that people register and log in like many other blogs around the country do. This would lend some truth and credibility to what is posted.

  42. Hey m.e., the anonymity is what makes this blog work. Even you write under a pseudonym.... please don't bray about something that you yourself do not abide by.

    I do understand that the name "James" can refer to numerous people, however are you suggesting only those who have a unique name that no one else in the world has may sign their name? (yes that was a facetious / rhetorical comment)


    Supersillyinagoodway Smith

  43. Where are the priorities..... we have a lawn mower on its "last legs???" so we spend 16400... we have a police car that barely runs has almost 200K miles with a system that wont even keep the computer running...a reliable one is available fully loaded with all the required equipment for 14000....but we don't get it? Hey why dont we buy it with the public trust...it seems to have a never empty account.

  44. You said they are "blowing" our money? Which definition best covers that?

    exhale hard: "blow on the soup to cool it down"
    float: be in motion due to some air or water current
    botch: make a mess of, destroy or ruin;
    waste: spend thoughtlessly; throw away; spend lavishly or wastefully
    fellate: provide sexual gratification through oral stimulation cause air to go in, on, or through;

    Just want ot make sure we are all on the same page

    Kaleidescope Jones (justed wanted to join in!)